One of the 18 will win the 2018 Masters Golf Courses

One of these nine golfers is going to be won by Augusta National. I began to feel bad for golfers outside the top 25 at the 2018 master’s predictions because I ran the entire 86-man field the week before. Visit SportsLine to find out who you can rely on and who will be the 2018 Masters’ winner. In addition, we forecast Tiger Woods’ accurate finish. The model closed three main calls in 2017 is consistent with all this.

One of the 18 will win the 2018 Masters Golf Courses.

It’s not just a Jordan, Phil, or Bubba year. if somebody else takes it from those three, they are “lucky.” That’s the thing with this year. This year when 19 individuals can win the 2018 masters predictions — the 18 I list and the 18 I do not list. This Master is capable of being the greatest Master ever.

Tiger Woods:

Honestly – and that seems crazy – Woods probably should be the favorite at this event if you combine history and current forms. A different story from the Masters of last year — Tiger has been playing once. In the previous four years, his top 10 of the 13-18 are combined by finishing in the top 12 of his final three events in 2018 masters predictions at the PGA Tour to tell the story that the CBS network managers are due to come in this week.

Phil Mickelson:

The left is second over the strokes won on the PGA Tour for the first three months of 2018. Dustin Johnson’s first thing. Only these two people and Justin Thomas have earned this season more than two strokes a year. The man is fourth-seven! It’s 47, that man!

Justin Rose:

Seven times better than the next best golfer in the last five years (of those who have made every cut at Augusta). He hasn’t finished outside the top 15 in the previous four years. The best 15! The best 15! This week he will be an extraordinarily trendy winner, so you should probably blur, but the results are precise.

Fowler Rickie:

I suppose I can only list it because, in 2018, I picked it. Here, however, is what I’m returning to. Fowler is the twelfth in this year’s approach. Last year, when he was working on his swing, he played in the penultimate partnership with Jordan Spieth Sunday. Of course, he is 127th to put, but putting can be turned on immediately.

According to Westgate, nobody has more money on their money to win the Masters this year than Fowler. Maybe it has to do with his best odds in 2018 masters predictions, but he’s ready to break out of a mini-slump with his first two rounds in Houston too.

Dustin Johnson:

I wanted to put it off because of the current style, but I cannot do that to a No.1 player in the world and somebody who finished in the top ten here in his last few appearances.

Bubba Watson:

Bubba has also been a significant winner in Augusta in 2012 and 2014, two times in 2014. Therefore, his streakiness isn’t just fun talk. You’re here, too, if you want to get the statistical dive profound and crazy.

Justin Thomas:

Augusta has been made to win. Last year, he opened 73-76 and was still in the top 25 somehow. His first round of victories, a good start, is enormous as his average score is 66.5. but his precision may be his dismantling on a track that demands precision and a lot of tees. Tiger is so comfortable on a race he finished T17 in his last start in 2018 masters predictions when he wasn’t healthy, and it’s hard to imagine that he didn’t compete or finish among the top 10.

Jordan Spieth:

the average score over the last five years has been 281,5 – including the four cuts. That is almost two strokes better than his next closest rider, with a minimum of three cuts. His average one-round score is better than ever for players with at least 25 rounds in Augusta at 70.4. (Spieth currently has just 16). Spieth is the magic, and the data support Augusta National, briefly.

McIlroy Rory:

Only Rose has a higher average golfer finish in the last five years. McIlroy’s average finish is 10.8, with nine strokes better than Rose’s. The key to McIlroy’s score is Thursday and Friday. In 18 rounds on Thursday and Friday, Augusta, of which two came in 2011, broke only 70 times three times.


In the epicist comeback, perhaps in all sports, my heart says Tiger will be winning its fifth green jacket this week, but my head said, well, maybe not! Yes, the chips are inside the rear-view mirror in his short game, and his playing is as sharp as ever, and his iron game is so stellar. He certainly has his fastball back; he swings around 120 MPH in the big ball and squats several vast distances.

Jason day:

Reason to choose from: The Aussie almost won his Masters’s debut in 2011 and followed up in 2018 masters predictions. The Torrey Pines victory earlier this year shows that after a challenging year in 2017, former world 1 is back on the right track.

Casey Paul:

After a large group of tigers, including Tiger Woods, took over the Valspar Championship, Casey jumped into our top 10. The brit could be the most consistent player globally, and it has a solid record for masters, which has been underlined in the last three years by a sixth T-6/T-4/solo run.

Jon Rahm:

Few have the power and finesse necessary for Augusta National navigation, but Rahm is one. And he would like nothing more than having for the first time one of his idols and his compatriots slip on him with the green jacket.


The 2018 master’s predictions are fast approaching, and thanks to some new talent and the revival of several old reliable, the ranking of green jacket contenders seems longer than ever before. According to West Gate Las Vegas Superbook, we have fought through all the potential players — and their chances to win — to reach the top, which will continue in the last weeks until the first major of the year.



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