How YouTube is a vital tool for businesses?

Adam Linkenauger possesses one of the world’s most brilliant business minds. Several of the top people in the business had adopted – and even taught – his innovative tactics for getting more views on YouTube before it was famous. However, he’s not on the Better Human Project for that reason. Since before we could even drive, Adam had been one of my closest pals.

Adam’s extensive background:

The Sport of Business podcast is one of today’s most actionable podcasts because it combines athletic experience and competitive nature with high-level web, marketing, social media, and business knowledge. Created by Adam Linkenauger, 7-time ACC Champion Athlete and 1-time ACC Champion Coach. Because of Adam’s extensive background in both sports and business, you’ll get a unique perspective.

Qualification for the Olympic Trials:

His qualification for the Olympic Trials and business acumen includes 2 million subscribers on YouTube and multiple commercial properties. Our hometown of Roanoke, Virginia, was the setting for a recent roundtable discussion on various topics, including attitude, moving on from perceived failures, channelling negative energy for a drive.

Olympic Trials:

Several of his accomplishments have occurred right before my eyes, including receiving a college scholarship for a high jump, being selected for the Olympic Trials, being named Powerade’s Dunker of the Year and owning various commercial properties.

Adam Linkenauger Winning Mindset:

This guy has one of the best minds in the business world. Several of the biggest names in the space had copied – and even taught – his insightful methods for getting more views on YouTube before it was popular (back in 2008-2009). The Better Human Project isn’t the only reason he’s here. Since before we could even drive, Adam had been one of my closest pals.

Interview questions to adam Linkenauger:

How YouTube is a vital tool for businesses?

As a visual search engine, YouTube is a vital tool for businesses. It’s a robust search engine that many people don’t know about. Many of us look there for answers to our difficulties. If we can see anything instead of just hearing or reading about how to accomplish something, that’s what we prefer. We can take advantage of this visual aspect. This week we’re going to talk about a wide range of topics.

Viewers use to increase the number of views on YouTube:

Be aware of the search terms your viewers use to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos. When we post a video to YouTube, we often consider the title and keywords we’ll use. It’s a form of expert phobia if you will. There is a distinct difference between using jargon to impress our peers on YouTube.

Plyometric Training:

About ten years ago, we saw an excellent example of this in action. The video was titled “10 Ultimate Steps for Plyometric Training,” one of my first uploads to YouTube.

Increase YouTube Views by Using Frequently Used Terms:

We put it to the test, and we saw an increase in YouTube views. To put it another way: by simply switching up the terminology, I went from having about 2000-3000 views in a three-to-four-year span to having over three million views in a year

Use Family Feud Method to Get More Views on YouTube:

Number two would be what I call the family Feud method of just putting your mind in that of the viewer or your target market. If you surveyed 100 of your target market, what would your ideal customers type into YouTube? Not just what they’ll say or think but what would they type into YouTube to find solutions for the problems that they’re having.

 Tell Viewers To Click Link In Description To Get More Views On YouTube:

Mobile devices will account for 55% to 60% of your traffic. The first link in the description should be used as a reference. “If you’re on mobile, click the first link in the description,” you’ll inform your viewers in your description.

YouTube annotation:

Our testing shows that the YouTube card, a type of YouTube annotation, will convert more than any of the end screens. A link to the first link in a description is better than a link to the second link because it’s more likely to be clicked.

YouTube’s Algorithm for Increasing Views:

As a newbie on YouTube, you have the opportunity to rank and gain more views.  If you can keep your audience engaged, entertained, and eager to watch longer videos, you’re likely to see an increase in watch time. That’s the most important thing.

 The time of day:

“Hey,” we think when it comes to watching time. To get more people to watch our videos, we need to put out longer ones. That’s true, and I agree with it. To keep your audience engaged, you need to have call-to-actions and entice them to join your subscription service.

Ask for subscribers:

There are times when we ask for subscribers towards the end of a video; however, if the film is more than 10-20 minutes long, you’ll only get 5-10 per cent to finish it. In addition to how many subscribers you have, YouTube places a lot of importance on the number of subscribers who return and watch your videos over and over again.


President Collin Castellaw will be joined by new CEO Adam Linkenauger, who has amassed 5.2 million social media followers across his basketball and baseball online training programs. To capitalize on Linkenauger and Castellaw’s expertise in creating consumer-targeted content, ProClass has teamed up with PMG’s collection of the world’s greatest professional athletes and a new platform.

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