Aldi greenhouse and its characteristics

This post contains links for affiliates. Two years ago, I bought a small greenhouse for four from Aldi and noticed that a discount grocery shop was selling an enormous greenhouse not far after that. My small greenhouse has four simple stools the size of a large bookcase, and I use them early in the growing season to start certain seeds. But since a gardener can hardly ever buy too much, I picked up the Aldi greenhouse Walk-ins another day when I was purchasing essential goods at Aldi.

Walk-In Greenhouse:

At the time of publication, the Garden line Walk-In Greenhouse cost $34.99, one of the cheapest greenhouses we saw. It’s an ALDI Find, which means that it is only in stores for a short while. It seems a rebranded Oduho greenhouse.

Flat in a box:

If you miss it this year, every spring, often in March or April, usually it comes back for a limited time. 4.7′′ wide by 2.4′′ depth by 6.4′′ high. It comes flat in a box that fits easily on the base rack of your shopping cart and is easily picked up from the shop. The entire building is like Tinker Toys and fits into plastic connection connections with metal piping. Like my former Gardenline 4-Tier Greenhouse, the Aldi greenhouse shelves remain on the bar but don’t attach.

Characteristics include:

In the higher levels, small herbal pots such as basil and citrus balls could well be placed.

  • Six shelves for different plant heights are easily removable.
  • Protects plants from weather and pests
  • Powder-coated PE reinforced steel frame cover.
  • Roof Apex for maximizing headroom
  • 22 lb of shelf capacity
  • Three Year Guarantee


The best thing is that two people work together to put this greenhouse together. Assembly doesn’t require any tools, but the structure is large enough to hold the pieces by two people. It is also helpful for someone to read the manual while the other person picks up the required parts. While one person can pinch this together, it will be a more embarrassing process.

Greenhouse back wall:

We first assembled the Aldi greenhouse back wall, then the forward wall, and linked the two walls to the front-to-back bars supporting the regiments. Take a look and select the pieces. The plastic tarp that covered the greenhouse framework after it was built was also a two-person job. You want to be careful when pulling it not to stretch the tarp or tear it. The tarp contains thin Velcro straps to secure it in a few places.

Mounted structure:

The structure is mounted. Once the tarp has been set up, make sure that you place your greenhouse at the place you wish, then push through the metal bars spaced on the bottom of the tarp at intervals. The conservatory does not blow away during windy days. I have the same feature in my more miniature 4-tier greenhouse and have never had any problems during high winds.


It’s a large greenhouse. It has much more shelter than my 4-story Aldi greenhouse and a lot of floor space for larger pots. If you wanted, you could even directly place this greenhouse over a garden bed. I have a few beds that can accommodate this greenhouse or dig now over a bed in the ground, four-foot wood raised.

Grow in the pots:

Instead, I put the greenhouse in my yard corner and put in it four bigger pots. I plan to plant tomato plants in pots and grow them in the banks throughout the summer. I hope that the greenhouse will protect my plants against the locals who want to strip them in a single night of every green tomato. My tomato fortress is soon to be built.

Nocturnal thefts:

If I open up the Aldi greenhouse during the day so that it does not get too hot, then it must be closed during the night to keep nocturnal thefts out.  To make room for the tomato plants, which are placed directly under the racks, I can remove the shelf pieces and put tomato cages in the pots to support them as they grow. So, it is Aldi mini-greenhouse, Aldi walk-in greenhouse, walk-in greenhouse, or Aldi mini greenhouse 2021.

Season progresses:

I am sure that when the season progresses, I will find anything to put there. This greenhouse’s tarp will probably not keep sufficient heat to allow you to grow seedlings very early and is not warm enough year-round, but it may help you get things started a few weeks before you usually. I like how to protect the beginning of seedlings in a greenhouse against digging squirrels compared to planting grains on flower beds.

Use beautiful floral pots:

You can, of course, use beautiful flower pots that you buy from a garden center, but I recommend saving your plastic junk pots when you buy from a kindergarten. They are great to start planting again. Other than places where metal grommets have been loosened at the plastic tarp base, where stabilizing stakes go, my two-year-old small 4-tier Aldi greenhouse has held up decently. Lidl greenhouse, Lidl mini greenhouse, or Aldi greenhouse price.

Old greenhouse perfectly:

However, I can still use my old greenhouse ideally. This greenhouse is expected to last several years, too. I expect. It comes with a 3-year Protel Service warranty. In late October, I noticed a large rip in the greenhouse tarp above the tower portion, and I saw two quite large sticks on the ground nearby (about 3 feet long, 2 or 3 inches in diameter), so I think they hit the tarp when it came down from a large tree in the vicinity.

Greenhouse defects:

After I removed the tarp during the winter, I also noticed the metal connector beam which passes through the top of the tomato Aldi was slightly bent. All this is, I consider, “God’s act” and not the result of any greenhouse defects. If you have a second person to help, it is easy to work together, and the shelves have ample space for planting. There is also room for larger potted plants on the ground level: Lidl greenhouse, Lidl mini greenhouse, or Aldi greenhouse price.

The Judgment:

Aldi’s Garden line Walk-In Greenhouse is cheap and spacious, with just over 2 feet and a length of over 6 feet. The walls are made of thin plastic and are therefore not intended for plant production in cold climates throughout the year, but it might allow you to start your season with a few weeks’ heads, and it is a barrier against certain Aldi greenhouse pests.


The three-year warranty on the cake is icing, but you will probably only receive a refund and no substitutes.

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