Apg cash drawer & the Cash Management Solutions by APG.

APG Cash Drawer is a firm which is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a private firm that has provided incredible services worldwide. This APG cash drawer utility has been earning its name across ninety countries of the world for 40 years. The reasons for the Apg cash drawer config’s colossal popularity and its vast spread expansion are many; one of them is its long-lasting and trustworthy cash drawers which are reachable to the relevant persons.

APG cash drawer parts also facilitate managing funds and suggest the best cash investing solutions in the international market. Global corporations increase the cooperation in the working environment and security at the cash draw units.

The APG cash drawer key 235 has efficient policies and a security system that makes it a reliable and trustworthy corporation. From offering the best quality cash management to providing the best security and services, the APG cash drawer manual has secured one of the top positions in the private firms in the state. Moreover, APG cash drawer not opening provides the best career opportunities to those searching for a secure career in APG cash drawer jobs. Thus, APG cash drawer keys are the reputed firms due to their dedicated mission, modern technology, best security, and reliable services.

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The Vasario Cash Drawer is the economical choice that will not sacrifice quality or reliability and is the correct answer for use in regular duty cash drawer applications.


  • Fixed area of bill and coin
  • Limited 2-year warranty
  • Bill Number Compartments
  • Coin Compartment Number
  • Media Slots Number
  • Material: Steel Material
  • Material: plastic Material
  • High: 4.3 in •
  • Breakage: 16.2 in •
  • Profile: 16.3 in

The brand is distinguished:

This revolutionary collection of cash management technologies provides critical insights into the movement of cash transactions.

APG cash management authorities:

APG offers cash management solutions throughout a broad range of global sectors and verticals to thousands of customers worldwide. SMARTtill Connect is a stand-alone solution for fast implementation and integration with existing POS systems.

How does it work:

The SMARTtill cash management solution is a cash management revolution that enables merchants to eliminate cash loss, reduce the expense of cumbersome cash administration and improve customer experience. The SMARTtill Solution features integrated information that incorporates POS software and interfaces with a CurrentSee® Enterprise, a cloud-based cash management software solution.

APG Vasario Series:

Strong, solid, stable cash drawers are necessary for any setting, while a sleek and stylish design that improves the decor combines practicality with a desirable appearance.APG cash drawers are considered top-of-the-line items that provide outstanding durability and reliability. Transactions take place fast and securely with the cash drawers from APG to boost efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Offer APG cash drawer products:

APG cash drawers are helpful for a range of environments, including hospitality, fast service, retail, and food. APG provides a customizable cash drawer solution to optimize business transactions in any business with intelligent technology integration, including Bluetooth connectivity options and a variety of alternatives with various interfaces and integration capabilities.

Unique environments cash drawers:

APG provides cash drawers to meet the technological needs of your customers. The 4000 Cash Drawer Series is the appropriate solution for theatres, home centers, and the environment for convenience and gas stations. A variety of models are suitable for various business situations and include.

Series 4000 heavy-duty drawer:

The industrial-grade materials that make up these cash drawers are the most requested and reliable versions on the market, with adjustable storage capacity and tailoring possibilities. The 4000 Cash Drawer series is an APG stand-out with multipurpose lock, integration of the POS platform, versatile media storage, storage of coins rolls, and sturdy materials to ensure that the drawer functions ideally every time.

100 cash drawers series:

The 100 cash drawers Series, powerful but small, enhance the efficiency of any workstation. This tiny but powerful cash drawer gives businesses all they need to manage fast and safe transactions with enough storage capacity for packaged currencies and cash rolls, as well as an adjustable media splitter and other configuration options. The 100 APG cash drawer series will assist nightclubs, fast-food restaurants, and athletic goods businesses.

Cash drawers Stratis series:

For companies who want a tablet POS with the same safety as APG, the Stratis Integration System mixes the usage of an elegant and non-invasive tablet. The tablet can confront both the client and the employee, making it a stylish, personalizable alternative that propels enterprises into the digital age. Stratis Cash Drawers series fulfill the goal of businesses to find a “point of style” in situations such as coffee shops and boutiques.

Cash drawers Vasario:

These conventional cash drawers are economical choices that maintain strict safety and performance criteria. Multifunctional locks, drawer status reporting, and adjustable setup make this an effective solution for companies that rely on cash drawer confidence. The Vasario Cash Drawer Series is an excellent solution for food trucks, bakeries, delivery companies, and dry cleaning companies. Our skilled team members can help you identify the finest recommendations for your customers.

Flip-top cash drawers:

Flip-Top cash Tirages from APG are exceptionally easy to use and deliver outstanding speed during check-out. Integration with traditional self-checking and mobile outputs is a versatile option in storage and on-the-go configurations. The Flip-Top APG cash drawers are perfect for food shops. ScanSource provides a comprehensive APG product range, which offers resellers all the goods they need to set up their customers for success, including cables, locks, keys, brackets, and more.

Ensure high efficiency:

For more than 35 years, companies throughout the globe have believed in APG’s cash drawer products because of the stringent testing carried out on each machine to assure high performance at every time. Before the cash drawers like the Series 4000 are sold, they pass 4 million opening and closing tests to assure the best possible use, regardless of how demanding the environment is.

Cycle testing performed:

In addition to undergoing cycle tests, each component is also checked for durability and precision. Keys, locks, slides, locking mechanisms, and solenoids are all checked so that the whole product functions perfectly and can never be downgraded. They are tested in real-time retail contexts before designs are produced broadly to ensure that the end items are optimally suited for actual-world environments.

Sell APG cash drawers:

When you work with retail customers who need the best in cash drawers, the cash drawers of APG are the best choice. Your customers will get not only a superior product but also the APG brand reliability. You may develop and thrill your existing clients by selling APG’s cash drawers in cooperation with ScanSource.

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