Are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs?

Are belgian malinois good with other dogs?  Like humans, not all dogs get along well with one another. If you’re a dog owner like me, one of the first questions you ask yourself is whether or not the breed you’re considering gets along with other pets. The Belgian Malinois is a dog breed that has long been valued for its superior herding and guarding qualities. While not often an aggressive breed, they retain some of their innate herdings and guarding instincts. Because of this, they might develop hostility towards canines they haven’t been reared with. The article is about finding out are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs.

Characteristics of a Belgian Malinois

Although the German Shepherd and this breed are sometimes confused, the German Pinscher is a much smaller dog with a longer coat and a white mask. To begin with, they are much smaller and less skeletally robust. Second, although they share many characteristics, their temperaments differ in important ways. In comparison to the German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois is frequently seen to be more aggressive and active.

The Origins of Belgian Malinois

We know that Belgian Malinois may be hostile toward canine strangers because of their history of canine-canine aggression. Still, it begs the question: where did this conduct come from? The Belgian Malinois has a long tradition of respect as a hardworking breed, originating in the city of Malines in the province of Nord-Westflanders. Because of this, they were often employed by sheepherders and cattlemen to herd animals.

Used by armed forces

Their innate work ethic, however, has earned them respect in many other fields since they were introduced to America. Belgian Malinois, to be more particular, is often used by the police and the armed forces.

As one would expect from a breed with a long history of herding and protecting its area, the Belgian Malinois retains some of its primitive instincts. Let’s find out if our Belgian Malinois is good with other dogs.

Can Belgian Malinois be trusted among cats?

A Belgian Malinois is not a good choice in homes with cats or other small pets because of their strong predatory drive. A Belgian Malinois may try to kill or injure smaller animals like cats, hamsters, or rabbits. It is particularly true for those who don’t engage in regular physical activity. They are more inclined to take their aggression out on innocent creatures when overstimulated. Pursuing tiny creatures isn’t confined to the house, of course. When walking your Belgian Malinois outdoors, you should also use caution. Without adequate training, they may run after squirrels or rabbits in the yard or even when walking on a leash.

Does Belgian Malinois Get Along Well with Kids?

Generally speaking, the Belgian Malinois is an excellent dog for families with young children. Their reputation as an “aggressive” breed is low, and they would never dream of attacking a youngster. Thus, youngsters should always be supervised while a dog is around. The Belgian Malinois is full of pep and could accidentally hurt a kid by tripping them or playing rough with them.

How does Belgian Malinois behave?

Remember that Belgian Malinois may be possessive and protective of their territory. Despite their extensive training history to protect their owners from strangers, these dogs are unlikely to ever physically attack a person they don’t know (unless provoked). They need to get comfortable before the Belgian Malinois may reluctantly welcome visitors to the house.


Finally, we got the answer of, are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs; the Belgian Malinois is a very intelligent and obedient dog that can provide formidable protection for your family and property. They may be wary of strangers and aggressive toward other dogs or small animals because of their lingering herding and guarding instincts. Because of this, it’s important to gradually acclimate your Belgian Malinois to the company of any other animals in the home. Be wary of rushing into introductions since this might lead to hostility.


Are belgian malinois good with other dogs?

Absolutely! When adopted by the proper household, they make excellent companions.

The Belgian Malinois is a cross between what two dog breeds?

Groenendael, Laekenois, Mechelar (Malinois), and Tervuren are all places in Belgium with similar names.