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Att CEO Brodkin 2021,  It was a blunder. We’re not even referring to Quibi here. By spinning off WarnerMedia, AT&T will create an entertainment conglomerate that could be worth more than $100 billion, the firm revealed on Monday.

Three years after finalizing its $100 billion deal, including debt, AT&T has decided to split off WarnerMedia and admit that merging a significant content asset with a wireless phone firm had few long-term benefits. Shares of AT&T, which have fallen since the merger was finalized on June 14, 2018, have taken a beating from Verizon and T-Mobile.

Att CEO Brodkin 2021:

After selling a 30% investment in DirecTV and other linear pay-TV assets to TPG in February, AT&T CEO John Stankey also gave up the company’s operational management of the company. A few years earlier, AT&T had purchased a large portion of T-Mobile. Including debt, AT&T shelled out $67.1 billion to acquire DirecTV in 2015.

Stankey was Randall Stephenson’s right-hand guy when he was AT&T CEO. It isn’t his first time standing up for DirecTV and Time Warner. Nevertheless, his actions reveal a truth his words fail to convey: both accords have been unable.

“What’s the point of combining the two?” quoting Stephenson, To achieve something truly distinctive, we must begin to select material differently and format content differently for these mobile contexts – this is all about mobility.

Think of DirecTV Let’s talk about the new item we’re putting on the market. When it comes to Time Warner content, what can you do in a flash and in a way that is truly unique for our users? That material can you begin to include social media? Is it possible for you to…? Watching anything, I want to save it, and I want to share it with my friends on social media. How rapidly can we adapt to the needs of our customers while providing a unique experience?”

Whatever he was alluding to in that passage hasn’t taken place. It is what has happened. The linear pay-TV industry has come to terms with the fact that it is a dying one. That’s why Stankey parted ways with DirecTV, a company that linearly distributes pay-TV programming. Direct-to-consumer services, which allow consumers to pay for access to content without subscribing to cable, have been implemented by media corporations to address the loss of pay-TV subscribers.

As a result, the major entertainment companies have become their distribution platforms, like Netflix.

AT&T CEO John Stankey told reporters Monday that his mission is to “turn out to the employee body, who all have wonderful ideas on building this organization and where to take it, and make sure I enable those chances,” he said. To take advantage of AT&T’s exciting development prospects in fixed broadband, wireless, and the media sector, I realized we’d need a new financial structure to fund these initiatives. Att ceo brodkin 2021, My decision-making process required not to impede anyone’s progress.

Despite Stephenson’s hopes, Stankey admitted that AT&T was slowing down WarnerMedia rather than helping it grow. Stankey asserted that “streaming has changed in a previous couple of years. In terms of shareholder accretion, “taking advantage of the global opportunity on a stand-alone basis is significantly more advantageous than continuing to work on enhancing our domestic connection company,” he continues.

So, in other words, it was better for WarnerMedia to allow AT&T to spend billions on content by adding Discovery’s and WarnerMedia’s content, Stankey said. That’s the most unambiguous indication that Stankey judged that AT&T shareholders were not benefiting from vertical integration.

Influenced by Elliot.

Elliott Management took a stake in WarnerMedia in 2019 and publicly chastised the company’s management in a letter; people familiar with the matter say that Stankey began seriously considering separating WarnerMedia from AT&T after he decided in recent months that WarnerMedia needed a new capital structure to better compete against rival streaming services.

When Elliott first met Stankey, he thought he was a part of the problem, helping Stephenson close deals that diverted AT&T’s attention away from its cellular business. When it came to the value of DirecTV and WarnerMedia, Stankey informed Elliott privately that he was his own man, not a Stephenson clone. In the end, Elliott decided to take a chance on Stankey after a lengthy search for a new CEO.

According to persons familiar with the situation, Stankey began meeting with financial advisers in September to negotiate a transaction. With Discovery, the new firm can have one class of stock, allowing it to buy or sell media assets to another giant corporation in the future.

However, Elliott was taken aback by Stankey’s haste and willingness to follow its advice on rationalizing AT&T’s portfolio, noting that he used Monday phrases like “focuses our management team” and “simplifies AT&T’s investment thesis” that nearly replicate language from the hedge fund’s letter, the people claimed. Also, according to another person familiar with the situation, John Malone was impressed by Stankey’s willingness to make judgments in the best interests of shareholders.

Att ceo brodkin 2021 , Since John Stankey took over as CEO, AT&T has had a transformational year, and today’s news signals another outstanding milestone in the company’s recent evolution, Elliott said in a statement. Att ceo brodkin 2021, has already been proven that AT&T has delivered on its pledge to reduce processes and refocus on its core business activities while increasing operational execution, enhancing its financial position, and improving corporate governance. Elliott’s goal is to help AT&T achieve long-term success as an investment.