Want to Augment Gray Matter in Your Brain? Here are 5 Simple Ways

Augment Gray Matter in Your Brain: Are you suffering from memory fog or losing focus? Over lockdown, people have been experiencing mental issues, especially memory loss. People have also been under a lot of stress due to work pressures and the inability to hang out with friends. While it is normal to feel stressed once in a while, you need to address the problem if feeling sluggish and tired has become a part of your daily life. If it’s difficult to think clearly or focus, you must seek additional help.

Here are some tips that have been put together to help you augment the gray matter in your brain. Let’s take a look below.

Augment Gray Matter in Your Brain- Meditate

Meditation is known to help people feel calmer and relaxed. The benefits of meditation go far beyond relaxation, and studies have found that it can result in increasing gray matter in the brain. It is a valuable tool that can alter your brain wave patterns by restoring energy. It can help you relax and sleep better. It will make you feel more mentally and physically rested. You can try and meditate twenty minutes a day to find yourself calm.

For the best results, you must create a calming environment. You can surround yourself with aromatic essential oils and ensure you are sitting in a quiet space. Add a little relaxing music in the background to help you focus. You must watch your breathing and become one with yourself. Meditative exercises, such as yoga, can upgrade the experience.

Play Brain-Stimulating Games

Who said playing games only entertain? If you think so, you haven’t yet unlocked the various benefits of playing online games on your mobile devices. There’s scientific evidence suggesting that games can enhance gray matter in your brain. Some brain-stimulating games that can help jog your memory and exercise both left and right hemispheres of your brain are solving puzzles, such as block puzzle game online. When playing block puzzle games, you must push your mental abilities to think beyond and find ways to remove horizontal and vertical lines. Besides increasing the gray matter in your brain, playing such games will also improve your problem-solving skills. It will teach you how to become patient and the importance of delayed gratification.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is essential to your body, and this is an open secret. You could suffer from cognitive impairment if you don’t get enough sleep. So, if you’re dealing with sleep deprivation, you must rectify the situation. Lack of sleep can result in causing disruptions in the neuronal networks of your brain and make it difficult for you to focus. To optimize the gray matter in your brain, you must get a minimum of eight to nine hours of sleep each night.

Building a healthy night routine is critical so you can wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. You must avoid looking at your phone before going to bed. Also, don’t watch TV for at least two hours before bed. You must limit blue light exposure in the evening and create a comfortable sleeping environment. Your bedroom must be decorated to be your peaceful haven where you can relax and stay calm. It would be best if you had dim lights, and the mattress should aid your sleep.

Eat Food That Boosts Gray Matter

Your brain constantly needs energy, which can only be delivered in the form of glucose. Your brain uses more than twenty times the energy ounce-per-ounce. As you age, there’s a natural loss of gray matter in the brain. This means you need to eat food at proper intervals so your brain receives a constant source of glucose throughout the day. It is ideal to begin the day by having a hearty breakfast and then eating every two to three hours throughout the day. Some food items that can boost gray matter are vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and folic acid, caffeine, etc.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise can improve your physical health and increase the amount of gray matter in your brain. It can give you the mental workout you need to improve focus, concentration, and thinking. It can make you alert and enhance cognitive functioning. If you didn’t know, cardiovascular fitness is directly associated with improving your central nervous system. It is beneficial in older adults, and exercising can augment the cognitive functioning of your body. It is one of the most fundamentally effective ways to boost gray matter in the brain. All you need to do is try walking an hour a day or walk up and down the stairs at home a few times during the day. You can also go out jogging or cycling. It doesn’t matter what kind of physical exercise you are getting; ensure to get enough of it. It is not compulsory to hit the gym. But it is essential to get enough physical workouts that will help you get the required mental exercise.

The Bottom Line

So, if you have been forgetful or lazy, you can try these techniques to boost the gray matter in your brain. Get the much-needed mental workout by engaging in entertaining activities like playing games or meditating. You can also switch up your diet to include mind-stimulating foods. You can solve puzzles no matter where you are to keep your brain alert. Get started and watch the difference.