Malia White’s boyfriend below deck Jake baker, as engineer Jake!

Below deck Jake baker had confessed that she had a one-night stand with the show’s engineer Jake when the cast and crew were in Split. Actually, her new boyfriend is as well. Although there was speculation that Malia’s ex-boyfriend Tom Checketts had been unfaithful to her, the Below Deck Med actress remained employed on the boat following the breakup of her relationship with Checketts. Checketts had been Malia’s boyfriend at the time. We provided all the information we needed on their relationship, even though it was never shown on the broadcast.

Reality Tidbit investigated the identity of the yacht engineer known as Jake Baker, as well as the length of time the two had been dating. In addition to that, we discovered him on social media. Let’s discuss a little more about below deck Jake baker.

Malia sheds light on her new relationship:

Malia has said that she is continuing her relationship with Jake, the engineer on below deck Jake baker. It comes after they first encounter one another on the post-show tour that the cast and crew took to Split. Andy Cohen questioned them about how they initially met, and she said jokingly that she “needed a lot of oil changes.” They have been together up till the present day.

It comes after she ended her relationship with Tom Checketts before the season, after insinuating on Instagram that he had cheated on her. It led to their breakup.

Who is Jake that Malia has been dating?

Malia has just developed feelings for Jake Baker, 31 years old. He serves as the head engineer. Even though she hasn’t shared any photos of herself or Jake on social media, Jake’s private Instagram account has already proven their relationship is legitimate. Malia also verified that they were still together as of the end of September, and it looked like they had been dating since sometime in August.

She had been “open” to the possibility of a budding romance throughout the sixth season, but after breaking up with Tom, she had little interest in exploring any new relationships. But all of that changed when they had their first kiss together, below deck Jake baker.

Meet Jake engineer:

When Malia was employed at the Lady Michelle, Jake, a marine engineer for superyachts, was given a post there. Malia had a job on the ship. He was born in Whakatane, New Zealand, but now resides in Barcelona, Spain. Like Malia, he is extraordinarily well-traveled and has lived in many different countries.

He has been uploading images of the happy couple kissing online, identifying himself as ” below deck Jake baker from State Farm,” The photos have been shared widely. He spends most of his time sailing the world aboard a boat.