Top and Best Skyrim Special Edition mods for 2023!

Best Skyrim Special Edition mods eventually surpassed the best for the Oldrim version of the game. There are just as many excellent add-ons for Skyrim Special Edition as for the original game; some may look familiar to you if you’re familiar with the originals, as many of them have been ported over. A decade after its release, the original Skyrim and the Special Edition you may safely alt-tab out of are still fertile ground for fresh creations, but there are also many newer mods. The best Skyrim Special Edition mods rate has not slowed down, with more being added to the game every week.

Many best Skyrim Special Edition mods that switch to the Anniversary Edition are now functional, thanks to an update to Skyrim Script Extender. However, after installing SKSE, you need to select Steam to “Only update this game when I launch it” and then run Skyrim with the skse64 loader file to prevent future updates from breaking the Script Extender and requiring you to re-download it. Here we will discuss more best Skyrim Special Edition mods in detail.

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Facts about the best Skyrim Special Edition mods:

Following is all information you need to know about the best Skyrim Special Edition mods.

Directors of the Skyrim mod:

When customizing Skyrim Special Edition, it’s easy to go overboard. Make use of a mod manager of some description to assist you in keeping track of all your different modifications. Here are several that you would like to try.


We suggest using Vortex for all of your Skyrim Special Edition modding needs. It’s user-friendly and compatible with many titles, including Fallout, The Witcher, Dark Souls, XCOM 2, and many more. If Skyrim isn’t already installed on your C drive, you’ll need to download the version that allows you to install it where you want.

Two-Module Organizer:

If you’re a modder with experimental tendencies and a penchant for storing many profiles and installing and uninstalling modules frequently, Mod Organizer 2 is a great alternative to Vortex. Mod Organizer 2 is a good choice if you’re meticulous about maintaining a new file organization system. One drawback of using Alter Organizer 2 to mod many games is that moving between them might take time and effort. One option is to download a copy of the software and run it individually for each game you want to modify.

Improvements to Everyday Life:

Everyone is well aware of Bethesda’s games’ stellar reputation. Many devoted players have gone above and beyond to create improvements in the form of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and user-friendly interface tweaks. They may have even included full, online multiplayer with a mod. That, too, has been an action of theirs.

Resurrecting Skyrim with Friends:

Skyrim Together Reborn is the fruition of a simple dream: wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone created it so you could run about Skyrim with friends? This project has been a labor of love, enduring many disappointments and mishaps. Of course, adding multiplayer to a single-player game by modding is anything but easy.

However, after years of hard work, the together team has finally released co-op in best Skyrim Special Edition mods, not just as a closed beta. We can expect bugs. You can count on it to fail. Modifications beyond what is already present are not suggested. What else could we want?

Crack for Skyrim that isn’t from the official source:

The prolific modder Arthmoor compiled hundreds of fixes for various issues with the game’s language, objects, items, missions, and gameplay features into this mod. It was made a fix to work well with various additional modifications. You can check the updated patch notes if you have some spare time.


SkyUI was finally added to the best Skyrim Special Edition mods, and the heavens opened with golden angels singing. This new user interface makes Skyrim feel more natural with mouse controls and allows you to filter and organize your inventory by weight, value, damage, and another criterium; this is important. This one is on top from best Skyrim Special Edition mods.

High-Quality World Atlas:

The map is the best Skyrim Special Edition mod that serves its purpose. Still, it is incredibly dull on a high-quality map of the world. The map is swapped out for a more detailed world texture with colors that help designate the distinct sections much more obviously, or you can select a paper map with an aesthetic similar to that of Oblivion.


While you could load up a different save and play as your Khajiit archer for a while, Proteus allows you to import characters into an already-established world state, allowing you to do so while maintaining your current quest progress, and the character’s unique equipment, abilities, and spells. In addition to being able to change the weather. Some of what Proteus enables is previously available through console commands and other mods for Skyrim, but this simplifies access to everything in one convenient interface.

Once known as Project Proteus, this prior version has been superseded by the newer and improved Proteus. The updated version is more like Grand Theft Auto 5 in terms of performance, and when switching between characters, you now switch to their position rather than summoning them to you. There are also several other changes. If you’re already using Project Proteus, you should uninstall it and switch to Proteus.

Face-illuminating light on and off:

We’ve updated the character creation menu to include numerical readouts for all sliders. You can pick any shade for your hair, skin, and eyes without being restricted by your character’s race. There’s a sculpt mode if you want to jump right into adjusting your skull’s shape, and you can toggle the face-illuminating light on and off to get a feel for how your features will look in various lighting conditions.

Downgrade Patcher, go to Nexus Mods:

It will revert you to Special Edition version 1.5.97 if the Anniversary Edition update interferes with your best mods (in this case, Knock). The Best of Both Worlds edition is available to maintain all the Creation Club material added by the Anniversary Edition and it is one of the two downloadable versions from best Skyrim Special Edition mods.

Improved MessageBox Preferences:

Nexus Mods, where you can get your hands on these, is the place to go, The width of menu items has been increased to match their real dimensions rather than the ridiculously little square in the center. You have yet to learn how much of a difference this minor improvement to life makes. The keyboard controls have also been upgraded. While constructing, you can still use the tab key to go back a step and enter to select an option, but you won’t have to use the mouse.

Nexus Mods:

A person’s ability to pinpoint the location of an incoming sound wave in three-dimensional space is referred to as “HRTF.” The meaning of the second statement is clear to me, but I’m still scratching my head about the first. This hack will make SSE sound more realistic to your ears, albeit in first-person mode. If you want to transform Skyrim’s audio completely, you should check out Immersive Sounds.

Customizable quest & space mods:

Even while the best Skyrim Special Edition mods already have a lot of space, modders are continuously expanding it. We’ve gathered some massive quest mods to take you on new adventures and seriously spectacular updates to existing locations in the best Skyrim Special Edition mods.

Brynjolf and the Riften Guild:

Could you use some additional responsibility as the Thieves Guild’s new leader? You should know that you have support. Even though the Guild’s storyline ends when you complete Bethesda’s quest, this mod adds more searches for the new Nightingales to complete in Skyrim. Discover Rune’s history, explore new crypts and ruins, and join Brynjolf for a bath with new romance possibilities as you make the most of your time as Tamriel’s crime boss, all with thousands of lines of unique dialogue.

The Forgotten City:

Even though there is plenty of excitement in the best Skyrim Special Edition mods, creator and writer Nick Pearce has added around 10 hours extra. Explore a large ancient metropolis as you play detective and attempt to uncover the truth behind a murder. It features award-winning writing, non-linear storytelling, outstanding voice acting from a vast ensemble, a fun original score, and even a dash of time travel. There is also a stand-alone video game version of it that takes place in classical Rome.

What the Dragonborn Have Left Behind?

Adds a museum to your accomplishments that serves as a library, storage facility, quest hub, and a place to study archaeology, all with their benefits. Legacy of the Dragonborn was previously available for Oldrim, but with the v5 update for Special Edition, the museum was remapped to look more authentic and accommodate more visitors.

Lost Tales:

Completely new dungeons, quests, monsters, and fully voiced NPCs occupy this nearly as large world as Skyrim itself. Improvements have been made to the game’s mechanics, a new user-created story is available, and there are new quests to complete that will test your mettle for over fifty hours.

Alert SE:

The Vigilant quest mod is divided into four parts and gives Tamriel a Dark Souls vibe. Once you’ve gotten yourself trapped in Oblivion, you’ll have to fight off strange creatures and massive adversaries in the vein of the Souls games as you search for hidden goods and keys. On top of that, if players have completed objectives, defeated bosses, and advanced to new sections, they can use the “Anvil of Zenithar” to create unique items. A new feature of Vigilant Voiced is the incorporation of voice acting. Get your hands on Glenmoril, the Bloodborne-inspired adventure created by the same modder.

Elsweyr Moonpath:

Among the earliest quest addons for Oldrim was Moonpath to Elsweyr. Including its two new regions and player-created quests, it has finally arrived in SSE. Jody interviews the man who came up with the idea for Moonpath.

Revived Helgen:

Who will restore Helgen after the dragon burns it to the ground at the start of the game? Of course, you are. A massive, fully-voiced quest mod in which you rebuild the city, join a faction, and compete in a brand-new arena. We’re excited to revisit Chris’s Helgen Reborn article from years ago for Oldrim and play it again in SSE.

Discarded Scenes:

Arthmoor has released another massive mod that brings back a ton of content originally intended to be in SSE but was cut for various reasons. Skyrim is better for the many forgotten locations, NPCs, lines of conversation, quests, and artifacts that have been unearthed and given new life.

“Skyrim” by J.K. Rowling:

All of the best Skyrim Special Edition mods’ major cities and several smaller ones have been given a facelift thanks to this massive construction renovation update. Every metropolis has been redesigned with new structures and merchants to reflect the city’s established concept better. The local banners and guards will switch sides as the civil war in Skyrim progresses, making this patch doubly useful.

The airship of Asteria Dwemer:

The very greatest modifications for Skyrim Special Editionis found in the homes of a broad range of players. Still, my favorite is the Asteria, a flying ship outfitted with convenient amenities like shelves and workbenches. However, it is fixed in place and cannot be moved; however, it does feature a teleporter for a more exciting alternative to rapid transit. Try the Dev Aveza if you’re looking for a skyship that can be flown.

Tweaks to the artsy:

There is still a lot of space to make Tamriel look better, even with the additions made in Skyrim Special Edition. Modders have improved the game’s visuals by, among other things, making the character models and texture resolutions more recent and updated.

Tamriel’s varying climates:

The new weather, lighting, and cloud types in Climates of Tamriel represent a significant revamp. Nighttime can also be darker for a more dramatic and exciting exploration experience. Winter best Skyrim Special Edition mods are also available, and it snows across the entire region.

Part Two of the Water Simulation:

The highly regarded sequel Realistic Water 2 improves upon its predecessor by introducing new features such as enhanced ripples, larger splashes, retextured foam, increased water flow rates in streams, floating ice chunks, and even muddy stagnant-looking water in dungeons. Because sometimes, you need a realistic snapshot.

Redesigning One’s Entire Persona:

Skyrim’s non-playable characters didn’t age well when it was launched, and they look even worse now. The SSE may enhance the visual appeal of the environment, but it has little effect on its inhabitants. Hence this Scaria mod should be high on your priority list. It improves the appearance of all the characters in the game, including your player character, by using higher-resolution textures that do not negatively impact the game’s frame rate.

Hair Substitute, Vanilla Flavor:

All of us can agree that the protagonists’ hairstyles in Bethesda’s roleplaying games are rarely, if ever, eye-catching. Too often, though, modders go beyond when transforming characters’ hair into fashion models. To make Skyrim’s NPCs look less scraggly while still fitting in with the game’s setting, Vanilla Hair Replacer proposes several adjustments to Skyrim’s default hair options that are more lore-friendly. If you want your characters to look like those in the screenshots, check out the “suggested mods” part of the page.

Enhancements to the Static Mesh:

Despite the many other aesthetic improvements, the low-poly models from the original game remain unchanged in Skyrim Special Edition. Furniture, clutter, architectural elements, and landscape objects are just a few categories of content that have had their 3D models edited in this patch.

Lock Modifications for the SKSE Security Upgrade:

While you’re out there courageously looting Skyrim for every last septum, why not take a look at some of the new lock designs added by the Security Overhaul Lock Variants and Security Overhaul Add-Ons mods? Even though the locks’ aesthetics range from stunningly gorgeous to mystically scary to quite filthy, they are all lore-friendly and superbly animated. Some of the zanier aesthetic additions come with brand-new accompanying sound effects.

Skyrim’s Magnificent Entrances:

Let me explain. What are you pressing your face against most often in Skyrim, other than the faces of NPCs? Okay, so there are antagonists, but there are also entrances. Thanks to the new door meshes developed by modder “Hype1,” which have gorgeous 4k textures, you’ll never have to resort to picking the latch on a low-res door again. While you’re at it, check out Book Covers, a stunningly beautiful book cover mod.

Changes to accompanying animals:

You can make Skyrim even more stunning with the graphical additions and new destinations on this list, but it would be a shame not to enhance its aesthetic appeal with some compelling NPCs and environments. These patches augment the game by including fan-favorite sidekicks and new, exciting foes for them to face.


This side-mod is extra adorable because it’s modeled on Shirley Curry, the “Skyrim Grandma” and an internet sensation currently in her 80s. Shirley’s friend, made by fans and voiced by Curry, looks and sounds just like the actress. Shirley in Tamriel has a history that fits in with the canonical narrative. After you’ve helped Shirley with her recruitment quest, she’ll join your party and fight as a barbarian warrior. You can see Curry get started with the mod in the first episode of her web series.

Coast Guardsman:

With the Warden of the Coast addon for Skyrim, friends can be reborn as fully realized, romanceable followers in the vein of BioWare games. Companions have a total of over 9,000 voice lines, making this a very meaty update, and modder TheBawb estimates that it will take players 10–15 hours to complete this DLC mod. As a further nod to Dragon Age, you can bring along three allies to help you explore the coast. Each companion is an arc that can play alongside the overarching Warden of the Coast storyline.


It is in your best interest to put your faith in Inigo’s predictions, some of which are connected to the questline he is currently working on and others that take place at the appropriate time and in the proper location. You might not think Skyrim needs a blue Khajiit who follows you around making snide remarks about Lydia and everything else, but take our word for it: there is a tonne of conversation with Inigo. He responds to whistling commands and will follow you even if you already have a friend, conversing happily with them owing to cleverly recycled speech lines.

Skyrim’s Vilja:

Skyrim’s Vilja is the great-granddaughter of the original Vilja, who was added in a sequel to a popular Oblivion patch. She’s an alchemist with her storyline and a special way of receiving instructions, which involve binding, spells to hotkeys for coordinated strikes. Your follower count will stay the same if you introduce her to Inigo, and the two of them will probably strike up a conversation if you do.

Ms. Yennefer of Vengerberg:

When will we grow tired of seeing familiar faces from our favorite massive roleplaying games team up? The Witcher 3’s Yennefer’s lines of dialogue have been repurposed for this follower mod. Of course, she’s able to use two magical weapons at once. There’s bad news: she can’t get married. There are Wild Hunt-inspired mods for Geralt and Tris’s followers and a Ciri follower version developed by the same modder.

Incredible Changes for Your Followers:

You should also get the Special Edition version of this widely used modification for Oldrim. Micromanaging your party members’ equipment, fighting style, and where they live out of your various mansions is a breeze.

Useful Equine:

You can hold a conversation while riding a horse. With this tweak, owning a horse is far less of a hassle. While mounted, you can pillage and gather herbs. Instead of desperately trying to keep up with you at a run, your followers can buy horses of their own.

Rare Assortment of Dragons:

Although the dragons in the Special Edition have been given a cosmetic refresh, they still lack any real wow factor. There are now 28 new, playable dragons to choose from, each with their own distinct look and a wide range of breath weapons at their disposal, thanks to the efforts of a big group of modders. There are numerous tiers of dragons, so there will always be a good challenge for you.

Increased Opportunities to Meet Vampires:

When Strigoi is activated, new bloodsucker species can emerge whenever vampires reproduce. These supercharged zombies are much more formidable than the average vampire, and they may transform into bats, fling you around, or use other devious tactics to kill you.

Why do roleplaying games usually have spiders?

Though, that is not necessary. In Insects, Be Gone; bears take the place of spiders and chorus insects. It also eliminates spider decorations such as webs and statues. If Skyrim’s enormous spider infestation overwhelms you, this addon is here to help.

Wildcat Skyrim’s Combat:

Wildcat, the heaviest combat redesign ever, is also one of the most well-liked. Not only does it increase damage and stamina consumption in the fight, but it also makes combat more dangerous overall. It also has a system for injuries, which can cause you to lose consciousness, your weapon, or other harmful effects if you take enough damage. Blocking at the right time and attacking at the right moment while your opponent is preoccupied are rewarded.

Hidden-Edge Tools:

Sneak Tools improves upon the already useful skill of concealment for those among us who are members of the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood. You can assassinate NPCs while they sleep, kill them with daggers from behind, or knock them out with your fists. Dousing torches and arrows allow for more stealthy movement in the dark, and several new arrow varieties provide covert advantages.

Modifications to magic, battle, and skills:

These upgrades provide you with additional options for experimentation as if being the Dragonborn weren’t enough. Others are more fun and interesting to experiment with, such as new shouts and spells or even improved crafting abilities.

A New Era of Magic in Arcanum:

Skyrim’s magic system has been greatly expanded with the inclusion of Arcanum. Along with its many other abilities, it allows you to call down tornadoes and meteors. However, it only sometimes overwhelms you with additional skills after installation. Unlocking spells in Arcanum is a more lore-friendly path of bespoke quests, crafting, and adventure, so it’s a terrific way to kick off a new playthrough of Skyrim.

Redesigning the Combat System:

For those looking to get more out of Skyrim’s combat without turning it into an action game, CGO is an excellent option. The new dodge roll feature looks good from a first-person perspective. To further modify the effectiveness of your strikes, you can switch between one- and two-handed grips. Not to mention the ability to attack while in the air and numerous other minor changes. Archery Gameplay Overhaul, another mod by “Servant,” is aimed at improving the use of bows in a balanced manner.

Improved Smithing Through the Art of Ars Metallica:

In a world where metal-plated tanks aren’t the norm, smithing becomes less of a priority. Light armor is easy to come by on adventures, making the need to craft your own irrelevant for most archers, thieves, and other sneaky characters. Arthmoor’s mod encourages slippery surfaces to become blacksmiths so that they can make their arrows, lockpicks, guild-specific armor, and meltdown sturdier armor into ingots.


Mods for roleplaying and immersion are being developed for Skyrim Special Edition to increase the sense of realism in the game.

Alternative Death System in Shadow of Skyrim:

Shadow of Skyrim incorporates a comprehensive nemesis system, a feature that has proven so popular in the Shadow of Mordor games but has yet to become the norm. Getting killed in battle won’t compel you to reload a save. Instead, you wake up nearby with your newfound Nemesis, one level higher than before. The game’s antagonist can be almost any hostile entity, even those added by other mods. After you’ve been knocked out, the bandit or mud crab who did it gets a special title and increased stats, and they may even be using some of your special equipment that they stole from your corpse.

Non-Player Character Greetings Reduced Greetings:

Nexus Mods is the place to go where you can get your hands on these. Are you tired of NPCs greeting you with the same sentence every time they spot you on the street? Are you tired of the guards making positive comments about your finest skills, which they seem to know just by looking at you; this patch gives you several options for dealing with the problem, such as lowering the trigger distance or disabling the barks entirely.

Simplified English Knock Simply:

It’s only sometimes a good idea to break into someone’s house, especially if the neighborhood guard is on the lookout for you. The mod lets you knock on the door instead of picking the lock. If someone is home, try calling and talking your way in. If no one answers, you may need to resort to using lockpicks. If this modification is causing crashes after installing the Anniversary Edition upgrade, please go to the solution post at the very top of this thread.

What is an Alternate Start?

If you opt for the Special Edition, you’ll have to begin the adventure from the very beginning. You might play a different character from your first in the new game. Again by Arthmoor, we have an RPG addon called Alternate Start, which allows you to choose how your next session will begin. As a first character, you can be a soldier, outlaw, hunter, or vampire from a new angle without having to sit through the tedious tutorial again.

Free and Open Municipalities:

When you enter a city through a gate and then see a loading screen, it’s disorienting. In Open Cities, the cities aren’t isolated but integrated into a broader universe, a la Morrowind. If you walk in or ride in on a horse, these cities will feel more real than they do on loaded-in maps.

Campfires and Chilly Weather:

Do you want to make SSE more like a survival game without using the Creation Club’s survival mode? Bundle up and stop looking. Chesko’s additions to Skyrim’s frigid environment make the game more challenging and engaging by forcing the player to adjust their character’s body temperature constantly. You should dress appropriately because of the risk of hypothermia caused by swimming in cold water, and there are camping items such as tents, lamps, and other gear if you get stuck. Even a crafts skillset is included.

Instruments for Maintaining Human Survival:

The Creation Club survival mode’s settings can be modified here if you decide to keep using it, perhaps because you purchased it as part of the Anniversary Edition and prefer to keep it in its original form. The warmth rating of clothing, including cloaks if you have a mod that adds them, can be altered as needed.

Quite compares to the experience:

Nothing quite compares to the experience of wandering across town in nothing but your underwear while strangers flood you with compliments. Sure, it might not be immersive, but it sure is entertaining. In addition to that, with the assistance of SKVA Synth, a fresh new voice synthesis program that is based on artificial intelligence.

Improvements to the Prologue:

Skyrim’s opening sequence has been modified to include chopped dialogue left in the game’s files but was omitted by developer Bethesda. By viewing cut scenes and conversations in their entirety, you will have a deeper understanding of the world you soon. If you join the Stormcloaks, you’ll have Ulfric’s assistance escaping Helgen.

Intimate connection:

You’ll feel like you have a more intimate connection with your followers and friends thanks to the hundreds of lines of voiced conversation added by this mod by clouded truth. You’ll hear a more familiar tone from your partner instead of a mindless follower, and your haters will have a whole arsenal of new epithets to throw at you.