In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, what do verified customers have to say about Boomer Kia?

Boomer Kia is dedicated to providing world-class automotive retail and maintenance services. Our opinion is that purchasing a car in today’s economy is a much different procedure from five or ten years ago. Customers expect their dealers to be straightforward, forthcoming, and honest throughout the purchasing process, and we completely understand that expectation. Just a few of the ways that we distinguish ourselves from our competitors include a full-time employee dedicated to ensuring that our customers leave with a thorough understanding of their new vehicle’s features, a process.


Boomer Kia, owned by the Orr Auto Group, opened its doors on April 16, 2016, in the center of Oklahoma City. Our primary purpose was to provide the beautiful people of Oklahoma City with a 21st-century car-buying experience. Because we feel that today’s automobile consumers value their time, we hold our employees accountable to an open and straightforward procedure. We ensure that our prices are competitive both online and in the store.

Services at Boomer KIA:

The vehicle protection plan is similar to auto insurance in that it covers all minor and major components of the vehicle according to the plan. We now have several promotions running, including exceptional student programs, incentives on new vehicles, and local deals. We are well aware that the onus of EARNING your business rests solely on our shoulders, and we will work diligently to guarantee that you enjoy a world-class car shopping experience at our dealership.

Following are services at boomer Kia:

Ensures that an online price will be the same price you are offered in the store and customer satisfaction scores consistently above the regional average. Considering all of this, we urge you to visit Boomer Kia to find your next new vehicle.

Vehicle customization:

If the paint on your vehicle is chipping or if you have a few cracks in the windshield, you should have it repaired. Fortunately, we have experts who can repair them and make your vehicle feel new again. Precise bra installation, paint change, graphics, and pinstriping are some of the other services available at the shop.


If your vehicle requires any form of repairs, such as a blown engine gasket or a damaged axel, you should have them done immediately. We have mechanics who are factory-trained and certified to repair them. In the event of a replacement, we only utilize original manufacturer components.

Service for the Air Intake and Exhaust:

It ensures that the correct quantity of air is delivered from the filter box to the engine, mixed with fuel to generate power. Its operation is critical to the engine’s performance and safety. Cleaning or repairing the air intake hose or exhaust system is included in the service price. Our factory-trained expert does a demonstration before replacing it with genuine OEM parts.

Changing the oil:

Oil changes should be scheduled to prolong the life of a car’s engine because the oil degrades over time and does not provide adequate lubrication to the engine. There is a complimentary car check included with each five-quart oil change, as well as a new oil filter.

Tire rotation:

Tires must be rotated regularly to maintain their extended tread life and provide a comfortable ride. The vehicle’s requirements are completed by the tightening of lug nuts, the setting of tire pressure, and the transition from the front to the rear wheels.

Accessories and spare parts:

We believe in providing genuine OEM parts to our customers, whether utilizing them for a DIY project or replacing them in their vehicle(s). We have assembled a collection of accessories that appeal to a wide range of tastes at our dealership. If you cannot locate a particular part or accessory, you can place an order by completing the online form.

Service Appointment:

Suppose you are too busy or don’t have time during the weekdays. Saturday and Sunday appointments are available, and we can pick up and drop off your vehicle at your location. You can make an appointment by phone or by completing an online form.

Assistance on the Roadside:

When you bring your vehicle to our dealership, you will be eligible for complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance for your vehicle. It covers all of the emergency services that may be required, as well as personal support to aid you in notifying your family and friends, locating a nearby hotel or ATM, or obtaining any other assistance you may require.

Inspection with many points:

This service is included at no additional cost with any vehicle service you receive from us—the price of a complete vehicle inspection report and a car wash on request. Make an appointment today to have your vehicle’s history report completed.

Collision with a certified collision:

We provide free pickup and delivery, fast, free quotes, on-site repairs, and on-site rental cars. We also have specialized professional teams who are certified in repairing accident-damaged automobiles.


It’s a good idea to acquire a warranty to avoid expensive repairs. However, there are time and mileage limitations on the guarantee provided by the manufacturer, and no third party is involved.

Customer’s Review:

Boomer Kia dealership is a fantastic spot to acquire a vehicle. They pay attention to your goals and needs and work hard to provide you with a ride that you will love for many years to come. They are not aggressive or in a hurry to get you to your destination; in fact, they work well past closing time to be of service to you.

Excellent care:

To ensure that the pre-owned vehicle I purchased was in complete functioning order and a suitable vehicle, Boomer Kia went above and above. They will NOT try to sell you garbage to you! I want to express my gratitude to CALEB in the service department for dealing with my distraught wife’s repeated calls to check on her Jeep, which I acquired for her through Boomer Kia. They took excellent care of it and even made some repairs.


Over the last 15 years, our owner and general manager have held about every role imaginable at a vehicle dealership at Boomer Kia. During that period, he has been instilled with the belief that the key to any successful American business is to expand your customer base while keeping your existing customers satisfied.


In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, what do verified customers have to say about Boomer Kia?

Customers who have visited Boomer Kia in Oklahoma City have given this establishment 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 75 reviews. This location has been a favorite by customers.

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