Vault Hunter for the majority of Borderlands.

Borderlands vallory: To celebrate the upcoming release of Borderlands 3, here are some of our favourite villains from previous games. There have been some memorable villains in the last borderlands vallory games, so fans are eager to see what The Calypso Twins can bring to the table in Borderlands 3. It’s up to the new Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 to stop Troy and Tyreen Calypso from using their Children of the Vault cult to find and open Vaults across the galaxy.

Sixth, colonel zarpedon:

Zarpedon’s clash with the protagonists makes her the most disliked character in The Pre-Sequel, not her terrible deeds, which is why she’s the lowest-rated on the list. The Destroyer, the tentacled monster that had been living in the Vault, soon takes out Steele. Even though Steele was generally successful in her efforts to halt the Vault Hunters, opening the Vault sparked the events of the future games, and therefore she is in some ways to blame for the rise of Handsome Jack.


The Pre-main Sequel’s antagonist, Colonel Zarpedon, is the commander of the Lost Legion. Sarpedon hijacks the Helios Space Station of the Hyperion Corporation and uses it to bomb the surface of Elpis, Pandora’s moon. Despite her efforts to destroy the Vault Hunters and Jack in The Pre-Sequel, Sarpedon has some good motives in her heart. She plans to utterly destroy the Vault on Elpis using Helios since she knows that allowing people access to it will result in anarchy.

In the fifth and last question, the commandant asks:

He’s a bad guy in the first Borderlands game. Known as “Steele,” the Crimson Lance’s Siren captain, Steele is on a mission to seize control of the Vault and deliver it to the Atlas Corporation. As the game progresses, Steele attempts to thwart the Vault Hunters, capturing Patricia Tannis and sending her Crimson Lance warriors to attack Sanctuary. Steele uses her Siren abilities to assemble the Vault Key, which unlocks Pandora’s Vault.

Hugo Vasquez:

After Handsome Jack’s death, there are power battles at Hyperion, which result in Hugo Vasquez murdering his employer Henderson and taking his place. He then utilises his new powers at Hyperion to demote Tales from the borderlands vallory protagonist Rhys. It is revealed that he intends to purchase a Vault Key from a man named August, who resides on Pandora.

Coldest-hearted Borderlands:

As a villain, Vasquez is one of the coldest-hearted Borderlands characters, and he even holds Rhys and Vaughn at gunpoint and makes them dig their graves at one point in the game. Vasquez is killed by Vallory, who shoots him in the chest with his gun.


On Pandora, Vallory is a ruthless gang leader who wields considerable power. Fiona and Sasha’s adoptive father Felix betray them in the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands because he fears what Vallory would do to his daughters.

Rocket launcher:

With the help of a rocket launcher, Vallory captures the Tales from the borderlands vallory characters and injures Athena before handing her over to Brick and Mordecai. Like Commandant Steele before her, Vallory is crushed by the Traveler monster when she opens a Vault.

Second, colonel hector:

Having found a priceless ancient relic, they turn it over to Dahl, who betrays them and leaves them to perish in the caverns as they collapse. Dr Cassius Leclemaine, a former Atlas scientist, discovered and protected Hector and his army and helped him manufacture a particular gas that would transform Pandora from a desert to a lush, botanical world.

Poison Pandora:

His troops begin to poison Pandora as part of Commander Lilith and Fight for Sanctuary DLC. The gas starts turning individuals into plant-like monsters, and it is revealed that it will eventually kill everyone in the world. Cassius was unaware of this. The Crimson Raiders are then expelled from Sanctuary by Hector and his army. After inventing an antidote for the gas, the Crimson Raiders reorganise and strike back.

Hector completes his transformation:

Hector completes his transformation in the last battle by absorbing the Vault Key with his plant powers. In the subsequent confrontation, both Hector and Sanctuary are destroyed by Lilith’s immense strength. For the events of Borderlands 3, the Vault Key is also missing.

Jack’s handsomeness:

The vicious Handsome Jack is without a doubt the most memorable antagonist of the borderlands Mallory series. An abusive grandmother brought up Jack, and he had a rough childhood. He married a woman and produced a daughter, Angel, who was born with Siren abilities. After mistakenly killing her mother, Angel’s powers become too much for her to control, and Jack spirals into a depression that results in his locking his daughter away.

Vault Hunter for the majority of Borderlands:

The Pre-storyline. Sequel’s While he was utilising the Destroyer’s Eye as a weapon for Helios, Lilith, Roland, and Moxxi betrayed him when they destroyed it. A curious object found on Elpis reveals the location of another Vault on Pandora, which Jack then manages to open. The device is killed by Lilith, who mistakenly leaves a Vault sign-on Jack’s face.

Sir hammerlock’s big game:

However, after being defeated and slain, Jack reappears in Tales of the Borderlands. As it so happens, Hyperion scientist Professor Nakayama has created a digital copy of Jack’s personality, which winds up uploaded into the mind of Rhys.


After coming to terms with the truth that his physical body is gone, Digital Jack devises a strategy to reclaim control over Hyperion. Although Jack is wicked, this is one of the most heartfelt scenes in the series when borderlands vallory removes his cybernetic upgrades, where his code lives.

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