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Brad Mondo father passed away on April 22, 2021, and he informed his followers of the news on Instagram. He also has millions of subscribers to his self-titled YouTube channel, where he posts tutorials on how to style one’s hair. Mondo has become one of the most excellent stylists in the country thanks to his impeccable taste and charismatic personality. His talent to make someone seem radically different is unparalleled. Brad Mondo has modeled for several publications and businesses because of his good looks and flair for style. Here we will discuss Brad Mondo father in detail.

Biography of Brad Mondo:

On October 28, 1994, Brad entered the world. His given name is Bradley Gesimondo. His parents both worked in the education sector; his dad was a Franklin barber, and his mom was an educator. Eric Mondo, Brad’s older brother, grew up with him in Franklin.


Heather Marks, Vanessa Hudgens, Daphne Groeneveld, and Shay Mitchell have helped Brad Mondo build a successful career in the hairstyling industry. In 2013, he joined Instagram and immediately began uploading examples of his work. Two years later, he created his own YouTube account under his name and began posting instructional videos on how to style your hair. Zayn Malik’s Top Knot Man Bun with Undercut was the title of the subsequent hair tutorial.

Financial success on YouTube:

A series of following styling videos helped propel Brad Mondo to internet stardom. He quickly began to see financial success on the video-sharing platform YouTube. His number of well-known fans and subscribers grew tremendously over time. The brilliant hairstylist now has over 7.3 million subscribers and over one billion video views on his channel.

Besides YouTube, Brad Mondo is a massive hit on other social media sites. He has almost two million and one hundred thousand followers on Instagram. His TikTok account has amassed 8.7 million fans, whereas his Twitter page has a meager 178,8K. Through his online profiles, he also advertises for other companies. Mondo is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known American hairstylists.

American Influencer Awards:

Additionally, Brad Mondo is a well-known model featured in a wide range of commercials and editorial projects. He also offers his own line of bespoke apparel, including sweatshirts, tees, and other wearables, for purchase. Mondo’s XMondo Hair range of hair care products was launched in 2019. A year later, in November 2020, he released XMondo Color. This year, Mondo took up the Hair Influencer of the Year award at the 2020 American Influencer Awards.

What is the net worth of brad mondo?

He is worth about $3 million, according to estimates (USD). American YouTube sensation and celebrity hairstylist “Mondo” has gained international acclaim. He is self-supporting through his work as a hairstylist and online video creator. Also, he has an online hair product store called xmondohair, where he earns a living.

Is there a boyfriend in Brad Mondo’s life?

The fact that Brad Mondo is gay is hardly a secret. People often wonder if he is in a committed relationship and, if so, with whom. Brad’s private life has always been hidden from view, which is unfortunate. He is now keeping his personal life and dating status under wraps to keep the focus on his career.

None of his social media profiles reveals the slightest details regarding his romantic or criminal partnerships. It says a lot about him: he has been able to keep his personal and business lives distinct despite his high profile. Additionally, he appears to be reserved when it comes to romantic endeavors. A day will come when he will talk about the romantic part of his life.


Aside from the vegan hair product controversy and the Twins fiasco, Brad has gotten into several other issues. Brad has taken some heat because his goods are not 100% vegan. In particular, he boasts that his Glitterati Styling Serum is cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. Carmine, a color created from crushed beetles, is included, but only some admirers have noticed.

This led to widespread anger among Brad’s fanbase, who felt betrayed by the actor. The corporation accused of cruelty also claimed that the cruelty-free logo on the item was bogus. Consequently, this resulted in numerous scandals, and many fans and consumers were dissatisfied because they were not even refunded.

Brad Mondo father and family:

Eric, Brad’s sibling, is likewise well-known in the public eye and works as a model. Several videos that Brad and his brother Eric have made feature the term “twin” in the title. Many of Brad’s followers were ecstatic since their favorite twin video was getting so much attention. However, when the films gained greater awareness, a debate ensued. His followers quickly dug deeper and learned that Eric was actually 1.5 years older than Brad.

Many backers took offense at the deception and voiced their disapproval on various social media platforms. However, many people rallied to Brad’s rescue. They stated that the titles were likely an attempt at satire because of the frequent accusations that Brad and Eric once looked quite similar. On the other hand, neither of the brothers had anything to say about this.


Who is Brad Mondo?

Brad Mondo is well-known in the world of hairdressing, as a successful entrepreneur, and on YouTube.

Why is Brad Mondo well-known?

Brad Mondo is well-known as a comedian and hairstylist on the Internet.

What is Brad Mondo’s age?

Brad Mondo’s age is 26 years old.

Is it true that Brad Mondo runs a spa?

Yes, Brad Mondo is the CEO of his own hair care business, XMONDO hair, and a salon owner.