What is the purpose of brush-making machines?

Brooms and brushes can be produced in large quantities with the Brush making Machine for its excellent reliability and efficiency. The Machine is available for brooms and flat brushes; this is solely available for toilet brushes. A conveyor belt, chain, or vibrating feeder can be used to load the Machine with virgin blocks, freeing up the operator’s time for other activities. Because of the four workstations, each of which can simultaneously process two brushes, the Machine can produce many finished meetings. Following are features of Brush making Machine:

Wire brush production:

We have access to the most up-to-date and efficient wire brush manufacturing infrastructure for our steel wire brushes and cap sealing machines, allowing us to run more effectively. The large complex includes an in-house layout unit, quality control unit, R&D unit, and storage unit. Facilities maintained by our technical staff have access to the most up-to-date technology and processing techniques. In addition, this is due to our extensive network of roads and bridges.

Development of cutting-edge engineering solutions:

Keeping long-term connections with our clients is something we strive for by focusing on solutions, keeping lines of communication short, following through on our promises, and providing consistently high service levels. Trusted relationships have allowed us to think outside the box in developing cutting-edge engineering solutions for dental care, personal care, and household brush manufacturing.

Multi-tool counterparts:

For domestic and personal care brush manufacture, Brush making Machine has invented an entirely new machine idea: tiny, simple and incredibly efficient, the Aeola. Double-head brush machines were cumbersome, heavy, and inefficient in the past. This single-tool Machine is more compact, has a higher output, and is much easier to maintain than its multi-tool counterparts.

Outstanding product quality:

The use of technology streamlines making anchorless toothbrushes while also providing a wide range of aesthetic possibilities. It operates with regular toothbrush handles with pre-cut filament pucks, just like a conventional toothbrush machine. Using a fibre box that includes an in-line end rounding feature assures outstanding product quality.

High levels of process security:

Up to 350 millimetre-long brushes can be made using the 3-axes version of the transfer machine. Some machines can make brushes and broomsticks up to 600 millimetres long. Individual geometries and trimming heights can be flexibly programmed using an integrated trimming machine with two knife shaft units for the flow and return of the brushes.

Integrated brush visualization:

When creating new models, the company draws on a century of brush-making machine design experience. For machine operators, our ergonomically developed machines are very convenient. The use of a 19-inch touch screen makes operation and process control straightforward and obvious. Customers benefit from an integrated brush visualization, a step-by-step program technique, and detailed parameter definitions.

User-friendly navigation:

We took into account a variety of options for user-friendly navigation. There is no need for separate machines to process all of the individual parts needed to make a finished brush because of the revolutionary design of the Machine. The carousel-style Roth transfer machine is available with 3, 4, or 5 axes of motion. The Machine’s three-station design includes Carrousel stations, trimming and cleaning devices, and a conveyor belt feeding function.


We have a variety of brush-making machines to select from, and we’ll work with you to find the right one for your needs. For more than a decade, we’ve been producing home and commercial brushes and brooms with five axes of motion. Brush making machines, five axes, three heads/5 heads, brush drilling and tufting machines, trimming and flagging machines, and pneumatic cutting machines are among our most popular offerings. Brooms and brushes, Brooms and brushes, Brooms and brushes, Brooms and brushes, Brooms and brushes.


What is the purpose of brush-making machines?

In addition to trimming and flagging, pneumatic cutting, brush drilling and tufting, it is used for 2 to 5-axis commercial or residential brush shrinking and fading.

Which kind of brushes can made?

There are a wide variety of domestic and industrial brushes and brooms that we have manufactured, such as toilet brushes, brooms for the bathroom, hockey brushes, hairbrushes, and bottle brushes.


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