Where To Buy Cane Webbing?

Cane webbing, If you are familiar with current design trends, you have surely seen that cane webbing furniture and home decor is having a moment. Caning is such a versatile material for the home since it provides a natural texture, goes with various styles and can be kept natural or painted. It adds appeal to any room or furniture piece. If you want to bring some of this amazing material into your area, then you have undoubtedly asked where to get cane webbing because it’s not that easy to get your hands on!

Where To Buy Cane Webbing

I knew that I wanted to integrate some caning into my son’s room renovation, and I was amazed at how limited the resources were to get it. Although cane webbing is becoming increasingly trendy in home decor, the general industry has not caught up yet. But don’t worry, I did the hard work for you and scoured the web for the finest sites to find it depending on your needs.

Franks Supply

Frank’s Supply is probably the greatest supplier online if you seek a significant volume of cane webbing. If you want to build or repurpose a large piece of furniture and want to add caning, this will probably be your best choice to discover what you need. Franks Supply is fantastic since you can order all different weaves, mesh sizes, colours, and forms of caning. The price per foot drops with the more feet you purchase, making this an excellent alternative if you need a significant number. The width of caning provided ranges from 16″ – 24″ You do have to pay to ship, and your order must be a $10 minimum.


You may also buy caning from Caning, an excellent alternative if you require a huge quantity. The variety of weaves and sizes available isn’t as large as Franks Supply’s, but it’s still rather good. In addition to canning equipment, they also have various other creative products. Caning’s cost is determined by the number of inches you order (instead of per foot like Franks). Ordering a full 600-inch roll saves you money, but not at Franks Supply. However, if you need a lot of caning, it can be a better deal than Franks.

The Cane and the Basket

If you need a considerable volume of caning, Cane and Basket may be the most cost-effective alternative above the other two options above. Cane webbing is likewise priced per inch (as on caning); however, if you need a significant quantity, you can also get a 50-foot roll. Shipping costs are also included in the price.

Catalogue of Basket Makers

Various cane and basket supplies are available through the Basket Makers Catalogue. Cane webbing styles are limited, but a few options are to pick from. Webbing from Basket Makers Catalogue costs more per foot than webbing from Franks. Basket Maker’s Catalogue may be an excellent option for you if you’re seeking a specific sort of cane that Franks does not stock or if you require some special items related to baskets.

Shop for Fabrics on the Internet

Cane webbing is available at Online Fabric Store, a pleasant surprise. Free delivery on all orders over $150 would make this a good option if you’re looking to buy a lot of canes. However, there are only five cane varieties to pick from. Also available at Online Fabric Store is 18′′ and 24′′ wide caning that is sold by the foot. Although the pricing per foot is lower than Basket Makers Catalogue’s, there are few possibilities.

Henry Perkins & Co.

Cane webbing by H.H. Perkins comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns. They all have something to offer, from open weave to modern or even closed weave. All of H.H. Perkins’ cane webbing is priced per inch.


Cane webbing with an open weave pattern can be purchased from Michaels’ website. It does come and go in terms of availability. Check back in a few days if the item is unavailable. If you only need a small amount of caning, this is an excellent choice because it will be delivered free of charge to your retail location. Michaels might be one of the most cost-effective places to get the webbing for your canes with an online coupon. There aren’t many options, but it’s a good fit for a little project.


Walmart surprisingly carries a cane webbing variant. For $18.96, you can get a single 18X18-inch piece.  There are many ways to avoid paying shipping expenses, such as shipping it directly to your local Walmart store like Michaels.


On eBay, I was able to locate a seller of cane webbing. Even though cane webbing is only available in one width, it can be purchased in various colours and lengths. Depending on how broad you want your cane webbing to be, the price of this caning varies with each foot. Shipping costs are also included.


Amazon offers a variety of cane webbing alternatives. If you only need the webbing, you’ll pay for the complete cane webbing package, which is unnecessary. Although they provide a 10-foot roll of webbing, you’d be better off shopping at one of the other retailers if you require such a huge quantity. Check out Amazon’s free two-day shipping on cane webbing if you’re in a bind.

The cost varies.

Even though it may be difficult to locate several excellent online resources for purchasing cane webbing, the best is yet to come for your DIY endeavours! There is only one colour of cane available: new. As time passes, the hue of young and fresh cane naturally oxidises and mellows to a honey-brown tone. It is the most beautiful and long-lasting method to live with a cane, but it takes time. The cane’s natural colour differences truly stand out and add richness to the overall look. Most clients say that they prefer the natural darkening of the cane and appreciate its freshness. Clients who aren’t convinced about staining should try it out first before making a final decision.

I don’t stain or paint because:

It’s a health hazard first and foremost. Industrial ventilation, equipment, storage, and EPA requirements are required to employ staining compounds on a professional, consistent basis in a home company. I value my long-term health and the safety of my family; thus, I prefer to leave staining to the pros. A weaver, I am. A finish professional must properly stain the cane because it’s not a simple task.  This practice will negatively impact cane’s lifespan. Cane is a naturally occurring, elastic plant material that can be used in various applications. Stain and paint are merely decorative and can impede the natural suppleness of chairs, which is why they are not recommended for use.

Matching Staining Done

A stain is not meant to be applied to cane. Applied and massaged into porous wood surfaces, the excess can be wiped away. Cane is not a type of wood, as previously stated. Staining it yourself isn’t the greatest option because it has a shiny, silicone-coated surface that doesn’t absorb stains. Modern, factory-made furniture has nearly always been built, caned, and coated with a stain and sealer mixture. To achieve a good match, you need an expert who knows what they’re doing because factories mix and layer their mixtures. It’s impossible to replicate factory finishes with a can of stain purchased from a hardware store. If colour matching is important to you, only a professional can meet your standards.

Staining on a Budget

Whether you’re handy, on a tight budget, or just curious, DIY staining is a viable option. Ventilation is critical, so be sure to follow all instructions and precautions. To use a stain, you must first apply it to a piece of wood. Cane application will not be covered by instructions found on the can. The cane does not absorb the stain; thus, squirting and wiping it off will not remove it. The drying time between coats may be significantly longer, possibly up to four days. It’s challenging to get the colour and finish right. Oil-based stains like ZAR’s or Old Master’s Wiping Stains can be applied with a soft bristle brush in very light applications with plenty of drying time between coats.

Use light coats that gradually build up the desired shade instead of obtaining a medium to dark hue in one application. Make sure to keep in mind that the cane showing through may darken over time, so it’s advisable to go a little lighter than you think you’ll need. Keep in mind that it cannot be removed once a stain is applied. And less is more, too! A very thin coat of varnish, lacquer, or polyurethane should be applied only to the smooth top surface once the stain has dried and you are satisfied with the final shade. Too much will cause the cane to lose its flexibility, resulting in its breakage.


The sky’s the limit to colour possibilities when painting cane. It adds a splash of colour. Consider your desire and resources for regular cane seat replacements and painting. Seats’ lifespans are significantly reduced when the paint is applied, as it locks in the elasticity. Backs don’t have to bear a person’s weight as seats do; thus, this may not be as much of a concern. Be realistic about how long your cane painting will endure and how much it will cost you to maintain it.

Things to Keep in Mind

Matching a new cane’s colour to a set or the back and seat of an existing chair: When it comes to colour matching, it’s a good idea to think about the following: Replacement of the canes due to the chairs’ age. It’s vital to recan regularly. If one of the canes on two chairs is broken, the other may be close behind. It is straining to match vs. replacing the canes. When it comes to dyeing a new cane to match the old cane, which option is better: staining it to match the old one or replacing the other old cane? Matching the colour of a single chair It’s best to leave the cane alone if you’re regaining a one-of-a-kind chair.


The finish on the caning cannot be removed once it has been applied. Using strippers designed to remove wood finishes will damage the cane. If you don’t like what you’ve done, you’ll have to pay to recan the panels and start from scratch again.

The Application Policy was Weaved

Materials in their natural state are used for all of the projects. An Emza Chair Caning is not responsible for staining, painting or sealing the weaving with other materials or cleaning the weaving with other substances.

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