Christina Khalil Net Worth, Salary, Boyfriend, and Earnings!

Christina Khalil Net Worth is $2.5 million. YouTube YouTuber and Instagram model Christina Khalil was born in Lebanon and raised in the United States. This page includes specifics on her relationship life, career, and other aspects, such as her net worth and income. November 19 1993, saw the arrival of Christina Khalil.

She had been living in Lebanon with her parents and elder brother up to the outbreak of civil strife in that country. After that, her father relocated the family to the United States with the assistance of one of his siblings, who was already settled in Santa Barbara, California. Unfortunately, because of complications with Visa regulations, her mother had to go to Ukraine, which caused her to become estranged from the rest of the family. Let’s discuss Christina Khalil Net Worth.

Christina’s family:

In 2019, after spending 18 years living in different places, Christina’s family finally reconciled with her mother. Her partner vlogged the whole joyful get-together, and the resulting film was uploaded on YouTube at a later time. Within the same year, Christina’s channel was updated with a video that discussed the couple’s experience of having their videos demonetized. The YouTuber was working as an influencer and model at the same time. Although she was releasing try-on videos for bikinis and lingerie, those videos were marked as being inappropriate for near-nudity.


Jaret Campisi, a partner who also creates YouTube videos, is dating Christina. They first got together in 2013 and started dating the following year. They grew closer to one another because of their shared passions for leading active lifestyles, automobiles, and motorbikes. They are often seen in videos uploaded to one another’s channels on YouTube.

On February 7, 1983, Jaret Campisi was born in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Before starting his own YouTube channel, the former athlete in track and field worked as a mechanic. His channel is now dedicated to discussing fast cars and leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Career on YouTube:

Christina began her career on YouTube when she was only 18 years old in 2011. Most of her videos were initially instructional guides for various exercises, diets, and lifestyles. Following the introduction of her now-boyfriend, Jaret Campisi, another YouTuber, she began uploading a variety of relationship vlog videos in addition to motorbike-related films. She is a tremendous enthusiast of motorcycles.

On her YouTube account, Christina has a total of 731 thousand followers. In addition, she has 279 thousand of people following her on her Instagram account. The model is also known for updating her TikTok account daily with various popular short videos, which has helped her amass 701,500 followers.


On November 19, 1993, Khalil was born in Lebanon.


The model stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall (166.6 cm). She scarcely tips the scales at 142 pounds (58 kg). She works out often and maintains a nutritious diet to maintain her toned physique and status as an online fitness influencer and vlogger.

What is Christina Khalil Net Worth?

Christina Khalil Net Worth is $2.5 million. Her popular YouTube channel is the primary source of most of her financial success. Her YouTube channel brings in an annualized average of $80,000 in revenue for her. In addition to that, she is an influence on Instagram and works as a model. The well-known Internet personality has only recently launched her career on TikTok and Only-Fans, which has captured the interest of her long-time followers. They also contribute to their total income she has.

Recent Developments Concerning Christina Khalil:

In May of 2021, Christina and her partner Jaret left California and went to a new location. They made their real estate debut by purchasing a palatial estate in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The house has not one but two dining rooms, an enormous pool area, a hot tub, a game room, a bar, a theatre, and a kitchen designed for entertaining guests. In addition to that, there is a sizable vehicle garage with six parking spots. The YouTuber recently updated her channel with a walkthrough of her home that lasted for twenty minutes.