How To Decorate Your Coffee Table With Grace And Style?

Coffee Table, Home decor is as much about the little things you add to your space as it is about the color of the walls and the furniture in your rooms. As the main area to entertain guests in and hang out around yourself, the living room is especially important, and we bet there’s a coffee table right in the middle of it.

While things like wall art are important, your coffee table shouldn’t be left bare either. In fact, the decor there is what will catch people’s eye before they check out what’s on the walls. This is why we can even say that decorating your coffee table properly is even more important than the decor in the rest of your living room. While plants can bring life to any space, too many can overwhelm the area and you need to get the balance just right. The same goes for other kinds of decor.

If you want to know how to decorate a great coffee table, keep reading.

Pick a Theme

When you’re working on decor without a theme, you’ll end up matching all the individual elements to each other. If you’ve ever failed at decor before, you know that too much matching isn’t a good thing, and is in fact something that needs to be avoided. But how do you manage to avoid matching your decor too much while still keeping it similar and making sure it goes well together?

The easiest solution to this is to simply pick a theme and match all of your decorations to that theme instead of with each other. This way, you will be able to decorate your coffee table without it getting too visually overwhelming.

Avoid Cluttering

Remember that at the end of the day, it’s a table meant for putting stuff on, and not a shelf that you can fill with different decor items. In fact, your table will end up looking messy instead of beautiful if you try to add too many items to it, and don’t leave enough room for things like your coffee mug when you need a place to put it.

To avoid doing this, always pick a focal point on your table to place your decor around. It can be in the center, in a diagonal line, or in any other cohesive pattern. If there are a bunch of small things, you can even use books to vary height a little (but don’t make the decor too tall) for some added dimension.

Another great way to avoid cluttering your table with decor is to simply use a tray on your table to keep it all in. This is the most common way for people to decorate their coffee tables, and for good reason. Not only does this help you avoid any clutter on the table, but it can make for the most eye catching collections of items for tabletops.

Scented Candles

One of the most popular decor items for tabletops is scented candles, mainly because of how well they go with almost any kind of interior, and how they improve the ambience of any place.

You can either use large scented candles and place them in the middle of your decor – making it the main attraction – or you can take one or two smaller scented candles to accompany other decor, which is most commonly taken from nature.

You can also match the scent of your candles to whatever atmosphere you’d like to create, and even vary it according to decor. If you have a sleek and modern apartment with minimalist decor, maybe try some candles with a citrus scent. You can even go for warm, woodsy tones if you want the atmosphere to be a little cozy.

Another great way in which scented candles contribute to interior decor is through the light they provide – putting them in colorful jars can take this a step further.

Books and Coasters

Books are great decor for the coffee table, mainly because of how they add personality and even some height to your decor. Placing some of your decoration pieces on the table or in the tray and then placing the rest on top of the books next to it can create a better arrangement than placing all of your decoration pieces in a single cluster.

Coasters can add a little height in more or less the same way, and you can keep a small stack of them on the coffee table, within reach of anyone who wants to have a cup of coffee on the spot.

Natural Elements

Scented candles are often accompanied with a natural element on coffee tables, and there’s no shortage of decor options when it comes to nature. You can use flowers, twigs, succulents and small potted plants, stones, and even balls of twine or moss in your home.

As with most tabletop decor, the rule here is to make sure the plants aren’t too tall. This is why small potted plants are a great option. If you still want to use floral arrangements, make sure to use smaller ones and not to build them up too much vertically.

Abstract Art

Statues, paintings, and even cute mugs and hand painted items are a great way to decorate your coffee table without adding too many plants to the table. Unlike plants and flowers, inanimate objects come with an advantage – they don’t wilt and don’t need to be replaced unless they break. All you need to do for this kind of decor is to keep them clean and dust free.

You can either choose a single piece to put on your table or a smaller collection of many, and even switch it up if you want to.