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PhD candidates loans are available from the Colfuturo Colombian master’s degrees. A further exemption from tuition is offering Tilburg university. It is a joint initiative of the public and private sectors to facilitate additional training abroad for Colombia’s professionals.

On the grant from Colfuturo:

Tilburg University has a joint academic agreement with the foundation for the future of Colombia. Colfuturo is a private, non-profit organisation of the public sector. The institution provides credit bonds for Colombian citizens willing to study abroad.

Stipend quantity:

The University of Tilburg offers all students eligible for education a 30 per cent discount on tuition charges exceeding €10,000. It provides the remaining tuition and living allowance of up to $25,000 annually for a maximum of two years for eligible students. Whether it gives you a loan or bond depends on your situation. To find out more.

Who can request this?

The applicants have a further year to repay the loan after the programming is finished so that they can spend time finding a job, taking an internship or travelling abroad. Applicants have to pay their visa expenses. Beneficiaries can receive borrowings of up to 80 per cent according to the established requirements. More information is available from:

Who can apply? Who can apply?

High motivation is provided by Colombian citizens who want a ma or PhD at Tilburg University. The programme aimed at funding a significant number of Colombian students abroad through an initial grant of US$ 13 million.

How can I apply? How can I use it?

The applicants admitted into the master’s or doctoral degree offered by Tilburg university shall apply for a loan to Colfuturo under the ordinary application procedure and comply with all Colfuturo standard requirements; more information is available on the Colfuturo grant call website. The Colfuturo educational consulting centre in bogotá provides us community with active support for university education, and offers precise, comprehensive and current information and information on how best to access our educational institutions.

The prize details:

Colfuturo is an initiative to help academics in Colombia expand their careers in the best international universities with a degree or doctorate. Created as a non-profit organisation on 21 November 1991, Colfuturo’s mission is to help access a globalised world that provides global education information and supports students with a successful academic experience outside Europe. Colfuturo ensayo, colfuturo colciencias, colfuturo convenios.

The award’s value:

Eligibility criteria shall be as follows for eligible students:

  • Distribution between 9 and 24 months may be ordered at the cost of up to 50,000 us$.

Details of the prize:

Colombian professionals with academic excellence want to expand their profession with master’s or doctorate studies at the best universities in other countries through the Colfuturo scholarship credit programme. Created on 21 November 1991 as a non-profit organisation, the goal is to help Colombia gain access to a global world that provides information and students with successful study in foreign countries.

Value of the prize:

Up to USD 50,000 can be requested for distribution for 9 to 24 months. Depending on the requirements set, beneficiaries can obtain a scholarship of up to 80 per cent on their loan. It’s a us dollar loan. Their primary aim is to provide more and better study opportunities for Colombian students to contribute to Colombia’s economic and social development with their foreign study experiences. Que es colfuturo, or colfuturo scholarship, telefono, colfturo login.

Terms of award:

The tuition fees of all qualifying and successful students under this scholarship will be contributed 20 per cent to a tuition agreement between fundación para el Futuro de Colombia and king’s college London. If scientists go back to Colombia and spend three years in the country, it can grant them up to 80 per cent scholarship. With an initial donation of US$ 13 million, the programme was designed to fund many Colombian graduates abroad.

This bursary offers:

Two discounts of 50% for two master or doctoral students for up to three years. Plus a discount of 15 per cent for master’s programmes and three years for PhD for the tuition of all eligible Colfuturo beneficiaries for one year. See the colfuturo—website for additional information.

Duration and value:

  • Financing up to 10 weeks per student to study English (elites)
  • 100% off tuition fees for three eligible students, three years of a PhD programme or two years of a research program master’s programme (possible extension to 3.5). (with no possibility of extension).
  • 15% off tuition fees for all postgraduate programmes for up to 8 students registered at all times.

How can I apply?

Applicants to the course:

  1. Find a PhD or Rmit master. 1.
  2. Whose background is in line with and contact your research interests. Make sure that you fulfil the program’s academic criteria.
  3. Apply for the RMIT study.
  4. Receive a remit bid.


The Colfuturo joint bursary will then be considered by select beneficiaries of the Colfuturo scheme for discounts.

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