Want to flaunt the country look? Try out cowboy hats!

cowboy hats, Dressing well is an art, which many men are yet to master. Men often tend to copy the style of their favorite icons. You can identify more with Justin Timberlake or Frank Sinatra, Johnny Depp or Don Draper, Humphrey Bogart, or Indiana Jones. If you want to have your style influenced by any of these men, go for cowboy hats.

cowboy hats- Buy the hat that looks good on you, not the mannequin

Buy a respectful hat. Preferably, you should be using a hat made from 100% good quality leather, straw, or felt. All of these are expensive, but they will last long enough for you to pass it on to your child.

As much as you see a hat in the window and are immediately tempted to buy it, it does not mean it is your best choice. Just as short people should not wear long jackets, you must select the hat taking into account the shape of your head. If the head is long and thin, buying a high-crowned hat will make you look like an alien. Likewise, if you have a wider, rounder head, buying one with a wide brim is not going to be cool.

In terms of size, the right cowboy hats for men will hug your head without covering any of your ears and without leaving a red mark on your forehead when you take it off.

Colors – yes or no

If your goal is a classic badass look, go for sober colors – gray, olive, brown, navy blue or dark beige or black. If you want to emulate a Justin Timberlake or other examples of a more current look, choosing a colorful hat is perfect. Remember that, when matching the color of the hat with the coat/jacket, there are two possibilities –


  • Match the two colors as perfectly as possible
  • Choose two colors that contrast minimally

Stop worrying about your hat and just wear it. Put it on your head and find an angle that looks good.

Handle and store properly, your hat will undoubtedly last for years

You can wear leather or felt cowboy hat almost in any occasion, event and party. The definition of daily fashion could be anything, for example, competition, or a hard day’s work on the farm. Knowing properly how to keep clean your cowboy hat is essential. After all, the idea is that it always maintains a good appearance and lasts for many years.

However, cleaning the hat is not the only concern. You must also know properly how to store your cowboy hat.

In the market, cowboy hats are available in different materials. However, the two most common options are leather and straw. We always recommend reading the user manual at first. There you can get all the information. See the tags and find out how to keep clean and store your hat, depending on the material. Leather cowboy hats need extra care. If not used for months, always store it in a box or wrap it in plastic.

Felt and straw-hat care

Straw cowboy hats are your best ally in the hot days. However, the hats we find in the market are of not the same type of raw material. Some are durable and water resistant. The best practice is to clean the hat’s dust and dirt with a specially designed brush. Blow away the remaining.

For straw or felt hat, use a small amount of soap and water. For severe stains, the hat will need a deep clean. If you do not know, select the professional hat cleaning services. Remove if there is any fancy item on the hat, for example, appliqués, ribbons or embellishments.

How to clean a leather cowboy hat?

Look for the tag. The manufacturer has a clear guidance. Never, ever immerse your leather cowboy hat in the water. It may permanently damage the product. The sweatband in the leather cowboy hat can shrink. For moderate to tough strains, use a special leather hat cleaning solution. Do not use hot water and lime, or vinegar / soda. Clean the hat when it is dry. Use special sponges and oil to keep your hat shiny, and mold-free.

Storage: very important to know

After cleaning, here comes the second most vital part – how to store your cowboy hat so that it lasts longer. Yes, storage plays the essential role. Knowing how to store the hat significantly increases the material longevity, color lock, and material quality. Always keep you cowboy hat in a dry place.


A dry place keeps the hat mold and oil free. That is because most hats have a high-quality leather band that will shrink if it gets too hot or left in direct sunlight for long periods. If possible, store your leather cowboy hat in wrapped plastic.