Everything that you need to know about Dazai.

Dazai: A former official of the Port Mafia, an organized crime syndicate based in Tokyo. As a young guy, Dazai sports dark brown hair that is slightly wavy and narrow dark brown eyes. Bangs frame his face while some are clustered in the middle of his forehead. He stands at a respectable six feet and has a trim build. Dazai’s outfit consists of a long sand-colored trench coat with an unbound belt. Underneath, he wears a black vest over a light blue striped dress shirt.

The personality of data:

As Dazai himself acknowledged, his friend Sakunosuke Oda, who knew that Dazai would remain in the shadows for eternity, was the individual who got the closest to his personality. If Oda is on the side of killing people or protecting them, he knows that no place in the world will ever be able to fill Dazai’s loneliness. While Dazai maintained a mysterious and gloomy facade, his achievements in the Mafia earned him the title of the Mafia’s youngest leader.

Interesting things about dazai:

While Dazai is cheerful and quick-witted, the series reveals a dark history. He is possibly the most difficult to decipher as one of many figures first veiled in obscurity. These ten facts about Osamu Dazai may surprise you.

His talent is always on the go:

In the world of Bungo Stray Dogs, Osamu, or Dazai to his friends, has one of the most powerful skills. Named for the author’s best-known work, “No Longer Human,” the film is “No Longer Human.” When he touches the person employing the ability, it is canceled out. Dazai, even though he is still vulnerable to poison and weaponry, is impervious to his enemies because of this.

He Is Frequently Used For Laughter:

Many admirers are unsure about how they feel about Dazai because of this. After interrupting Dazai’s attempt to drown in the opening of Bungo Stray Dog, Atsushi says that he saved his life. As Bungo Stray Dogs reveals, at the worst moments, he does, has suicidal tendencies. He talks about it with a grin on his face, which is more of a problem than a laugh.

Dazai anime:

Bungo Stray Dogs has made Osamu Dazai a household name in the world of animation and a well-known author in real life.  A character was seen reading a book titled “No Longer Human” with the cover featuring dazai anime.

His Persona Makes References to Works:

Osamu Dazai’s life is referenced numerous times in Bungo Stray Dogs as a character. In addition to referencing Fydor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment in his power to negate all other abilities, he also uses the book No Longer Human. Throughout the film Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple, the characters regularly mention other works of fiction.

He Is the Port Mafia’s Youngest Executive:

In the Dark Era of Bungo Stray Dogs, fans learn more about Dazai’s life. Dazai was the Port Mafia’s youngest executive at the age of 15. After killing someone, he continued to shoot him even after he was dead, making it clear that he was cold and vicious. No matter how happy and upbeat Dazai is, his previous habits may still be seen in his behavior toward his foes, old friends, and members of the Port Mafia, even if he has changed for the better.

Dazai and chuuya:

Fans already knew that dazai and chuuya, another beloved member of the Port Mafia, had a history before learning much about Dazai’s past. Chuya became a Port Mafia member thanks to Dazai’s involvement in the third season. He and Chuya might never have met if he hadn’t decided to leave the Port Mafia sooner, proving that it may have been in Dazai’s best interest if he had done so sooner.

Is dazai dead?

It Dazai, a member of the Armed Detective Agency who mentors Atsushi, is regarded as a “suicide maniac” for his desire to end his own life and die in the company of a beautiful woman. After that, one of Dostoyevsky’s thugs shoots Dazai, taken to the hospital. Learn that is dazai dead?

Osamu dazai books:

The Osamu dazai books are Japan’s best-known literary works translated into many languages. This book is the center of one issue in the Japanese light novel series Book Girl, even though he has written other works that are addressed.The manga and anime series Book Girl include discussions on Dazai’s works. Tsuki ga Kirei’s male protagonist, Kotaro Azumi, frequently quotes Dazai as Ken Kaneki of Tokyo Ghoul.

Osamu dazai death:

It was previously proved to be significantly less comedic when he was still suicidal for Osamu dazai death. Even though he described the death as a means of escaping the corrosive world around him, he was unable to pass away, despite his best efforts. While setting up traps to capture captives alive to torture them for information, he often beat his then apprentice Rynosuke Akutagawa to defy orders.


Dazai is a shady character whose genuine motives can only be deduced if he says so. He wears a brown ribbon to hold the turquoise pendant in his bolo tie. Additionally, he wears beige slacks, dark brown shoes, and bandages that cover his entire body except for his face.Even though the second and third seasons dive into Dazai’s past, there are still many details about the suicidal fanatic viewers may not be aware of.


Are the events depicted in Dazai Osamu fictional?

Osamu Dazai takes its name from Japanese novelist Osamu Dazai, widely regarded as one of the greatest living writers. Shji Tsushima is the real-life Osamu Dazai’s birth name. In the series, their connection is drastically reversible.

Is Dazai in a relationship?

Dazai’s Agency partner, Kunikida, antithesis Dazai’s personality.

Is Dazai concerned about Chuuya’s welfare?

Yes, Dazai is concerned about Chuuya. Dazai doesn’t appear to care on a surface level, but I can promise you that he does.

What is the dazai height BSD?

The dazai height bsd is 181cm.

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