How to Get Your Files Back with DriveDroid?

Drivedroid without root: About Drivedroid without root vital to know that this feature is only available on rooted smartphones and tablets. But even then, due to kernel peculiarities, some phones may not work correctly. Also, keep in mind that this solution necessitates your device having USB Mass Storage compatibility.

Using an Android Device to Create a Bootable Linux System:

Rooted Android devices have an additional option. You may utilize any ISO or IMG file stored on your phone to boot your PC straight over a USB cord using DriveDroid, which is a great app. There’s no need for a flash drive if you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet.

How to Get Your Files Back with DriveDroid?

DriveDroid should be launched and root access granted. After that, click Download and pick an operating system to install on your phone. There is a wide range of Linux distributions to choose from, including Ubuntu, ZorinOS, Tiny Linux, Gentoo, Arch Linux, and many more. Boot-repair-disk or CloneZilla is the finest solution if you need to clone the contents of your dead HDD to revive your PC.

Choose between different OS versions:

It’s important to know that you have the option of choosing between different OS versions when you choose an operating system. It is usually a 64-bit or 32-bit version of the most recent build. Choose an operating system that is compatible with the PC’s configuration before you begin the recovery process.

How to Setup Windows 10 on a Computer Using Android Phone?

Another advantage to using Drivedroid without root over ISO 2 USB is that it’s easier to use. Installing Windows 10 on an Android phone or tablet has never been easier, thanks to DriveDroid! Reinstalling Windows is an option if Linux isn’t right for you if the recovery tools don’t work. You can get this for $1.99. Windows 10 can be reinstalled on your PC in about an hour using an Android phone.

Recovering Your PC Using an Android Device:

If your PC breaks down, you can use Android to reinstall your operating system or boot into a recovery environment. One of these two possibilities is a good one:

  • Burn an ISO image to a USB flash drive using USB-OTG with ISO 2 USB.
  • Bootable ISO files can be stored on Android using DriveDroid.
  • Support for Windows 10 installation images is included in the premium version.
  • A USB stick or an Android device should be ready to boot your PC by now.

Download DriveDroid APK without Root:

We live in a digital age, and nearly no one hasn’t used or owned a computer before. If you look around you, you’ll realize that nothing gets done without the aid of a PC. Even though a wide range of digital gadgets is accessible, a computer remains the most practical of them all. A computer can perform all of the functions of a mobile phone, Blokada APK, it can be used as a game system, and the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Booting from a CD:

There are numerous methods for starting an operating system on a computer, but booting from a CD is the most common. Booting several PCs from a CD or DVD containing the OS image is possible but ineffective. Because even a small scratch might render them useless, many people are already flashing their operating systems using USB Drives. While using a USB drive is a nice concept, booting from a USB drive requires technical skill and is time-consuming.

Features of the DriveDroid Pro app:

DriveDroid is the newest component to be loaded at bootup. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you may use DriveDroid, a free and simple tool, to start up your PC with any operating system. This software may be found on the Google Play Store and downloaded immediately. Following are features of the DriveDroid Pro app:

How to Start a PC from an Android Device?

To boot a PC or laptop with a new OS without a CD, DVD, or USB drive is one of the best reasons to download Drivedroid without root for Android. Using DriveDroid pro-APK will help you get the job done if you don’t have any of these tools on hand. Another benefit is that you can distribute several operating systems from your Android device.

Updates Every Few Days:

Because a single individual created it, you have the option to report any issues you encounter right from the app. DriveDroid has several lessons available on YouTube if you get stuck. Recall that we will refresh the download link after an update is issued, so don’t forget to check this page for the current version of DriveDroid for Android.

Various ISO Files are supported:

It’s also worth noting that DriveDroid’s current version lets you install ISO and bootable files, something that a DVD or USB drive can’t do. There are multiple OS files pre-installed in this software, so you can begin using it as soon as you finish the download. The DOS option allows you to upload your bootable files and then install them on your PC as needed, but this isn’t essential.

Features That Are Simple To Use:

No root DriveDroid APK is wanted by many people out there; however, at this time, there isn’t anything like it accessible. This program uses the Android OS’s USB Mass Storage (UMS) feature, which necessitates root access. Driving without root may prevent you from taking advantage of certain of DriveDroid’s capabilities. As a result, we strongly advise you only to use this app if your Android smartphone is rooted.

Free and risk-free:

There is no need to fear using an APK file that we’ve made available externally. This program is available for free download from this website if you’d like to give it a try before making a purchase. We recommend that you download the previous version of DriveDroid, but rather the DriveDroid APK file from this website, which is the most recent version of the app.


It concludes our review of Drivedroid without root APK, and we sincerely hope you found it useful. Even though there are several apps like DriveDroid available, this one is the most effective. As of right now, DriveDroid is only accessible for Android smartphones, so if you’re seeking it on a PC, check out this Drivedroid without root alternatives. The links to the latest DriveDroid APK download will add to this site as they become available.

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