What’s the greatest PC case with two chambers?

With a dual chamber pc case, you can show off your hardware in the front while concealing the “ugly” power supply units in the back. It’s possible to have a dual chamber pc case since it contains two separate chambers within. Thermal components are separated from cooler ones by this design feature.

Overview of dual chamber pc case:

Due to the name, dual PC cases may house two different computers in one enclosure. Without having to worry about clutter or wasted space, users may easily move between the two platforms. The dual system cases can accommodate two motherboards and accessories such as power supplies, GPUs, and SSDs, without compromising performance. Separate control panels, connectors, and sufficient cooling space are common characteristics of a dual chamber pc case.

What’s the greatest PC case with two chambers?

The Node 202 is a mini-ITX chassis that’s simple and uncluttered. The motherboard is separated from the GPU by dual-chamber architecture. Because of this, it’s one of the few HTPC cases that can accommodate full-size, 310mm graphics cards without overheating. The 202 comprises a mainframe, a top/bottom cover, and a back/side panel. In addition to making installation easier, this also results in a dust-free interior with air vents strategically placed.

Core V1 from Thermaltake:

The Core V1, a small ITX case, features a front-mounted 200mm fan for cooling. It has cleverly designed side panels that may be swapped out to get the optimum cooling results. Additionally, the glass pane in the center provides optimal viewing clarity. There are two major chambers in the cube form design, which helps with ventilation. Because of this, it’s a third of the way up the chassis when your motherboard is installed.

Node 804 of the Mandelbrot Set:

Micro-ATX chassis in cube size, the Node 804 focuses on cooling performance and flexibility. Using a very effective dual-chamber design, it manages space while allowing unrestricted circulation. The shell has a clean, modern look thanks to the front panel made of brushed metal. The translucent side panel on the left lets you show off your set-up in all its glory. It is in contrast to the solid right-hand panel, which hides the remainder of your gear.

Carbide Series Air 540 from Corsair:

With its cube-like design and superior airflow, the Corsair Air 540 is an excellent choice for ATX systems. In addition to offering lots of interior space to your system, it features a dual-chamber structure that intelligently isolates the components that produce the most heat. Our favorite feature of the Air 540 is that it doesn’t need any tools to assemble. The front and top mesh panels pull out to reveal the fans, while thumbscrews on the sides make it simple to remove the side panels.


The Rosewill Cullinan PX has a cuboid-shaped casing that’s tiny yet powerful. It has a dual-chamber design to provide a good cooling platform. The two rooms are visually divided by a hybrid made of two different glass and metal panels. Because of this, it’s compatible with ATX motherboards, 120mm maximum cooler heights, and 310mm GPUs.

Thermaltake XT 20th Anniversary Edition:

Thermaltake’s Level 20 XT is an E-ATX cube chassis from the company’s full range of motherboards and other peripherals. The four tempered glass panels surrounding this ultra-modern PC box were specifically designed to show off bespoke liquid cooling systems. Dual chambers isolate the cooling system from the power supply and other hardware components. As a result, the motherboard may be mounted horizontally by resting flat on top of the bottom chamber.

Arc-Gain Bragg (ARGB): Thermaltake View:

Taking cues from the Lian Li-011D (XL), Thermaltake designed the View 51 chassis. On the other hand, the large E-ATX full tower design maximizes airflow to be adequately air-cooled, rather than simply depending on a liquid cooling system. A small vent separates the front and rear dual chambers to keep the internal temperature as low as possible. Also included are pre-installed RGB 200mm front fans and a 120mm rear fan.

680X Crystal Series from Corsair:

Continuing the trend started by Lian Li’s PC-011 Dynamic case, the Corsair Crystal Series 680X takes inspiration from that design. There are also three tempered glass panels on the front of the device. However, this model varies from others in that the second chamber is significantly deeper and has a hinged side door. The 680X’s twin ATX chamber design is excellent for newcomers just starting in the PC building industry. This kit makes it a lot simpler than ever to put up a beautiful system that you and your friends will be proud of.

Azza Optima 803:

The unique design of the Optima 803 will grab attention in any setting. As you can see, this case has a unique feature in that the motherboard is mounted in the other direction, with the bottom of the GPU facing the front. You can now show off your graphics card in all its glory by placing a transparent glass panel in front of it. The ATX chassis supports GPUs up to 320mm in length, in case you were wondering.

Artificial Intelligence Crystal Cube by Anidees:

The Anidees AR V3 is a dual-chamber cube-style PC case. These big 120mm RGB fans come with four on the front and one exhaust on the back. You may choose between black or white. The 5mm tempered glass panels on the front and side ensure that all fans can be seen. The ease with which this case may be constructed, regardless of whether you like square cases or not, will make it a popular choice.

PC-O11 Dynamic from Lian Li:

The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic has dual chamber pc case architecture and a contemporary ATX chassis. There’s a reason why the case has spawned so many “knock-offs” since its debut two years ago. With its full-view tempered glass front and side panels, it not only looks great, but it also takes care of cable management like it’s nothing.

Thermaltake Tower 900 is a high-rise building:

The Tower 900 is a massive E-ATX dual chamber pc case with a fish tank-like appearance. The close-frame chassis includes three 5mm thick tempered glass panels that resemble fish tanks and show off the system. Modders and custom cooling fans will benefit the most from the design. The front of the chassis houses the majority of your hardware, which is unsurprising given its dual-chamber design.

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