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Emily Compagno net worth is 10 million Dollars. Emily Compagno is a prominent American attorney, T.V. host, and former NFL cheerleader. Emily is a valued Fox News Channel contributor due to her legal acumen and compelling on-screen demeanor. Her primary source of income comes from her work as an attorney, where she applies her legal expertise to serve the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Her previous roles as a criminal defense attorney, leader of the Raiderettes, and representation of the NFL brand have contributed to her financial success. While the specific breakdown of her income sources is not publicly disclosed, Emily’s diverse professional achievements and business ventures have undoubtedly played a significant role in building her impressive net worth. Read also: IShowSpeed Net Worth

Emily Compagno net worth

Her annual salary of $3 million further solidifies her success in the television industry. Emily’s diverse background, combining law, sports, and media, has contributed to her excellent source of income and made her a prominent figure in the broadcasting world.

Real Name Emily Compagno
Date of Birth November 9, 1979
Age 44 years old
Birth Place Oakland, California, United States
Gender Female
Profession Attorney
Height 1.65 meters
Weight 152 lbs
Nationality American
Emily Compagno Net Worth 2023 10 Million Dollar
Monthly Income And Salary $30,000 +

Emily Compagno Early life

Emily Compagno was born in Oakland, California, on November 9, 1979. She grew up in El Cerrito, California. Emily always loved singing, performing, and acting when she was little. In elementary school, she joined the choir and the musical theatre program. In high school, she became the head cheerleader of her team. After finishing high school, Emily went to the University of Washington.

She studied Political Science there and got a Bachelor of Arts degree. Emily was also a cheerleader for her school. It’s cool to know that Emily has a solid connection to the military. She received the U.S. Air Force Reserve Corps Cadet of the Quarter Award at the University of Washington. She was the Federalist Society President and I.P. Bulletin Articles Editor.  Emily Compagno net worth

Emily Compagno’s Net Worth

According to Forbes, he is the 10th rank holder of the world’s highest-paid actor he charges $20 million per movie.  Emily Compagno’s net worth in 2023 is USD 10 million. She earns a yearly salary of $3 million from her television career. Most of her money comes from being a lawyer, cheerleader, and T.V. host. Emily also has investments, real estate, and other things that add to her wealth. All of these things combined make up her net worth. It’s essential to work hard and make wise choices with money to build wealth and financial security. Emily has been successful in her career and has made intelligent investments to grow her net worth.

Emily Compagno Net Worth 2023 $10 Million
Emily Compagno Net Worth 2022 $9 Million
Emily Compagno Net Worth 2021 $6 Million
Emily Compagno Net Worth 2020 $5 Million
Emily Compagno Net Worth 2019 $4 Million

Salary of Emily Compagno

Emily Compagno agreed to work for FoxNews for three years, and she will be paid $0.4 million every year as her salary. Along with her fixed salary, she can receive a bonus of $300,000. When she appears on Fox News as a contributor, Emily earns $10,000 for each appearance. This means she will make more money if she appears on the show more often. Emily’s salary and bonus show that she is a valued member of the Fox News team, and her hard work and contributions are recognized and rewarded.

The physical appearance of Emily Compagno

Emily Compagno possesses a striking physical appearance that perfectly complements her professional endeavors. Standing at a height of 1.65 meters (5 feet 5 inches) and weighing 152 pounds, she carries herself gracefully and confidently. Her captivating hazel eyes add a touch of warmth and intrigue to her overall look. Emily’s dark brown hair enhances her features, completing her sophisticated and polished appearance. Her physical attributes, intelligence, and expertise contribute to her charismatic presence both in her legal profession and public engagements.

Height 1.65 meters
Weight 152 lbs
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown

Emily Compagno Parents

Emily’s parents are John and Katherine Bertsch. Her father was a respected Air Force general. Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in east Oakland, California, was her birthplace. El Cerrito was Emily’s hometown. Her parents loved and supported her growing up. She is appreciative of their direction and influence on her life.

Emily Compagno Relationship

Emily Compagno married her adolescent boyfriend, Peter Rile. They married on September 13, 2017. They reconnected and matched on a Seattle sidewalk, then had a beautiful ceremony at Hotel Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, Italy, on the Amalfi Coast. Jos and Tree WoodSmith, the photographers, called it an elopement because there were no guests. Emily and Peter planned a romantic wedding for the two. Emily Compagno and Peter Riley are childless. After three years, they divorced. They had no children while married.

Emily Compagno net worth


Emily Compagno volunteered and did charity work in South Africa. She built clean wells for adjacent towns and volunteered with orphans in Uganda, Malawi, and Zambia. Emily recognized Americans to live better than others. This inspired her to serve others. She vowed to help others, even in modest ways. Emily believes that tiny acts of kindness can change someone’s life.

Career in Law

Emily Compagno, a highly accomplished individual, has built a successful career in law by leveraging her California law degree and expertise. She excelled as a criminal defence attorney in San Francisco while simultaneously leading the Raiderettes, the cheerleading group for the Oakland Raiders. Emily’s dedication to service led her to visit U.S. troops in Iraq and Kuwait as one of the NFL cheerleaders selected by the USO.

Emily Compagno net worth

She also represented the NFL brand in Beijing and Shanghai, appointed as a league representative. With experience as a Senior Judicial Extern and professional legal exposure in Brazil and South Africa, Emily now serves as an attorney for the U.S. Social Security Administration, making a lasting impact in the field of law.

Transition to Media and Television

Emily Compagno was able to make a move from working in the legal area to working in the media due to her charismatic personality and her ability to express complex concepts effectively. She began appearing as a special guest on well-known television shows, discussing prominent legal matters and offering legal insight. Her wise ideas and eloquent delivery drew the attention of both the producers and the audience.

Fox News and “The Five”

A big turning point in Emily Compagno’s professional life came in 2018 when she began working as a contributor for Fox News. She quickly became a well-known face on the network after appearing on several programmes to discuss legal matters. Because of her extraordinary skill and experience, she was invited to make recurring appearances on the popular show “The Five,” where she eventually became one of the co-hosts. The show’s popularity is attributed to Compagno’s entertaining presence and intelligent commentary.

Author and Speaker

Emily Compagno is a multi-talented woman who, in addition to making television appearances, has tried her hand at writing and public speaking. She is the author of the book “Everyday Heroes Inspirational Stories from Men and Women in the FBI Hostage Rescue Team,” in which she recounts enthralling tales of bravery and tenacity from the FBI Hostage Rescue Team. Additionally, Compagno is a sought-after speaker who addresses audiences on issues including law, current affairs, and inspiration. He has spoken at events in the past.

Emily Compagno Assets Investments

Emily Compagno has many valuable possessions, including three properties, four cars she drives, and a luxurious yacht. Additionally, she has saved over $400,000 in cash reserves. Emily is also an investor and owns a portfolio of stocks, which are parts of different companies. Some stores she owns are Wells Fargo, Visa, Netflix, PayPal, and Salesforce.

Wells Fargo

Emily Compagno is a fortunate individual with valuable possessions and investments. One of her notable investments is in Wells Fargo, a renowned financial institution known for its wide range of banking, lending, and investment products and services. Wells Fargo enjoys a strong brand reputation and credibility in the banking sector. Her investments reflect her commitment to growing her wealth through diverse opportunities.


Visa is one of Emily’s notable ventures. By owning shares of Visa, Emily aligns herself with a crucial company in facilitating electronic transactions worldwide. With Visa’s strong market presence and innovative payment solutions, her investment reflects a belief in the company’s growth potential and its ability to capitalize on the evolving digital payment landscape. Emily’s investment in Visa demonstrates her astute decision-making and her confidence in the company’s future success.


Netflix appeals to Emily Compagno. Netflix dominates the entertainment sector with its extensive collection and global subscription base. Netflix’s ability to capitalize on digital entertainment demand is reflected in Emily’s Netflix investment. She appreciates streaming services and believes Netflix will succeed in the growing streaming sector.


Emily Compagno has strategically invested in PayPal. PayPal helps secure and simplify worldwide online payments as e-commerce and digital transactions grow. Emily appreciates PayPal’s importance in digital payments and believes in its growth. She invested in PayPal because she thinks it can suit digital consumers’ and businesses needs.


Emily Compagno invested in Salesforce, a popular cloud-based CRM. Salesforce’s innovative technology and market position make it an attractive investment. Emily knows CRM platforms help firms expand and manage client connections. Her Salesforce investment shows her confidence in the company’s digital business success. Emily sees Salesforce’s ability to help organizations with CRM solutions.


Emily Compagno owns many valuable things, including three real estate properties, four cars, and one luxury yacht. She also has a lot of money saved, with over $400,000 in cash reserves. Emily invests wisely. She owns equity in many companies. She owns Comcast. Comcast is a large cable, internet, and phone provider. It’s a popular entertainment and communication provider. If Comcast succeeds, Emily can profit from her stock.

Emily Compagno House

Emily Compagno recently purchased a beautiful big house in Los Angeles. The house has seven bedrooms and is very luxurious. She paid $8 million to buy this house. To help with the payment, Emily took a loan from Citibank, a bank that provides mortgages to people who want to purchase homes. The mortgage is like a loan that Emily will gradually repay over time. With her new house, Emily has a comfortable and stylish place to live in Los Angeles.

Emily Compagno net worth

Cars Collections of Emily Compagno

Emily Compagno is a well-known T.V. personality and attorney in the United States who is reported to have a net worth of approximately $2 million. Her collection of automobiles comprises the following makes and models:

Jaguar XF

Emily is the proud owner of a Jaguar XF, a beautiful car well-known for its sophisticated appearance and cutting-edge technology. The Jaguar XF is a luxury vehicle with a blend of performance and sophistication thanks to its potent engine and spacious cabin.

Emily Compagno net worth

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Her collection includes a sleek and sophisticated Italian sports sedan called an Alfa Romeo Giulia. This car is part of her collection. The Giulia offers an exhilarating driving experience because of its agile and responsive handling and selection of potent and efficient engines.

Emily Compagno net worth

BMW 6 Series

Also, Emily is the proud owner of a grand touring coupe in the form of a BMW 6 Series, combining luxury and performance. The BMW 6 Series symbolizes grandeur and driving enjoyment because it offers a polished interior, cutting-edge technology, and a selection of potent engines. This makes it an exceptional automobile.

Emily Compagno net worth

Lincoln MKZ

Emily drives a Lincoln MKZ, a premium sedan well-known for its spaciousness and level of comfort. The Lincoln MKZ offers an excellent driving experience thanks to its refined handling, sophisticated appearance, and comprehensive inventory of amenities.

Emily Compagno net worth


Emily Compagno’s net worth is 10 million dollars Emily Compagno has established herself as a prominent law, media, and broadcasting figure. Her diverse background, legal expertise, cheerleading experience, and captivating on-screen presence have contributed to her remarkable success and net worth. With a net worth of USD 10 million, Emily has accumulated wealth through her television career, attorney salaries, and various investments. Her annual salary of $3 million and bonuses and appearances on Fox News further solidify her financial success. Emily Compagno’s story shows how enthusiasm, talent, and hard work can lead to personal and financial success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of salary does Emily Compagno take home each year?

Emily Compagno brings in 3 million dollars every year in revenue.

Is Emily from the 5 already taken?

Yes. Jon Skoog, a former member of the Navy SEALs and currently a special agent for the FBI, is Emily Compagno’s husband. They exchanged wedding vows in September 2017.

Does Emily Compagno have Mexican ancestry?

It must be more accurate to say that Emily Compagno is of Mexican descent. Emily Compagno is a native-born American who can trace her ancestry to Italy and Native America.

What is Emily’s height when she appears on Fox News?

Emily Compagno has a height of 1.66 meters, which is 5 feet and 6 inches.