What can I do to increase the volume of the stock exhaust?

Exhaust pipe cutter: Since it was first published in May 2016, this wiki has been updated 24 times. These exhaust pipe cutters are a must-have for anyone who works in the automotive industry or enjoys speeding around in their vehicle. Tailpipe-slicing is made easier with these options, but be sure to follow the recommended safety precautions when using them. To help keep the Wiki running, we may get a cut of any sales made by our readers. It’s all about Exhaust pipe cutter.

Manufacturer’s 27045:

Customizing your SUV or high-performance car won’t be a problem if you have the OEM 27045 (about $35).


On- or off-road use

Handles are cushioned for added comfort

It contains a container for storing items

Ares 15009:

The Ares 15009 (about $41) uses 15 rolling blades and an adjustable chain to handle pipes with a diameter ranging from.75 to 3.75 inches. Rubber coating on the ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold while in or out of a vehicle.


Excellent for confined spaces due to its high-strength steel chain.

Quickly slices through in a half-turn

ABN Instrument:

The 15 carbon steel blades on the 10-inch cutting chain of the ABN Tool (about $25) can slice through pipes as large as 3 inches in diameter. Hand fatigue from long projects is minimized thanks to the tool’s lightweight of only 1.24 pounds. It’s all about Exhaust pipe cutter.


Provides plenty of leverage with comfortable cushioned handles

Cheaper than the majority of other choices.

Stanley Proto:

Stanley Proto (approximately $119) has a locking mechanism that prevents you from squeezing, which helps avoid misalignment mistakes. It’s a tough choice that can easily handle steel, copper, and aluminum. It’s all about Exhaust pipe cutter.


A replacement chain is available for nearly 3-inch diameters

Designed to last a long time.

2031DD Gear Wrench:

When you have the Gear Wrench 2031DD (15 sharp blades, about $35), you’ll have more energy for all the other custom work you’ve planned, thanks to its low turning and effort. However, double-walled or stainless steel pipes cannot be used with this product.


Comfy grips in the form of pliers

When properly lubricated, the blade performs flawlessly.

Black & Decker 20V max:

To cut a tailpipe with a reciprocating saw, you should have prior experience with the tool. This Black and Decker 20V Max (around $50) might be a good option if you’re experienced and willing to take the necessary safety precautions.


One blade is included; it is cordless, making it easy to maneuver; a battery must be purchased separately.

Squeezing the Sealy:

Heavy-duty Sealy Ratcheting, which retails for around $234, is an excellent option for professionals who frequently deal with exhaust systems. Using its ratcheting mechanism, you don’t have to rotate the tool around the pipe to complete your cuts.


One-hand operation is possible

Expensive • Suitable for stainless steel • Expensive

32573 is rigid:

When working with large diameters in tight quarters, the Rigid 32573 (approximately $31) is an excellent tool to have. The assembly is rotated around a pipe using a handy detachable ratcheting mechanism to feed the cutting wheel. It’s all about Exhaust pipes, Cutter.


Attenuates by a factor of 10 degrees

Stainless steel can be used.

A lifetime warranty.

Klein 88904:

The debarring tool can be quickly drawn and retracted thanks to a built-in lever on the large handle. It’s all about Exhaust pipes, Cutter.


There is a spare wheel included as well as a sturdy body.

It only takes a few strokes.

Model number 2471-20:

Because 12-volt battery power it, the Milwaukee 2471-20 (about $103) makes cutting copper pipes a breeze. While its powerful motor generates 500 RPM, it automatically adjusts to the correct diameter once installed.



Minimal clearance required

Cuts that are free of burrs

Steel It’s a Dragon Tools SDT-2A:

An extra-long shank protects the Steel Dragon Tools SDT-2A (approx. $60), allowing it to be used all day long without fear of damaging the tool. It’s all about Exhaust pipes, Cutter.


Suitable for ductile iron pipe

Industrial grade steel

Strong alloy cutting wheel

The Ridged 32975:

Minimalist in design, the Ridged 32975 (about $12) is only three inches long at its most extended extension.


Additionally, it’s excellent for brake lines.

The large knurled knob on the feed screw

Virtually no sway in the wheels

The Ridged 154:

It cuts aluminum and copper with ease with its four-and-a-half-inch cutting capacity on the heavy-duty Ridged 154 (approximately $140). A beam-designed slide mechanism allows for quick adjustment of the cutting wheel depth.


Blade replacement without the use of a tool

Not strong enough to be used on steel, ergonomic twist knob

Licensed Master Plumber 745122:

With a diameter of 2-1/8 inches, Master Plumber 745122 (approx. $15) is more than adequate for most residential and commercial plumbing applications. Tubes as small as 5/8-inch can be used with this.


Designed to last a long time

Comfortable grips for quick and easy movement

Cobra’s line of goods PST002:

With a diameter of up to one and a half inches, the PST002 from Cobra Products is suitable for PVC, vinyl, and rubber. The ratcheting mechanism easily cuts through the tubing, leaving a perfectly smooth surface.


Easy to change blades

Durable epoxy-coated finish

Safety latch can come undone easily

The Megabit MAG801:

Debarring is built into the Megabit MAG801 ($17), so your project will be ready to solder immediately after cutting with this tool. It is compatible with various materials, including PVC, copper, and stainless steel. It’s all about Exhaust pipes, Cutter.


Turn knob that’s easy to hold

Compatible with bicycle frames.

Steel quickly dulls the blade.

2031DD Gear wrench:

To cut through pipes with diameters of up to three inches, the Gear wrench 2031DD uses a ratchet and twisting action. A quarter turn is all it takes to cut through most materials with this chain-style tool, making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas.


15 blades of cutting steel

Exhausts are a good fit

Stainless steel is not suitable for use with this product


A pipe cutter has several advantages over a hacksaw when trimming a pipe to length. Even a moderately competent do-it-yourselfer can feel comfortable working on various projects with our selection of PVC, copper, and steel tube cutters. In addition to the lighter models, we’ve also included some heavy-duty options for professional use. It’s all about Exhaust pipe cutter.


A catalytic converter can be easily disconnected in several ways?

However, once you’ve sat down at home, you can keep hammering away at it.

Where can I get rid of my muffler without damaging it?

Exhaust pipes should be cut at least four to six inches from the muffler’s ends. It allows for the welding of a new muffler or an existing muffler to a different vehicle. Slowly cut through the Exhaust pipe cutter with a steady push and pull motion.

What can I do to increase the volume of the stock exhaust?

Replace your vehicle’s stock muffler with an aftermarket muffler designed to boost the sound. A stock muffler will produce significantly less sound than a glass pack, straight-through exhaust, or straight-pipe design.

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