How to get started with a falcon controller?

The falcon controller comes with a Type-C USB charging cord and a user handbook in a neat retail box. When folded up, the controller is really small. Only 8cm by 4cm and 50g in weight, the F4 is portable. Attach and play on your phone with this mechanical game controller. No more lag, no fuss. The F4 Falcon does not require any software or a Bluetooth connection to operate. Adding gamepad controls to your smartphone has never been easier.


The top of the phone will now have left and right paddle buttons thanks to this gadget. A turbo button can find on either side of the controls in addition to the other features. Toggle between the four modes by pressing the turbo button. Additionally, each wing has a different-colored LED indication to show which burst mode it is now in.

How to get started with a falcon controller?

When using a new gadget, make sure you charge it completely first. It’ll only take you an hour or two to do this task. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll have played the game for a total of 40 hours. In addition, the F4 Falcon’s standby time is remarkable at 200 hours. To make the F4 Falcon easier to attach to a phone, open the wings.

How to connect your phone to the F4 Falcon?

The F4 Falcon’s legs are spring-loaded. Every smartphone in existence will be able to use it because the opening ranges from 6mm to roughly 9cm. It will also turn on automatically if you pull it out of your pocket. The F4 should be able to slide right in behind the F3 with no issue. Those who have bulky cases, on the other hand, may have to remove them first. The device’s back is well-cushioned, and the recesses under the wings help keep it in place.

Using the F4 Falcon Controller on a Smartphone:

As you can see from the photo above, I’m a traditionalist. Instead of focusing on PUBG or Fortnight, I used the F4 Falcon to play Vice City’s greatest console game of all time. I had earned a lousy T-shirt for completing the mobile game. After attempting to rejoin the game, I quickly realized that using the handbrake turns and shooting functions without the top buttons would be difficult.

GameSir F4 Falcon controller:

Now that fantasy is a reality, big props to the GameSir F4 Falcon controller. It’s also worth noting that both of my sons have used this device and are huge fans. Permitting them to make use of it is the most effective way to see if it works long-term. To ensure the buttons could withstand 5 million presses, Gamesir put them through rigorous testing before they were made public. It should last years if the lads don’t hurl it against a wall whenever they’re enraged.

Three-dimensional touch haptic controller in white falcon design:

Using 3D touch and haptic feedback, the Falcon is a cutting-edge haptic gadget. It’s essentially a little robot with three degrees of freedom (DOF) control and force feedback. Consequently, it serves as both an input controller and an output device for three-dimensional graphics. Each of the Falcon’s three motorized limbs moves in and out of the body in parallel. A USB 2.0 port on a PC is required for connection.

Falcon as a high-performance haptic system:

The Falcon is a low-cost, high-performance haptic system. In this way, the computer can keep track of the handle’s movements in three dimensions (x, y, and z) and output forces at a rate of 1000 Hz to offer users a genuine experience of touching the screen. Game effects like gun recoil or impact forces may simulate with the Falcon and even replicate medical procedures.

Gamepad Novint Falcon:

A 128Mb 3D graphics hardware accelerator is required, with DirectX 9.0c being the version. A 1.5GB free hard drive space is required, as is 512MB of RAM.

Landing Gear for the F-16 Falcon:

Panel controller for an F-16 Fighting Falcon, The replica cockpit arrangement is suitable for a DCS VR pilot or a Flight Sim Gamer who wants more tactile controls without building a whole cockpit. The F16 Falcon Landing Panel’s top is laser engraved for crisp, clear writing against the black background, but this model also has green backlighting. Even though every attempt to create a high-quality product, the end item may have minor flaws.

Mobile gaming controller GameSir F4 Falcon for iPhone:

I’ve tested various GameSir controllers in the past, but this one is a radical departure from the rest. They provided me with an F4 Falcon ($35.99) Mobile Gaming Controller. However, the Falcon is far more compact, folding up to be smaller than a computer mouse, unlike most GameSir’s other iPhone game controllers. The wings can spread out like a falcon’s, and it can grab hold of an iPhone with its jaws closed.

Action buttons of falcon:

To control the action, the F4 doesn’t use Bluetooth like most other game controllers. A small portion of the phone’s screen is covered by two “arms” that extend from the top. Instead, the Falcon’s wings have two action buttons, one of which serves as a turbo button.


In terms of mobile gaming controllers, the falcon controller is hands-down the most user-friendly of the bunch. With no software or apps needed, it even turns on and off by itself without any faffing around. This product has done nothing but impresses me. As long as you’re into mobile games that let you rearrange the on-screen controls, this is a no-brainer.

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