How should you decide on the type of drug test?

Fastest Labs, a drug testing company with more than a decade of expertise, prides itself on providing high-quality testing at a reasonable price. It is the top franchise in the United States when it comes to certified testing for both private and legal purposes. Fastest Labs is the best franchise in the country regarding drug, alcohol, and DNA analysis. In addition to providing fast, accurate testing results, Fastest Labs also provides excellent customer service. The company has 58 locations in 20 states and provides low-cost lab examinations for businesses, individuals, students, youth, and corporations.

CEO of Fastest Lab:

Humbled to welcome to our franchise system late last year, and are looking forward to witnessing his goals to expand throughout the state of Utah,” said Dave Claflin. It was evident from his first multi-unit signing and enthusiasm for this expanding market that he had the ambition to succeed and spread the Fastest Labs brand throughout his home state. As soon as he returned to the United States, Collings realized he didn’t want to reinvent the wheel regarding company leadership, so he looked into franchising, notably Fastest Labs.


Franchise for drug, alcohol, and DNA testing services Fastest Labs is a rapidly expanding firm based in the United States. The recovery of the economy and the nation after COVID-19 will need our services. Fastest Labs’ business strategy and how the industry is moving, along with the immediate and genuine connection with Dave Claflin, made this opportunity even more intriguing.


1701 Howard St. is a peaceful and private place to work. Having been in the company for six months, Tejani now understands the profession’s emotional toll. If someone comes in for testing and is discovered to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, consequences can be dire; Tejani has found himself in the position of being a bystander. For him, his job is more than just providing trustworthy testing; it’s about making individuals feel safe and comfortable as they undergo the procedure.

Fast and Accurate Results for Drug Testing:

Whether you’re a parent, a student, or an individual looking to make sure your workplace is drug-free, you can depend on us for fast, accurate findings. Many of our on-site tests provide findings as quickly as five minutes after the test has begun. Drug testing facilities are equipped to handle all types of drug testing requests, from simple to sophisticated. Tests for drugs include the following:

1: A hair sample can provide test findings in 1-3 days and information on a patient’s drug use for up to 90 days.

2: A saliva test provides immediate results with one to three days of good verification time. After taking a drug, this test can detect it quickly.

3: Fingernail Provides lab results within 1-3 days and can track medication use for up to 8 months. As a substitute for the hair test, this is a viable option.

4: Offers 1-3-day lab results after the patch is removed. Probation officers frequently use this strategy to keep tabs on drug use.

5: This is a great way to find out if something is poisonous or contains heavy metals or toxins.

Fastest Labs’ accuracy is guaranteed:

Fastest Labs’ accuracy is guaranteed regardless of the service you use. They go to considerable lengths to ensure that your findings are timely and accurate. To assure the integrity of the test, they follow strict procedures and protocols, and our primary purpose is to provide a clean, rapid, and economical drug test.

Ability to collect samples accurately:

Fastest Labs takes excellent satisfaction in collecting samples accurately, reliably, and quickly. As a result of our dedication to excellence, Lab built a superb reputation for professionalism, reliability, and confidentiality in the lab testing industry. Fastest Labs provides you with precise results in a short period. Employers and other organizations looking to adopt drug testing programs for their employees and members may rely on us for rapid and affordable drug and alcohol testing.

Development efforts:

Fastest Labs has expanded its development efforts to reach 100 sites by the end of the year, thanks to a dedicated leadership team, a dedicated set of franchise partners, and increased demand for services. In 20 states, the company now has 58 sites, with another six under construction. On track to continue achieving milestones and expanding into new states, the brand inked 19 franchise agreements this year – a record number since it began franchising in 2010.

Non-medical drug testing:

It is the mission of Fastest Labs, a non-medical drug testing company, to provide drug, alcohol, DNA, and other testing services to individuals and corporations. Among other services, B2B facilities include urine screening, hair testing, fingernail experimenting, saliva testing, sweat strip testing, DNA paternity testing, vetting, and the administration of drug and alcohol programs, among others.

Fastest Labs’ proprietary technology:

Due to Fastest Labs’ innovative technology, individuals may walk in and be seen within five minutes of arriving. It eliminates the need for documentation at each location. The findings are automatically uploaded to the customer portal within a few seconds of the test being performed. With a vow to provide the industry’s cleanest and quickest service, Fastest Labs does not perform COVID tests.

Who benefits from this?

Many medical clinics often take an hour or more to test someone for a drug test for organizations that do drug testing for new hiring or current employees. Fastest Labs is an excellent choice for local Elk Grove businesses because of how quickly candidates can go in and out. As an added benefit, Fastest Labs is a secure location where job seekers and workers can feel at ease in a private setting if your firm prioritizes people over profits.


Fastest Labs is a San Antonio-based drug testing business. We do drug and alcohol testing, DNA testing, paternity testing, and background checks for businesses and people. Fastest Labs offers various drug testing services, including pre-employment drug testing, psychological testing, post-accident health screenings, and occupational drug testing. Fastest Labs also provides on-site and mobile drug screening services.


How should you decide on the type of drug test?

Drug testing services are available at Fastest Labs. You’ll have to decide which service best meets your demands based on the advantages of each one.

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