Female Pitbull behavior as compared to male Pitbull

Female Pitbull behavior, when compared to male, is a great different. A male Pitbull is a great companion for families since they are friendly and active with children. Female Pitbulls are especially good security dogs since they are watchful and intelligent. However, regardless of the sex you pick, you must ensure that your new family member has the resources they need to thrive in your household.

Female pitbull behavior

Female Pitbulls, in contrast to their larger male counterparts, tend to be on the smaller side. They seldom exceed 50 pounds in size and average around 30 pounds. They stand from 17 to 20 inches tall, which is on the shorter end of the spectrum. Male Pitbulls tend to be larger in stature and weight than their female counterparts, while female Pitbulls are smaller in size. A longer and slimmer back also distinguishes female Pitbulls. Compared to men, they also have smaller faces and narrower skulls.

Male pitbull behavior

Male and female Pitbulls don’t look that different from one another, although males do have a few distinct physical traits. Their average weight is 35 pounds, but they may reach 60 pounds. They tower above women, standing between 18 and 21 inches tall. Males tend to be larger and bulkier because of their higher muscle mass and body fat percentage. Therefore They could be able to out-muscle other dog breeds pound for pound. Their neck and head muscles are just as robust as the rest of their bodies.

Female pit bulls tend to be more feisty.

It is unusual for females to leave such markings, although they do happen. Most un-spayed females don’t mark their territory. The time of year when a female Pitbull experiences heat or bleeding, also known as Estrus, is the source of the greatest anxiety for dog owners. This pattern repeats every half a year. The female Pitbull will be restless and often urinate during this time. Female Pit bull terriers are not as prone to get into fights as males, although they may still display violent tendencies during and after pregnancy. Spaying your cat is the only way to avoid this problem.

Females have a higher capacity for learning.

Females develop more quickly than boys, making them simpler to house-train. It allows you to start them in school or on a training program at a young age. Female Pitbulls typically reach maturity at the age of two, while males do so at the age of four. Training is taken more seriously by female Pitbulls. In addition, females learn more quickly and retain more of what they are taught when they are praised and encouraged during the process.

Despite this, training them is challenging, particularly during Estrus, the time of their reproductive cycle.

To What Degree Do Guard Dogs Differ?

Due to their excessive sociability, pit bulls are poor guard dogs. It’s very uncommon for Pitbulls to fail to live up to their reputation as guard dogs since they are so eager to please their human companions.

Because they are friendly and interested in making new friends, they may warn you when they see strangers in the area. Nonetheless, as they age, some Pit bulls develop a more guarded personality.

In What Way Is It Ideal for a Family?

It is a difficult topic to answer since the solution will vary from one owner to the next based on personal taste and way of life. Pitbulls, whether male or female, perform very well in households with children and other pets.

They make wonderful, smart, and affectionate pets for the home. As recently as the early 20th century, Pitbulls dominated the market for domestic pets. They are similar in that they are both kind, loyal, and affectionate.

However, they are not practical for persons with hectic schedules. To prevent aggressive problems and incidents, their owner must be prepared to invest in the time and effort required for training and socialization.


Male and female Pitbull behavior have certain common traits, yet they each have Male and female Pitbull behavior own unique personalities. Both may thrive in a family setting, but you, as the owner, must put in the necessary effort. Regardless of whose gender you choose, their actions will be influenced by their surroundings, history, and your treatment of them. As such, it is recommended that you see a doctor, trainer, or reputable breeder to learn more about how to care for your pet properly.


Do you think female Pitbulls make excellent pets?

A Pitbull’s sex is irrelevant after spaying or neutering; the only observable difference between males and females is their size.

Do female Pit bulls tend to be less hostile?

Female pit bulls are less likely to fight with other dogs than male pit bulls, even though pit bulls can exhibit increased aggression toward other dogs.