Where did you get the idea for a floor desk?

Working from home can be accomplished in various ways, with a home office being one of the most important. Working from a floor desk has both pros and cons when it comes to home office layouts. The use of a floor desk may be more comfortable for some people, and they may even be more productive as a result.


A 15-inch-high floor deck is standard, and it can utilize for computer work. Floor desks, which take their design workstations, are great for short bursts of concentration. With or without a desk mat or a desk floor chair, the following floor desk concepts can be put into action.

Where did you get the idea for a floor desk?

Sitting on the floor isn’t a new concept. At the very least, it is a ten of thousands-year-old image. The practice of sitting on the floor is widespread throughout Asian cultures, including India, Japan, and Korea. The concept of movement is fundamental to these societies. The Japanese and Indians, perhaps unsurprisingly, are not overweight. Sitting on the floor necessitates constant movement, which burns calories and builds muscle.

Sitting on the floor has several advantages:

  • Great calorie-burning profile due to the constant movement and postural changes it requires.
  • Hip or lower back pain relief that’s easier on the body
  • To be able to work without feeling stressed
  • Having a desk on the floor can help you concentrate better.
  • The drawbacks of being seated on the floor
  • Unsuitable for a full day’s work without interruptions
  • If you have joint problems, it can be taxing on your joints.
  • A desk should have the following features:
  • There are a few general rules that all floor desks should follow, even if they differ from person to person.


Legs straight under the floor desk require less desktop clearance because of this. Choose a desk that is higher than 16 inches if you prefer to sit cross-legged. Your body type determines the ideal floor desk height and, if any, your preference for cushions. To find your most comfortable position, experiment with various kinds of pillows.


Even if it’s on the floor, a desk is a desk. It means you’ll need enough room for all of your office supplies, including laptops, pens, and notebooks.  A desk that is too small will also be challenging to keep all of these items on it.


Wood is an excellent material for those who care about the environment. However, if you’re on a budget, consider metal or plastic floor desks. Synthetic materials have the drawback of feeling flimsy and disposable. If your Korean floor deck is made of wood, you’re much more likely to keep it in good condition.

The maximum amount of weight that can support:

Even though it’s smaller, your designated floor desk needs to be able to support the weight of whatever you plan to keep on it. Before you start piling books on your desk, or worse yet, before you step on your tiny desk, make sure you check the maximum weight it can support.

Floor desks: are they a good idea or a bad idea?

Sitting on the floor has various health benefits, including frequent squatting, which has been shown to improve a wide range of natural bodily functions. Floor desks, along with squatting, are popular alternatives to traditional desks. When working for long periods, even those with adjustable standing desks may desire a change.

Typed of Floor Desk:

However, you should avoid sitting on the floor for long periods and monitor your posture to prevent soreness, leading to a hunched posture and a rounded back. Add some comfortable furniture, such as floor pillows, if necessary, to customize your home office to your taste and level of comfort. Here are ten beautiful minimalist home offices, including our favorite floor desk, for your inspiration.

Furinno Floor Desk:

Furinno specialized in small furniture because of the Tatami’s simplicity and practicality. This floor deck is a popular choice for people who prefer to work on their computers and write while sitting on the floor. Its 15.5-inch height makes it ideal for a wide range of other jobs as well. All Furinno Indo floor desks have a 39-inch length, making them perfect for laptop or tablet use. The Indo low rise desk, which takes its design cues.

Midcentury modern Floor desk:

People as tall as 5’2″ have successfully used this coffee table as a floor deck. Woodshine’s table is widely regarded as the ideal combination of a floor desk and storage. This design, made of solid rubberwood, is also more attractive than the majority of other floor desks.

Zen Bamboo Floor Desk:

The Zen Bamboo Floor Desk features a minimalist desk design and is perfect for writers who spend a lot of time on the computer. Both right- and left-handed writers will appreciate its ergonomic design and under-arm support. It’s perfect for desktop computers, laptops, and anything else you might use at a desk. It’s a good height for your legs, coming in at just over 12 inches. This floor-standing bamboo desk looks great in both contemporary and transitional settings.

The Sundvik Desk from Ikea:

Ikea created this children’s floor sitting desk. However, its 21-inch height can be used as a floor deck with a floor chair. Without even realizing it, Ikea makes some of the best floor desks. These small coffee tables or children’s desks have been used by countless people who prefer to work while seated on the floor. This small table will necessitate the use of a desk floor mat.

Desk for Folding on the Floor LKBBC:

For those who prefer a minimalist design aesthetic, this foldable floor computer desk is a great choice. It’s made of oak and has aluminum legs, making it a top pick for style-conscious consumers. With a height of 13.7 inches, it doesn’t force you to sit on the floor at your desk, which is more comfortable for your legs. This floor desk’s rounded corners help prevent accidents.


When used sparingly and alternated with sitting or standing, a floor desk can benefit your health. Regardless of the numerous studies on the benefits of floor sitting, the best way to find out if a floor desk is suitable for you is to use one for a few weeks.

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