Is the warranty voided as a result?

Ford Raptor lift has only been in production for ten years across two generations, with a third due out in 2022; it is a class apart. With that stated, what sets the F-150 Raptor apart from the competition and serves as a competitive moat is its wide range of aftermarket options, which allow the vehicle to be tailored to the individual driver’s demands and preferences.


Custom 22×12 Grid Off-Road GF2 wheels wrapped in 37inch Toyo Open Country tires, 4in BDS Suspension lift, Addictive Desert Design front and rear Stealth Fighter bumpers with Baja Designs LED lights were all included in Ford Raptor lift build. ┬áCarbon Fiber exterior elements and a KC Lights light bar were used to complete this ultra-sleek construction. For the 22x12in Grid Off-Road wheels and 37in Toyo MT tires to fit, we elected to use a 4-inch BDS Lift Kit.

Features of Ford Raptor lift:

Guaranteed to keep your ride as it was when it left the factory

Guaranteed toughest finish

The safest method of lifting a level

Additional Features:

The Ford F-150 Raptor, which takes its name from a ferocious sauropod, has always been a monster on and off the road. New improvements and increased power elevate the Raptor’s illustrious history even more with the release of the 2022 model. Remember that you don’t have to be everyone’s moving service if you don’t want to. You’ll be eager to get behind the wheel of the Raptor when it arrives in 2022. The best features of the 2022 Ford Raptor lift are listed here.

Powerful Show:

With a name like Raptor, it’s hard to argue with Ford’s 2022 Raptor. Eco Boost engine has a unique Ford port-fuel and direct-injection technology, allowing you to feel the power. The 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque of this monster engine are the greatest in class. To raise the Raptor’s power to the next level, employ the electronic 10-speed mechanism and dual exhaust for dual tailpipes under the rear bumper.

Ability to Travel Off-Road:

The Raptor’s capabilities allow this truck to manage any path, asphalt, or dirt because it’s meant to be unfettered by the road. With the Raptor’s Trail Controller, you have a cruise management system that’s built specifically for off-road driving performance. Using Trail Control, all the driver has to do is set the speed, and Trail Control will take care of the rest by controlling the vehicle’s braking, acceleration, and torque.

The High-Output:

Internal bypass techniques and variable densification damping are included in these shocks, ensuring that the driver has complete control over the vehicle even in challenging conditions.

Intuitive technology:

SYNC 3 allows you to access your smartphone and essential navigational information at the touch of a button. Use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to stream music from your smartphone while you’re on the road or out on the trail. Several other technological amenities include a dual-zone automatic thermostat, Pro Trailer Backup Support, cruise control, and others.

Adaptive Cruise Control technology:

The Adaptive Cruise Control technology keeps you at a safe distance from other vehicles when you are using cruise control, which is a valuable function that will enhance your driving pleasure as well as your safety. Using the voice-activated navigation tools, pick a location to dine and the quickest path to get there when you get back on the asphalt.

A Safer Way to Have Fun in the Outdoors:

The Raptor’s extensive safety kit ensures that you’ll be protected on any road. Other safety features found in the Raptor include an advanced traction control system with roll stability control, a rearview camera, and an airbag-protected cabin, in addition to the standard blind spot information system and side airbags.

Kits from Alcon Brakes:

Alcon is the only high-performance brake upgrade that works with the Raptor’s factory 17-inch wheels. Also, larger wheels are not an option for me, as they detract from off-road performance. Alcon says that its performance advantages include a 10 percent reduction in brake temperature increase, a 33 percent reduction in pad work rate, and a 15 percent reduction in pedal effort, to name a few of their stated benefits.

KM3 Mud-Terrain Tires by BF Goodrich:

BF Goodrich developed the All-Terrain KO2 tires to fit better the Raptor, which features stiffer sidewalls and a custom tread pattern. They can handle any situation, even in the snow. The Mud-Terrain KM3 is a good choice if you’re looking for something a little more aggressive but that’s still road-friendly. Everything about it is beefier than the KO2, from the casing to the tread pattern and the sidewalls.

Stage 2 Carbon Fiber Power Package from COBB Tuning:

Top of the line kit from COBB Tuning features a bigger intercooler, a carbon fiber intake system, and the Accessport V3 control unit for the second-generation Ford Raptor lift. Unlocking greater power from what appear to be somewhat conservative factory settings is the goal here.


Thanks to this vehicle-specific roof rack, the Raptor’s height, and ground clearance are only 2.75 inches higher. For comparison, the stock Raptor is 15 inches taller than my garage. As a result, a lift kit and some low-pro equipment can be mounted on the rack. M-Rack is designed to fit the roofline of the Raptor and is attached to the roof using rivets. With a massive 23,009 lumens of power, the 9-Light KC Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar is undoubtedly the most notable feature.

Tonneau Cover for Retrax PRO XR:

To begin with, that’s the question. If you choose the former, a safer and more sound option is the Retrax Pro XR. Thanks to its roll-up design, the aluminum roll-up can be locked in many places along the track. As a result, the bed is transformed into a haven for valuables protected from the elements. With a choice of T-slot racks from Thule, Yakima, and others, the Trax Rail System is the most critical aspect.


The Ford Raptor edition of the 2022 Ford F-150 is more than just a pickup. Regardless of where you’re going or what kind of terrain you’re traversing, you’ll be safe thanks to this beast’s scream. The carbon fiber Ford Raptor lift was precisely designed to be installed on the vehicle with minimal alterations. Ford’s logos on the front and rear fender flares, the hood scoop, and any other exterior trim pieces are all included.


Is the warranty voided as a result?

No. not in a broad sense. And it may be removed from the vehicle’s ECU as simple as if it had never been there with the help of the control unit.

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