How much does flying from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando (MCO)?

Fort lauderdale to orlando: Nearby Miami, Fort Lauderdale, is known for its beaches and boating culture, making it a popular tourist destination. An elaborate network of canals bolsters the city’s charm and coastal lifestyle. In addition to the stunning beaches, this area offers a wide range of dining options, retail establishments, watersports, and other activities. The city welcomes all ages, from young families to elderly retirees. Visitor costs are on par with other cities in southeast Florida, but it isn’t cheap. In contrast to the high-rise condos and hotels that line the beach, you’ll find plenty of well-maintained homes and other attractions just a few blocks away.


Attractions in and around Fort lauderdale to orlando draw visitors from all over the country and worldwide. Walt Disney World, Orlando’s most famous attraction, is located in Lake Buena Vista, a city suburb. Because of the city’s rapid expansion can accommodate visitors of all ages, with an annual attendance of more than 50 million people.

Florida’s Sunshine State:

Going to Disney World in Orlando Fort Lauderdale has an average daily cost of $146, while Orlando has an average daily cost of $240. Assuming that the traveler is sharing a room, these costs include lodging, food, transportation, and entertainment. These prices reflect the typical cost of past trips to these cities, but they should be a guide only. Travel costs for Fort Lauderdale and Orlando are outlined below in greater detail.

Cost of a hotel room in Fort Lauderdale:

Depending on the area and style, it can range from $154 per night for two people sharing.

In Orlando:

A standard hotel room with basic amenities is approximately $224. You can expect to pay a little more for the most convenient locations and the best amenities.


Travelers in Fort Lauderdale can expect to spend about $39 per day on food. Fast food and casual meals are better ways to save money than dining out at a high-end restaurant for every meal.

Orlando food:

The cost of a meal can vary greatly. However, based on previous visitors’ spending, a typical meal will cost around $20 per person per day on average food. Street food and fast-food restaurants offer more affordable dining options. Typical Fort Lauderdale’s food costs are higher than the national average.

Typical food Orlando:

Here are some real-world examples of Fort Lauderdale food and dining expenses, taken directly from the mouths of travelers:

Fort Lauderdale Food Tours and Cooking Classes:

Some specific examples of Fort Lauderdale food and dining activities can be found below. Two options are available: All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Dinner and Show at Tropical Isle with Sightseeing Cruise: $60.

Public Transportation in the Neighborhood:

Taxis in Fort Lauderdale are much more expensive than other modes of public transportation. It costs $41 per person, per day, to get around Fort Lauderdale on public transportation. The cost of transportation in Orlando averages out to $48 per person per day. Taxis and private drivers are included in public transportation, which is usually much less expensive.

Fort Lauderdale Shuttles and Rental Cars:

Transportation costs in Fort Lauderdale, including if you’re flying out of Ft. Lauderdale, the cost of private car service from the airport to Orlando-Sanford (SFB) is $851. If you’re flying into Orlando-MCO (or vice versa), the cost is $754. If you’re flying into Orlando International (or vice versa), the cost is $750. Things to do with a Party Bus Limousine and a Sprinter Van in Miami Beach cost $450 Luxury SUV Transfer from Fort Lauderdale to Miami: $281 a round trip private transfer from Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) to Boynton Beach costs $274.

Prices for Orlando’s Local Transportation:

The following are some typical Orlando transportation costs:

Renting a Car or a Shuttle in Orlando is Easy! Some examples of essential transportation services in Orlando: Shuttle Transfer to Busch Gardens: $299 / person Orlando International Airport Car Service – One-Way Transfer to/From Hotel: $128 a departure private transfer from the Port of Orlando to Orlando International Airport (MCO) costs $80; a departure private transfer from the Port of Orlando to Port Canaveral by minibus costs $186.


At an average cost of $12 per person per day, entertainment and activities in Fort Lauderdale are a great value. Expenses such as museum admission, day tours, and other forms of sightseeing are included here.

To give you an idea of what things cost in Fort Lauderdale, we’ve compiled the following list of activities, prices, and tours: 1 Hour Central Park Guided Electric Bike Tour: $49; 1 Hour Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Bike Tour: $47; 1 Hour Fort Lauderdale Family-Friendly Interactive Pirate Adventure Cruise: $23; The cost of a night out on the town in Orlando Examples of typical entertainment and activity costs from previous visitors to Orlando:

Orlando Attractions and Activities:

Here are a few examples of Orlando-specific shows, tickets, and activities. Audio Tour of Lake Eula: $6.65 Transportation from Port Canaveral to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens is $20. The Orlando Walking Ghost Tour costs $20. The 1-Hour Haunted Walking Tour costs $23. The Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition ticket costs $24. The ticket to Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition costs $24.


On average, a person in Fort Lauderdale spends $27 per day on alcoholic beverages. The cost of alcoholic beverages can vary greatly from one traveler to the next, making it an important part of many people’s travel budgets. A day in Orlando’s bars and clubs costs an average of $24 for a tourist. All above about Fort Lauderdale to Orlando.


This scenic A1A highway is a great option if you have a few days to drive along the East Coast. It was a north-to-south drive from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Driving through Cape Canaveral, the distance is approximately 400 kilometers. We spent one night in Fort Pierce, two nights in West Palm Beach, and two nights in Hollywood over five days. There is no reason why you can’t spend a week or even two at the beach—all above about Fort Lauderdale to Orlando.


What’s the difference in cost between flying into Orlando and Fort Lauderdale?

Fort lauderdale to Orlando: Flight prices to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale frequently fluctuate, depending on the date and demand for a particular route.

How much does flying from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando (MCO)?

FLL to MCO flights can cost as little as $46 to as much as $406, which is more volatile than most routes in the United States.

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