Frozen Throne decks and Missions for Hearthstone!

Frozen Throne decks guidelines and Mission-specific strategies. The sixth expansion for the popular card game Hearthstone, titled Knights of the Frozen Throne, will be available later today in the United States and early tomorrow in the United Kingdom and Europe. Deathrattle and Freeze cards will abound, as will a flavor similar to that found in 2014’s summer Curse of Naxxramas Adventure.

For this expansion, we have partnered with Eurogamer’s competitive gaming expert site Metabomb to bring you a comprehensive introduction to the game and guidance to playing the newest decks as they appear in the metagame. This article will be updated as further information becomes available, and the list will grow over time to ensure that you always have access to the best decks for the metagame.

What are Frozen Throne decks?

In this part of our Frozen Throne decks guide, you’ll find links to Metabomb’s extensive coverage of the most up-to-date decks; these include a rundown of the deck’s mechanics, a decklist, and some strategic guidance in the form of an explanation of the many combinations that drive the deck. In the weeks following the launch, we will significantly revise the most promising guidelines and indicate when this has been done.

List of Frozen Throne decks:

When starting with a new deck of cards, please be frugal with your crafting dust. Some cards are constructed in principle to be monstrously powerful, yet in the actual metagame, they prove very weak. Waiting a few weeks for the dust to settle is recommended if you have limited cash or crafting resources. Following is the list of Frozen Throne decks.

Druid’s Deck:

If you take a quick look at Druid’s Frozen Throne card collection, you can predict that Taunt will be a major element of this hero’s playstyle for the foreseeable future. We’ve updated our original Jade Druid guide and published a brand new one for the Taunt Druid, both of which are anticipated to be powerful in the next weeks and months. We’ve also included a meta-relevant deck list to the Aggro Token Druid guide, as that class is doing admirably.

  • Level Druid
  • Druid, Tease Me
  • Druid of Jade
  • Druid with Aggro Token
  • Druid, Please, Gain Some Ground
  • Druid N’Zoth
  • Malygos Druid
  • Druid Clown

Hunting cards:

The new Death Knight Hero for the Hunter class is Deathstalker Rexxar, and Deathrattle Midrange decks are expected to do well in the Frozen Throne metagame. We also have a recommendation for a more conventional Midrange Hunter and information on the considerably quicker Secret Hunter.

  • Preventing the Hunter from Getting Out of Control
  • Killer of Death Rhythms
  • Put on a Hunting Face

Magic cards:

Secret Mage remains a good choice for this hero, even though Glacial Mysteries, one of the deck’s characteristic cards, maybe too slow. Well worth checking out for the time being, and more Mage decklists will be available to you soon.

  • Cold Sorcerer
  • Magical Mastery of Tempo Control
  • Expert in the Elements
  • Magi of Exodia’s Quest

Constructing a Paladin Deck:

Since Murloc Paladin did so well in the Un’Goro Meta, we’re very interested in how the aggressive deck centered on the Divine Shield mechanic fares in the current meta. You can also see early strategies for using the brand-new Control and Hand Buff Paladin decks.

  • Aggressive Paladin
  • Take Charge, Paladin
  • Enhance the Paladin’s Hands
  • Paladin of Murlocs
  • Medium-level Paladin
  • In the role of Exodia’s Paladin

Using Priest decks:

The question is whether Dragon Priest can make it through but thrive in yet another Hearthstone Meta. We hope so, as there appear to be few viable options for this hero shortly. The far more complicated and expensive Highlander Priest deck is also making its way up the ranks of early competitive decks.

  • High Dragon Priest
  • High Priest of the Kazakus
  • The Priest Under Your Command
  • Reverend Father Sized

Off-the-rails decks:

After spending some time in the live game, we’ll be tweaking this initial release of Miracle Rogue to make it seem more like the final product. It’s not perfect, but it serves as a solid foundation and is based on Jeffrey “Trump” Shih’s theory-crafted deck.

  • Incredibly Bold Outlaw
  • Jade Rogue
  • Con artist Bandit

Reading the tarot like a shaman:

The new cards given to the hero make the notion of Freeze Shaman rather obvious, but whether or not it will be competitive remains to be seen. If you draw into the appropriate cards during your flurry of pack opens, we still have a primer on how to play a taunt-heavy variant. Evolve Shaman is for you if you’d rather play around with the Shaman’s new Death Knight card.

  • Shaman Freeze Shaman Evolve

Decks optimized towards Warlocks:

There’s a new Zoo Warlock in town. It’s early in the expansion, and given its fall from grace in Un’Goro, you should expect to see many changes to the deck list. A notable player went 26-2 with the new Control Warlock deck in the expansion’s first few hours, and we’ve got a guide on playing it! Last but not least, there’s a great Demon Warlock deck that we predict will be a hit in the Frozen Throne.

  • Manage the Warlock
  • Animal Magician
  • Hand of the Demon Warlock

Battle cards:

The first of our suggestions require large finances, so heed our warning to be frugal with crafting dust; nonetheless, it appears that Control Warrior is coming back strong. However, if you need more cards, you might try your luck with Pirate Warrior, albeit their viability is questionable. It takes quick thinking to use Blood Warrior, but everyone can use Tempo Warrior.

  • Master of Commanding the Battlefield
  • Fighting Pirate
  • Warrior of Blood
  • Punctuational Hero
  • Brutal Dragon Warrior

Frozen Throne Mechanical life support:

Not a brand-new mechanic but an underutilized effect is getting greater attention in Frozen Throne, any card or spell that counters damage with health is now referred to as a “lifestyle,” and this is the official name for such cards and spells.

Missions on the Frozen Throne:

With the Return to Karazhan card release last year, Blizzard canceled Hearthstone’s single-player content, but it’s making a comeback in the Frozen Throne expansion. There will be eight unique quests to choose from, each located in a different part of Icecrown. It is reasonable to anticipate that both the Prologue Mission of the Frozen Throne and the first wing will become accessible simultaneously. The following week will see the release of the second wing, which will include yet another trio of bosses.

In the third week, you’ll receive the last Mission, which will challenge you to defeat the Lich King. You’ll unlock a unique ” Young Arthas ” Paladin portrait; if you beat him with each of the nine available Hearthstone heroes, you’ll unlock a unique “Young Arthas” Paladin portrait. His difficulty level varies based on the hero you use to defeat him.

You can also get other perks by completing these quests. In addition to the Legendary Hero card awarded for completing the Prologue Mission, players who complete all eight Missions will receive three packs from the Frozen Throne decks expansion. The Normal difficulty setting in the earlier Adventures would not prepare you for these Missions. Blizzard is confident that the new content will be significantly more challenging, like the old Heroic difficulties.

Fire and Frozen Throne decks:

The game with the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne decks. Each hero also gains a unique Legendary Hero card to change them into a Death Knight, in addition to the typical assortment of Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards throughout the class-specific and Neutral sets. After the metamorphosis, you’ll have five more Armor, a Battlecry effect, and a brand new hero power at your disposal.


By playing Malfurion the Pestilent, you can call forth two toxic 12 spiders or two 15 minions with Taunt. You may gain three Attacks this turn or three persistent Armor from your hero power.


Battlecry is an ability used by Deathstalker Rexxar that deals two points of damage to all enemy minions and grants the Build-a-Beast ability. You can use this to create horror by joining together two Beast minions that have already died.


Whenever Frost Lich Jaina uses her Battlecry, a 3/6 Water Elemental is summoned into the battlefield. For the rest of the game, all Elementals have the Lifesteal ability, her hero power now deals one point of damage, and if her victim dies, she gets a replacement Water Elemental at no cost to herself.


The Battlecry of Uther, the Ebon Blade, grants the user a 5/3 weapon with Lifesteal. There is also a new hero power available to you called “The Four Horseman,” which allows you to bring a Horseman onto the board with a strength of 2/2. Invoke the wrath of the four horsemen and to rubble.


Shadowreaper Anduain’s Battlecry eliminates all minions with five or more Attacks, including his own. You can use the new Voidform hero power twice in the same turn, dealing two damage each time.


Valeera, the Hollow, has granted you Stealth until your next turn. Though it may sound like the Mage’s Ice Block, remember that you can still lose the match if you are indirectly targeted by damage. You also acquire access to Death’s Shadow, a passive hero feature that allows you to play an extra copy of your last card.


With his, Thrall Deathseer changes all of your minions to random ones that cost two more Mana. If you’re familiar with the Evolve card, think of this as a massive Evolve play. Using your hero power, you can now change a free minion into a new, more expensive one.


Bloodreaver Gul’dan, the Warlock’s Death Knight magic card, requires ten Mana to cast. As a result, all the Demons from the play are re-added to the game. In addition, you’ll gain access to a new hero skill called “Siphon Life,” which, for the cost of two Mana, deals three damage to an opponent and heals your hero by the same amount.

For 8 Mana, the Warrior can play Scourgelord Garrosh, the Warrior’s Hero card, transforming into an undead form and gaining a 4/3 weapon that deals extra damage to nearby minions and does its normal wear. The new hero power, Bladestorm, costs two Mana per round and deals one damage to all minions.