Gas Cans: Everything You Need To Know

Gas Cans: The safest and most practical way to store flammables is with the help of gas cans. Gas cans ensure that your office or personal garage is entirely safe and hazard-free. These potential life savers vary in size, shape, and color and it’s easy for an amateur to get confused while browsing for gas cans. Sometimes, problems can occur with the gas can itself, for example, if the spout is damaged, the gas can leak and evaporate.

Every individual should treat gas cans with care to avoid dents or other types of damage. The topic of gas cans is complex and broad. If you regularly store flammables in-store or at home in your garage, you need to possess extensive knowledge of flammables and how gas cans work.


Different types of gas cans, different purposes

The most common gas cans are classified as Type I and Type II. Type I gas can have a single opening for pouring and filling purposes. On the other hand, Type II gas cans have two openings, one for filling and the other for pouring. Both types of gas cans are used for the storage and transportation of flammables.


Each gas can comes in a different color – the colors designate the gas can’s purpose. You would use a yellow gas can for the storage of diesel which is also flammable.  For storage of highly flammable liquid fuels such as gasoline, red gas cans should be your choice. And lastly, kerosene is stored in a blue gas can while green gas cans are used for the storage of oil.


Always work with professional gas cans manufacturers that value the safety of you and your loved ones. If you want to ensure safety, look for gas cans that are OSHA compliant. If you mainly transport flammables, then look for DOT-approved gas cans to make sure your travels are completely safe.

Metal Vs Plastic gas cans

We are all acquainted with the usage of plastic in every field of every industry. However, plastic is not always the optimal fuel storage material. Although HDPE or high-density polythene might sound like the perfect solution to your fuel storage problems, time will prove you wrong. With time, fuel can leach into the plastic and cause gas to permeate and damage the plastic gas can.


On the other hand, metal gas cans seem to be the best storage option without any drawbacks. Some might argue that metal cans will rust over time, but it will take years before that happens. Materials such as propane, water gas, coal gas, hydrogen, methane, and blast furnace gas should all be stored in metal gas cans.


To avoid problems caused by the fuel itself, always use a fuel stabilizer.

Where to store gas cans

Gas cans need to be stored in a safe and cool area. Sheds and garages are the perfect options. Make sure that all your gas cans are stored at least 50 feet away from pilot lights or any ignition sources that might cause a fire.


If you are using gas cans at home, make sure that they are out of your children’s reach. To be safe, you can place your gas cans on concrete with a little piece of plywood underneath the container.

The causes of gas can damage

Damaging your gas cans can prove detrimental and seriously endanger you and your loved ones. Damage can occur if you carelessly handle your gas cans during the filling, pouring, or storing process. Dents can impact the gas can as well and if the damage is severe, fumes can escape the gas can even though it’s completely shut.


For some problems, such as problems with the gas can spout, you can easily find solutions in your local store or online. However, more serious problems like obvious damage to the gas can should not be ignored and you should consider replacement immediately.


Another cause of damage to plastic gas cans is a beetle called a camphor shoot borer. But, this type of damage can be easily avoided if you store your gas cans in enclosed environments.

Final Thoughts

Gas cans are the best option for the storage of any flammable. Different gas cans come in different colors and are made from different materials. Gas cans should be handled carefully and stored in places where you are sure that no unwanted events might occur. Always make sure to purchase your gas can from professional manufacturers to ensure safety at home or at your work site.