Goblin diplomacy osrs runescape guide

Goblin diplomacy osrs is a novice-level quest where players are tasked with resolving a disagreement between two goblin tribes to avoid a potential war by finding a way to reconcile them.  The mission Goblin Diplomacy in Old School RuneScape challenges players to mediate a disagreement between two warring goblin clans. The task can be accepted by free-to-play and subscription users, necessitating a minimal Crafting level of 30 to complete.

The mission aims to acquire crimson pigment to colour goblin armour for the Goblin General. Finishing the Goblin Diplomacy task should take you at most an hour. This is the way to go if you want a fun and engaging experience while finishing tasks and discovering OSRS history. Rewards for completing the task include experience points, money, and admission to the Crafting Guild. This article aims to provide all kinds of information about Goblin diplomacy osrs.

Goblin General in the Goblin Village:

Talk to the Goblin General in the Goblin Village north of Falador to begin the task. The Goblin General will explain that his people are at war with the neighbouring Goblins and beg for your assistance in settling the conflict. The first objective is to track down some crimson pigment so the Goblin General can have a suit of goblin armour redone. Aggie in Draynor Village sells red dye, or you can make it yourself with three redberries and five money. Use the crimson pigment on the goblin armour once you have it.

The head of the other goblin clan lives in a cave east of the Goblin Village, so the next step is to take the goblin letter there. Two goblin guardians are outside the tunnel, but if you don goblin armor, they’ll let you in. The chief of the opposing goblin clan will ask you to talk to three of his adherents and persuade them to swap sides once you have brought the goblin letter.

Fleece from a killed ewe or the Grand Exchange:

You can either slay imps, give the first demon his blue headgear, or buy one from a store in Varrock. To appease the second demon, you must either take a gold band from a member of H.A.M. or buy one on the Grand Exchange. A bundle of fleece, which can be obtained by slaughtering a ewe or purchased from the Grand Exchange, is the item the third demon requires. When you have finished the three favours for the other goblin tribe’s chief, you can return to him and finish the task. You will gain two task points and 200 experiences in Crafting.

How do Goblins beg you to intercede?

To commence the Goblin Diplomacy mission, you will need to make your way to the Goblin Village, which is located to the north of Falador. The red pigment can be purchased from Aggie in Draynor Village or crafted on your own using redberries and money. To move forward with the mission, apply scarlet colouring to the goblin armour you currently possess.

Products of the Quest:

You’ll need a few specific things to complete the Goblin Diplomacy task in Old School RuneScape. You’ll need red pigment to colour the demon armour first. This can be made with redberries and money or purchased from Aggie in Draynor Village. Blue headwear, which can be looted from dead imps or purchased from a clothing vendor in Varrock, is also required. You can take a gold band from a H.A.M. member or buy one at the Grand Exchange. Last, you can get a bundle of fleece by cutting a ewe or buying one at the Grand Exchange.

Making the Colors:

Three redberries and five dollars are needed to make red pigment in OSRS for the Goblin Diplomacy task. You can pick up some redberries in the south of Varrock or Draynor Village, among other places. You can make crimson dye by mixing redberries with an empty container at Aggie’s home in Draynor Village, which you can then purchase with the money you’ve collected. To make blue pigment, follow the same procedure but substitute two woad plants and five pennies.


In summation, the Goblin diplomacy osrs is an enjoyable and engaging experience that is also reasonably simple. Players must overcome challenges and talk to NPCs to complete this mission and end the conflict between two warring goblin clans. Gaining entry to the Crafting Guild and gaining experience points are just two benefits for finishing the task. This mission is a fun way to learn about the goblin clans and their feuds in OSRS while collecting some fast prizes.


What do you need for Goblin Diplomacy?

To start the Goblin Diplomacy quest in OSRS, you must speak to the Goblin General in the Goblin Village and obtain red dye to dye a goblin mail.

How to do Goblin diplomacy osrs?

To complete the Goblin diplomacy osrs, you must obtain red dye, dye a goblin mail, deliver it, complete favours for goblins, and return it to the other goblin tribe’s leader.