All About Hair Extensions and Clip-Ins.

Hair Extensions and Clip are trending now. With everyone seeking different hairstyles every day, hair extensions can immediately change the look, increase the volume, and add length to the original hair. However, people who have never experimented with hair extensions must have a lot of queries about them.


People are bound to get confused because there are many extensions and different ways of applying them. Therefore, here is a beginner’s guide to clip in hair extensions that can add layers to the final look of a fashionista.

Hair Extensions and Clip- Extensions

Clip-ins or weaves are wefts of hair clipped and taken off afterward. These hair extensions are great for distinct occasions like business meetings, weddings, birthdays, or office functions.


Hair Extensions and Clip can change the look in a snap as they are installed into the hair through pressure-sensitive clips. Clip-ins can also add a natural highlight without sitting for hours in the salon. One clip can contain several wefts of hair, and these clips are easy to maintain. Although the method is temporary, there are no disadvantages like traction alopecia caused by glue.


Extensions are available in the form of natural and synthetic hair. However, it is advantageous to go for human hair extensions as they can be easily styled and blend conveniently with natural hair. Clip-ins are usually available with french lace as they can seamlessly blend with the hair.

While silicone-weft extensions are currently gaining traction in the market, beginners prefer clip-ins as they can be easily removed.

How to Apply?

  • Keep all the clips in an open position.
  • Start working from the back of the head with a weft containing three clips.
  • Section the hair at the back of the head.
  • Secure the hair on the top with a giant claw clip.
  • The section should be attached to the weft clip by sliding it inside the natural hair.
  • The hair weft needs to lie flat along the scalp.
  • Section the rest of the hair accordingly and secure the wefts.


If one is not comfortable applying the clip-ins on their own, they can take the help of the salon. A typical hair extension job can cost around $100 and $500 according to the length and volume. An expert can easily install the hair extensions within a time frame of five and ten minutes.


However, even if the clip-ins are applied at home, the whole process can be completed within 20 minutes. These extensions also have an incredibly long life as one won’t be using them for their everyday look. However, semi-permanent or synthetic hair extensions can get washed away easily.

Advantages of Hair Extensions and Clip

There are various pros associated with clip-ins. As this method is extensively used by fashionistas worldwide, more and more people are opting for it.

  • It is beginner-friendly, and even young, inexperienced fashion lovers can easily apply and remove it.
  • There are no additional tools required to secure the extensions.
  • Unlike other hair styling options, extensions do not damage the hair or cause pain to the scalp.
  • The extensions can last for a long period of time without any maintenance.
  • One can easily buy the extensions from a store without burning a hole in their pocket.


However, the user should also be aware of the cons before investing money. Although there are fewer cons than other options, a buyer needs to know about those.

  • The extensions are not suitable for people with short hair.
  • These extensions need to be removed before sleeping.

Final Thoughts

The pros of clip-ins far outweigh their negatives. If you are looking for clip in hair extensions that suit the hair color and length, you can always start with a simple google search. However, it is important to do your research and read customer reviews before buying hair extensions from any online store.