Hanged up phone-How to fix it?

Hanged up phone: The capabilities of smartphones have grown to the point where we rely on them for nearly all of our everyday activities. However, just like humans, smartphones have a maximum capacity before malfunctioning. In most cases, the phone that hangs is the one that’s been over-used. Your device’s RAM, storage capacity, and how you use it all have a role in how quickly tasks may be completed. The problem of a Hanged up phone, also known as freezing or crashing, is rather prevalent.

Hanged up phone- Causes of hanging up the phone:

Many different things, primarily software-related, can cause Hanged up phone. Whether your phone is stuttering because of a lack of memory or because of spyware, the following advice can help. There are a variety of causes for a phone to stop working, from software issues to hardware malfunctions—fixes for Phones That Keep Hanging.

Low memory usage:

Only a few apps can be running at once on the phone with a low ram capacity. It is common for a low ram phone to hang frequently, mainly if you use it for a lengthy period.

Storage space is at a premium:

Storage on smartphones is constrained; you can only store a finite amount of data before it becomes unusable. For your smartphone to perform its functions without interruption, you’ll need a lot of storage capacity to save things like videos, games, and photos. Your mobile phone will likely freeze or stall if you use more than 80% of its storage capacity.

Apps that spread malware:

In most cases, malware can be found in mobile apps downloaded from untrustworthy sources. These infections disrupt the background functions of your phone, and your phone finally hangs.


Using your Hanged up phone, when it’s overheating can lead it to freeze or restart. The average temperature is between 35 and 38 degrees Celsius, and any higher than this is unnatural and will cause the phone to become unresponsive.

Software that is no longer supported:

Your phone may potentially freeze up if you’re using an older version of the software. System software is updated regularly to address problems that could impair your phone’s performance.

Recent data that is easy to understand:

Your phone’s ram gets clogged up over time by using multiple apps, which causes your phone to hang. To get rid of the recent data, Navigate to SETTINGS >>> APPS >>>. CHOOSE A REGULARLY USED APP >>> CATALOGUE CLEAR INFORMATION… Free up space on your phone’s storage by using this method to clear out other apps that you frequently access.

Remove programs that you don’t trust:

Not using your phone’s default app store to download apps can result in your phone being infected with viruses that damage its performance. Remove these apps and avoid installing software from untrusted sources to prevent your phone from becoming infected with malware.

Make use of anti-virus software:

Antivirus software is sometimes necessary to remove stubborn viruses. Search for “antivirus” in the search box of your phone’s Program store and download your favorite antivirus app from there. Launch the app and run a virus scan on your files to ensure your phone doesn’t become stuck. Please stay away from games and videos that require a lot of processing power and don’t use them for extended periods.

Play large-sized games:

When you play large-sized games, your phone’s ram fills up quickly, and if you do this for an extended period, your phone will hang. If you must play these games on the phone with a low ram, do so for short periods.

Keep up-to-date with new software releases by downloading and installing them:

To remedy any issues you’re having with your phone or a particular app’s software, and it is common practice for these apps to release newer versions that include bug fixes. Download and install system upgrades for your phone if you notice your phone stuttering or froing up when using the older software version.

Remove any files that are no longer needed:

Having unnecessary files and programs on your phone takes up storage space, and a well-functioning phone requires a lot of capacity. Deleting large films or games on your phone will help it perform more smoothly.

Get a USB flash drive:

You will likely have to delete data regularly if your phone’s storage is insufficient to hold the files you require. Get an SD card that can hold all your essentials and keep your smartphone working smoothly?

Reset the factory settings:

If none of those mentioned above fixes work, it is recommended that you perform a software reset on your phone. A “factory reset,” as it is often known, will start over your phone’s software, but you should make a backup of your data first to avoid losing anything crucial. When comparing high-end smartphones to low-end budget smartphones, higher-end smartphones are less likely to hang. If you hung up the phone, try the suggestions in this article. They should work for any phone.

How to fix it?

If your phone continues to hang even after you’ve tried all of these fixes, there’s a good chance the problem is hardware-related. When this happens, it’s best to take your phone to a reputable repair shop. As an approved after-sales service provider for Itel, Infinix, and TECNO, Carlcare can help you with any issues with your phone freezing or hanging up.

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