Hemming Linen Headboard Cushion from Anthropologie.

Headboard pillow, It’s little wonder that wooden or metal headboards have fallen out of favour. Pillow headboards are attractive to everyone, including those who don’t read or watch TV in bed. They’re not only useful but also visually appealing. Either of these two quick pillow headboard methods can be completed in time for tonight’s late show. Measure the length of your bed with a tape measure.

Two to three pillows with matching decorative pillow shams are good to start. They should be the same width as the mattress when put together. Make a pencil mark on the wall where you wish to hang the pillows. The bed should be comfortable before you start drilling holes in your wall. If you want to hang ornamental pillows or shams from a curtain rod, place it approximately a foot over the top edge of the pillows and where your head will rest, centring the rod over the bed. You can either drive screws into wall studs or utilize heavy-duty hollow-wall anchors to install rod hardware.

Headboard pillow:

Prepare a flat area to place your decorative pillows and Headboard pillow shams. Stitch cording, ribbon, thick lace, or other material to the rod in three to four evenly spaced spots marked with straight pins. Select any 36-inch-long cording or other hanging material and cut it to size. To accurately measure the cording’s width and length, place it around a standard down comforter. Cut the same length of cording for each cushion attachment site after making any necessary changes. With a needle and thread, attach the cording to the back of the pillow sham at each designated spot. The cording ties can be used to secure your pillows to the rod.

Even though they’re a common feature in many bedrooms, I’ve never been a fan of headboards. Having grown up in a house with a four-poster canopy bed, the idea of a regular bed, complete with a headboard, seemed quaint. In addition, you can save money by using a metal platform to raise and support your mattress.

Last month, on the other hand, I had a design epiphany. When I was on a work trip to MacArthur Place in Sonoma, I fell in love with my room’s headboard while away from my family and friends. But don’t be fooled; this wasn’t just any headboard. As an alternative, two huge bouclĂ© pillows were attached to the bed’s cloth-covered backing and used as a headboard. I don’t just enamour this emerging bedroom theme.

It’s become more popular in recent seasons to have removable headboard cushions on beds, according to Anthropologie’s upholstery buyer Peri Tucker, who explains that this is a growing trend. Our customers are drawn to styles that use various materials to make a statement in their bedrooms, such as wood, brass accents, and upholstered pieces.

Cushions on the headboard are a beautiful combination of form and function. If you’re binge-watching your new streaming obsession or checking your email while lying in bed, these pillows will come in handy. They also provide an unexpected detail that gives your bed an ultra-cozy edge. (Admit it, we’ve all been there.)

In addition, as Tucker points out, you have complete creative control over the design of your headboard pillows. With this trend, you can alter the aesthetic of your bedroom by simply changing out the cushions,” Tucker says. Layering fun pillows are a great way to experiment with pattern, texture, and print. In addition, it’s a low-cost option to update your bedding. ” As someone who’s spent most of my life on the “no headboard” side, I’m considering adding a headboard and some cushions to my current setup. Make sure to check out the shoppable alternatives below in case you’re thinking of doing the same!

Hemming Linen Headboard Cushion from Anthropologie

Look no farther than this Anthropologie piece for a textured look in your bedroom. A linen cushion and leather straps make it both cool and eye-catching.

Hokie Headboard by OYOY

There’s a lot to admire about OYOY’s Hokie style for anyone who wants headboard pillows but isn’t ready to invest in a new headboard. You may hang this freestanding pillow on your wall to get the best of both worlds.

Set of Rachael Queen Headboard and Pillows for a Holistic Habitat

Consider Holistic Habitat’s headboard option as a plush, comfortable recliner. The leather will add a classy touch to your bedroom, while the comfy cushions will let you sit up straight in bed. The best part? Because the leather has been protected, cleaning it won’t damage its deep cognac hue.

Cushions for the Truro Bed Headboard

The Truro headboard cushion set is ideal for a more pared-back look. This slimmer version of the emerging style features a leather exterior that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This piece will add a subtle splash of colour to your bedroom with its midnight blue hue.