Everything you need to know about honey berry pancakes and cafe

Honey berry pancakes and cafe founded by Matt Ahmeti in 2019 in a Chicago suburb, currently has seven locations around the country. These include five in the Chicago region, two in Milwaukee, and a brand-new shop in North Dallas. They include a conventional brunch menu, and their opening and closing times reflect the relaxed nature of the brunch experience. Crepes, waffles, and many takes on Eggs Benedict are among the many options for diners at this eatery. Also available are omelets, biscuits and gravy, breakfast sliders, country-fried steak, and a variety of other skillets, including veggie and corned beef. In this article, we will discuss more honeyberry pancakes and cafes.

What are honeyberry pancakes and cafes?

A name like honey berry pancakes and cafe makes me want to try their food even more. Now September, this new breakfast spot on State Street has been serving the local community as an extension of a chain that began in the Milwaukee area and has since expanded to the suburb of Warrenville, Illinois, just south of Chicago. In addition to the other sites in the chain, one has a charming atmosphere reminiscent of a French café, yet serves all your favorite diner food.

Why honey berry pancakes and cafe is popular?

They are famous for their pancakes, which come in a wide variety of flavors such as Oreo s’mores, chocolate chip peanut butter, banana nut, and key lime pie. Since the Honeyberry pancake is the restaurant’s most famous offering, the name seems appropriate. This pancake is served with fresh berries, vanilla crème anglaise, and blackberry coulis, and it is stuffed with mascarpone that has been flavored with berries. It would be an understatement to call it gorgeous if you just called it sweet.

Breakfast at honey berry pancakes and cafe:

Breakfast is provided all day, and the menu includes the usual suspects for lunch. Get the cinnamon roll pancakes topped with cream cheese frosting, vanilla glaze, and cinnamon sugar for a special treat. Anyone who wants to treat themselves will love these pancakes. Try one of the delicious skillets to satisfy your desire for something salty. One of our favorites is the handcrafted corn beef hash skillet with hash browns, cheddar, and eggs.

Devoted to heart-healthy options:

There is an entire section devoted to heart-healthy options, and another for delicious acai bowls, for those trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Enjoying a Honey Berry Bellini or a traditional Mimosa as an after-dinner drink is an absolute delight.

Toast at honey berry pancakes and cafe:

We opted for a mix of both kinds. You may substitute the restaurant’s signature Honeyberry pancake for your morning toast for a small price. However, we are rushing things at the moment. There is a variety of drinks to choose from to get things started. The Brunch Punch, made with Skyy vodka, Champagne, pineapple juice, freshly squeezed orange juice, Sprite, and Honeyberry brand fruit puree, costs ten dollars for each glass. We enjoy that ordinary coffee comes in a pot with a spoon for cream.

Cost of honeyberry pancakes and cafe:

It’s a little matter, but a pleasant thought may go a long way. Priced at $15, the Back to Bed sandwich includes two eggs prepared to your liking, ham, sausage, bacon, and cheddar cheese on French toast and drizzled with maple syrup. Since we thought the French toast sandwich would not be sweet enough, we opted for hash browns and a pancake. To put it another way, that’s not entirely out of the question. We each brought a sandwich home that we hadn’t finished eating.


Cost-effective and filling fare:

I have passed this spot for years on my commute. Today, Mrs. S and I were able to make the trip. There’s a lot of room inside, and it looks great. The waitress was excellent. Our breakfast was brought out quickly and was still steaming when we ate it. We didn’t have to sell a body part to afford it. We’ll be sure to keep this place in mind for future visits.

The breakfast spot is perfect:

Since the restaurant first opened its doors, our family has made a habit of having Sunday breakfasts here. The meal is consistently delicious, and it is typically sufficient for it. The skillets, omelets, and pancakes that are fluffy and light are among the dishes that are ordered the most frequently from the menu.

A relaxing atmosphere with friendly service:

Most of what is offered at Briana’s, located in a strip mall, is breakfast and lunch. The prices are reasonable, and the quality of the meal and the service is very high. It is primarily a place for the people who live in the area, and the staff does an excellent job of ensuring their needs are met.

Delicious food, generous servings:

Many times, we ate lunch here. Service is kind and attentive, the menu is varied, and the food never disappoints. In addition, the service provided by the workers is excellent. It becomes rather busy sometimes, but I take it as a sign of how well-liked the restaurant is. In addition, they enhanced the flavor. The 10% discount card guarantees my return.

Updated and redesigned from the ground up:

Honey Berry Pancakes & Cafe makes it easy to place an order after examining the menu; choose the items you’d like to purchase and go to checkout. After that, please review and submit your order and monitor its fulfillment. In the months I had been away, I had worried that I had missed out. I decided to give it another go, and what a change! Incredible progress has been made in interior design, even if construction is still ongoing.


For an extra $15, you may upgrade to the wild mushroom omelet, which has herb-roasted cremini, oyster, shiitake mushrooms, provolone cheese, and prosciutto ham. It met the issue, and the variety of mushrooms on offer is enticing. The ham was the chopped kind; this is not how prosciutto is often served, but who knows.


Should I purchase most frequently for Warrenville delivery?

The best thing to order at honey berry pancakes and café is whatever suits your fancy. If you’re stuck for inspiration, try one of the suggestions from the “Picked for you” area.

How can I get Honey Berry Pancakes & Cafe’s Warrenville delivery online?

You may place an order with Uber Eats using the Uber Eats app or website. You have the choice between the two.