Everything that you need to know about Hotel lobby candle.

Hotel lobby candle, This month, it has been exactly two years since I waved farewell to my corporate life and entered the workforce as an independent contractor. I was terrified out of my mind. On my own, I had no idea whether or not I could afford to live in New York City. In the beginning, I had no idea if any companies would be interested in working with me. As a former magazine editor, I wasn’t sure how my followers would react when I announced my decision to leave a position “a million girls would kill for” to become an influencer.

Hotel lobby candle:

Nevertheless, despite my trepidation and uncertainty, I knew that I was prepared for the next step. When I started my blog, I was eager to devote myself full-time to it, creating amazing content for brands I had long admired and spending more time with the amazing community I had built over the years. That my first product would be on the market two years after I left that office building was something I had not anticipated.  I had no idea where to begin when starting a business or creating a product.

For years, I was awed by people I admired who founded innovative and groundbreaking businesses. “How nice for them!” was my constant thought. I’d never be able to pull something like that off.” In the past, I’d always been fascinated by how luxurious hotels smelled and how the instant you enter the lobby, you’re enveloped in the enticing aroma.

I even wrote about it on my Instagram in 2018 and was shocked to see how many other people shared my enthusiasm for Hotel lobby candle scents when I read the comments. The idea of a luxury hotel-inspired home fragrance collection sounded like a terrific way to bring the luxury experience into your own house.

As a self-described “bougie-candle-connoisseur,” I was confident that I could outperform the fragrance department competition. My mind was occupied all day the following day. I couldn’t stop thinking about what the brand would look like, how I would expand it beyond a single candle aroma, what it would smell like, and how Instagram-worthy the vessels would be.

Matt and I put in a lot of time researching, talking to manufacturers, and (kind of) working out how everything would work together on this project. It occurred in January of the year 2020. We planned to spend a year strategizing before launching the brand in 2021. After that, COVID occurred. One morning, after being cooped up for approximately a month, I informed Matt that we had to make it happen. NOW. Stay-at-home instructions would not be altered soon; it became clear to everyone. We all missed going on vacation.

I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by: through Hotel lobby candle, I could aid in the transformation of people’s homes into havens of respite from the (now very frightening) norm. As a result, we started to work. As much as I’d like to say that it’s been simple, it would be a lie. We encountered a staggering number of roadblocks.

We encountered supply chain challenges, production concerns, and issues with the quality of the samples. Everything from cost concerns to packaging issues to vendor issues to logistics issues. We dealt with it all. When I think about it now, it’s almost laughable how easy it seemed at the time. “How difficult can it be to light a few stinking candles?” I remember thinking. HAHAHA. How different my life would have been if I had the knowledge I have today! It’s a lot of work.

It’s a lot more complicated and time-consuming than you may expect! Especially if you’re doing it all on your own (especially if you’re a crazy perfectionist like I am).” Several times, I considered giving up and cutting my losses. As much as I’d put into developing the brand’s concept (including sleepless nights), I couldn’t help but feel like I was running into roadblock after roadblock.

As a rule, if something wasn’t going to meet my expectations, I didn’t want to undertake it in the first place. When it became evident that my launch plan was about to come to a screaming halt after seven months of preparation, I broke down in tears on the floor. Matt worked tirelessly for the next two hours to make me feel better. I felt like a total failure at the time. And completely spent. Now that I’m writing about it, it seems so insignificant. Candles? What’s the matter with you, crying? Please. Surely you can’t get any more over-the-top.

When it was happening, however, it was a crushing blow. Something you put so much of yourself into may never see the light of day breaks your heart in a gut-wrenching way. Thanks to Matt’s support, I was able to get myself back on track and complete the launch on time (thank you, Matt!).

I sat down and came up with solutions to all of our problems. When switching manufacturers felt like a monumentally dangerous proposition, I also made the difficult decision. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. To make it happen in time, I enlisted the help of a woman-owned firm that had the same belief in the brand as I had.

During quarantine, I told Matt one night that I wanted to plan a romantic happy hour for just the two of us, similar to the ones we’d have at a hotel. But in our living room. I was sick of doing the same thing over and over again.

As a result, I went to the market and purchased a large number of fresh cheese, a great baguette, and rosé wine. To set the mood, I served out a delicious cheese platter, lowered the lights, played some energetic jazz (bossa nova), and adorned the table with a few candles. For the first time in months, this room we’d been confined to felt like a hip, sultry Hotel lobby candle.

That’s when it dawned on me that sometimes the tiniest things—like, say, a really good candle—can profoundly affect your mood. And transport you to a different location, even only briefly. I knew that all of the highs and lows I’d experienced during the launch process would be worth it if I could spread that feeling to others. I’ve put all of my heart and soul into it (literally).

The satin ribbon wound around the box and the “Hotel lobby candle” you’ll find inside your parcel when it comes to your door are just a few of the details I’ve been fixated on. And don’t get me started on the aromas! After sifting through hundreds of samples, I finally decided on the two launch smells that best represent some of my favourite hotels throughout the globe. It’s been a labour of love for every one of these candles.

I sincerely hope they can provide you with the same sense of tranquilly and escape that they have for me. Another piece of advice: don’t ever question your abilities! More than likely, you underestimate your potential. Signed, The girl who thought she couldn’t achieve something like that.