How tall is Charly Jordan? Biography, height, age and more

How tall is Charly Jordan in meter, and how tall is Charly Jordan in feet? Charly Jordan height meter is 1.75 m, and Charly Jordan height in feet is 5 and 9 inches. Among women, her height is well above average. Her remarkable physical characteristics, however, ensure that her look is successful both on and off the television. In addition, she weighs about 60 kilos, with measurements of 33-25-35 inches and a shoe size of 7. She’s a talented TikTok celebrity and a very attractive one.

Her white complexion, blonde hair, and hazel eyes make her a striking beauty. Hence, her overall physical presentation was striking. Because of her large fan base, she could easily make acquaintances with other well-known titok stars and celebrities. Rory Kramer, Brendan North, and Zach Allia allowed her to be included in their respective photo projects. They are all talented photographers. Here are all the interesting facts you need to know about Charly Jordan’s height.

Biography and Family:

Charly Jordan is 23 years old. She entered this world on March 9, 1999, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Charly Jordan is a Pisces, a sign in the watery Water element. According to her resume, she is a high school student in Los Angeles. Mrs. Jordan is Charly Jordan’s mother, while Mr. Jordan is her famous dad’s online handle. Her dad runs a company, while her mom stays at home to raise her. Furthermore, Charly Jordan is not an only child. There are six of them, so the family is big.


Charly Jordan, Social Media Entrepreneur, Model, and Tiktok Star Charly Jordan are a household name all over the globe. Charly’s fame stems mainly from her videos on the Tiktok platform, which include the genres of Lip-sync, Dance, and Lifestyle. For as long as anybody can remember, Charly Jordan has been the sort of person who is more interested in sports than in the arts. Yet, she developed a keen interest in these pursuits. Because of this, she decided to give TikTok a go and exhibit her skills.

A clog dancer:

Charlie Chaplin started his career in show business as a clog dancer. Eight, just five, made his first stage appearance, and he stood in for his mother, a performer in the play. On top of that, he was a featured performer in a vaudeville show. He ensemble and, almost soon after that, became a well-known figure in the world of show business. Despite sulking about dying her blue hair brown in preparation for the interview, she is an American citizen born and reared in the United Kingdom.


Charly Jordan’s gorgeous appearance and endearing character both hint at the existence of a romantic interest. Robert Graham, an advertising entrepreneur, was her first lover. On the other hand, she ended her relationship with Robert for very personal reasons. The famous TikTok star and social media influencer Tayler Holder became her boyfriend sometime later. He has over 18 million daily viewers on TikTok. He joined “The Hype House” when offered. Therefore, She is a successful DJ, model, and entrepreneur. She worked with Revolve, Forever 21, and Pura Vida.

Popularity on social media:

Charly Jordan was a talented athlete before she became famous on TikTok. She has been a dedicated soccer player since she was little. Following that, her stunning good looks and natural talent drew her attention to the entertainment sector. She decided to give Tiktok a go when it appeared on the web and signed up for an account. Soon after, she began creating films across various genres, eventually gaining notoriety on the site. She joined Instagram after Tiktok and immediately began uploading videos.

Entering the film industry:

She is now making concerted efforts to boost her profile on various social media websites. For the sake of fulfilling two of her most essential goals entering the film industry and becoming a successful businesswoman. In addition, he was cast in Dirt, an installment in the Brat series. From Alvarado, Texas, he comes. Charly Jordan has split up with Tayler holder. Thus they are no longer dating. It means that she is officially on her own now. She may never find a suitable partner again, but her exceptional character and attractive appearance guarantee she will.

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Value of My Collection:

As of 2023, experts predict that Charly Jordan’s net worth will be close to $2 million. As her fan base has grown, it is reasonable to assume that her earnings will do the same shortly. It follows that the net worth will grow with time. On top of that, a significant chunk of her income comes from her business and social media channels. She has over 4 million Tiktok followers and over 6 million active Tiktok followers.


COVID-19 is a genuine threat, yet even so. Unfortunately, she had a positive result and wrote about it online. On the other hand, fans were critical of her choice to visit such a dangerous location. Therefore, Despite this, she expressed regret for her actions. For her, the trip was everything from simple. Yet instead, she must put in many hours of labor and commitment.

Physical health:

Charly Jordan is a charming and stunning young lady. She has stunning proportions and a thin, appealing body type. Her estimated body proportions are 32 inches across, 24 inches at her narrowest point, and 32 inches at her widest. For how tall is Charly Jordan? She stands a little over 5 feet 9 inches tall and 55 kilos in weight. She has stunningly gorgeous long blonde hair that is very shining and stunningly gorgeous, with fascinating hazel eyes.

Correctly spell Charly:

Spelling variations are more evident and widespread for female-specific phrases. It holds regardless of context. You may also spell her name Charli, Charly, or Charleigh in addition to its most common version, Charlee. Charley is another possible transgender-appropriate spelling. Neither one nor the other is the correct way to spell this name. As of right now, she does have a massive following on Instagram. She also connected with notable figures from the world of social media. Therefore, She highlighted the works of photographers, including Rory Kramer, Brendan North, and Zach Allia.


How did Charly Jordan first get her foot in the door?

Although Jordan became famous on TikTok, she first gained a following on Instagram with a travel blog, which is why many people think of her first. She went on several charity travels all over the globe to satisfy her dual desires to see the world and help those in need.

How tall is Charly Jordan?

Charly Jordan height is 5 feet and 9 inches. Charlotte “Charly” King has been an American Federation of Astrologers associate member for three years.

What kind of a singer would Charly Jordan be?

After years of touring the globe, she has now taken the plunge into singing and songwriting her songs, and her particular taste is a synthesis of several house genres. We can anticipate more from this promising young musician now that her first track, “Black Strap Molasses,” has been released.


How tall is Charly Jordan in a meter? Charly Jordan height meter is 1.75 m. Because of these factors, the brand has partnerships, endorsements, sponsored articles, and other possibilities to make money flow to her. However, the vital power inside her is one thing she never loses. It is the leading cause for her massive success as a TikTok celebrity. Furthermore, she embarked on other noteworthy endeavors that have presented her with outstanding prospects.


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