How to use Pocket Morty’s, Egg Morty?

How to hatch egg morty? You will obtain an Egg Morty after finishing one of your side tasks. The One True Morty will be born when the egg reaches level 20. It is challenging to train the egg because it is level 5 and has no attacks. Use as many Level-up Mega Seeds as you can to hatch the egg quickly. In addition to defeating select Council Members and completing various side objectives, you will obtain Mega Seeds. Crafting them later on in the game is also possible.

Leveling up:

To transform your Egg Morty into The One True Morty, use a Level up Mega Seed when it has reached level 19. Learning how to hatch Morty from level 5 to 20 will be very slow, but there are a few ways to speed it up. However, using these strategies to reach level 20 will cause it not to hatch.

Level Up Mega Seed.

  • Meeseeks Box.
  • Bootcamp
  • Poison strategy.

How to use Pocket Morty’s, Egg Morty?

A quest that rewards you with an Egg Morty can be found in the early stages of Pocket Mortys after you have collected 8 Badges and defeated the first two Council Members. This Morty is different from any other Morty in the game because it’s a pink egg and because the description states it carries some life energy.

Wild Mortys:

It is possible to obtain all but the mascot Morty and the egg Morty in the wild. At the Citadel’s leading portal, you’ll be greeted with wild Mortys wandering the multiverse. Mortys can be found in anywhere from four to five of each level. After completing the game, you’ll be able to use your portal gun to capture Mortys much more quickly.

Morty’s Eggs

After completing Rickchen’s New Chef side quest, you will receive an Egg Morty. There is just one Morty that can be leveled up. Egg Morty can only be used by Harden, making it nearly impossible to obtain experience in battle. Using Level-up Mega Seeds is the most efficient method of hatching your Egg Morty. As the game progresses, it becomes easier to obtain these Seeds.

What is Egg Morty’s purpose?

It’s pointless to have it, as it’s practically pointless to have it. What are you supposed to do? It’s time to step things up! To level up your Egg Morty, you’ll have to put in a lot of time and effort: when it reaches level 20, it transforms into the True Morty (The One True Morty in-game character).

Easy (but lengthy) route:

Do battle with your Egg Morty. Before switching to a Morty capable of defeating the opponent, have the Egg Morty attack first and activate its skill. The more Mortys you defeat, the more experience you gain. To get experience, you must allow them to learn how to hatch egg Morty fight for a complete turn.

How to do it the hard way?

Upgrade your seed’s level using the Level-Up Mega Seed. It’s best to save your seeds for later in the game when you can benefit more from the experience you receive through leeching from your opponents. It is possible to discover the ingredients you need to make the level-up mega seed here to hatch an egg, Morty.

Every Morty and Evolution in Pocket Morty’s Morty Deck:

Packed full of witty Mortys, Pocket Mortys is a must-have for any Morty fan! Finding Mortys in a dungeon and killing them until the health bar goes yellow or (ideally) red, and then attempting to capture them with a chip is the best way to collect the majority of them.

Morty: The Only True One

The last three Mortys on this list are also unique. After completing an early task, you’ll locate the Egg Morty, which hatches into the One True Morty if you can raise it to level 20. Level up Mega Seeds, which may be made using a recipe, are the simplest ways to level up the egg and learn how to hatch Morty.

Comes to finding the Mortys:

Blips & Chipz stations in the center hub area will also give you a Morty for every coupon you use. When it comes to finding the Mortys, you’ll have to rely on luck, as some of the Mortys can only be located by opening capsules at specific locations. For actual money, of course, but you’ll find roughly 10-20 vouchers by the conclusion of a playtime.

Each Morty’s roshambo:

Each Morty’s roshambo “type” (Rock, Paper, or Scissors) determines its vulnerabilities and strengths, so keep that in mind as well. Employ this tutorial if you need to figure out which Morty to use when you switch Mortys out because you won’t know what type of Morty your enemy has. So, unless you have a photographic memory, I’ve placed the “type” entry for each Morty at the very top of the list.


You need to know how to hatch egg Morty of the same kind to “combine” them at the central hub’s Day Care Center to evolve a Morty. Full-evolved Mortys, as you can expect, have more muscular leveling curves and stats in general. Each Morty’s evolutionary path is listed in the table below. Even though getting the One True Morty will need a lot of effort if you are a true Morty collector. How to hatch egg morty, How to hatch egg morty, How to hatch egg morty.

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