How to wash an electric blanket?

How to wash an electric blanket? Unless, of course, you’re like me and have been storing it in the back of your closet since last year and never cleaned, your electric blanket is your best friend. For those who fear the dangers of washing their electric blanket, it’s not that difficult—a little laborious, but worth the effort to ensure that the blanket is as clean and fresh as it is warm. Whether you’ve had your blanket for years and don’t know how to clean it, or you’re thinking of getting an electric blanket and are concerned about how to do it, this guide will help.

How to wash an electric blanket?

Ensure that your blanket is unplugged and that the blanket’s cord is disconnected from the blanket to avoid any harm. Fill a tub with lukewarm water after you’ve double-checked and unplugged all of the wires, according to How (the amount of water you add will depend on the size of the blanket).

It’s time to put in your blanket and let it soak for another 15 minutes. To remove your blanket from the sudsy water, gently squeeze it for a minute, then rinse it. To eliminate extra moisture, compress the blanket gently but not wring it out. Electric blankets can be machine-washed, but you must proceed with caution if you do so instead of by hand. How to wash an electric blanket

It’s also possible to begin by filling the washer with mild or delicate detergent and water and then running the machine for about a minute to get the detergent into the fibres. For 15 minutes, let the blanket soak in the washing machine before putting it in the dryer. Run the rinse and spin cycles after turning the washer back on for 2 minutes. How to wash an electric blanket?

Contrary to popular belief, electric blankets can be partially dried in a dryer. Because commercial dryers and laundromats can harm the blanket’s wiring if they get too hot, we recommend using a low-heat setting on your dryer. Turn your dryer to the low setting for 2 minutes, then throw in the blanket and let it tumble dry for 10 minutes.

Afterward, you’ll need to let it air dry. If you don’t have a dryer or don’t want to use one, you may line dry your blanket from the beginning. The blanket should be stretched out to its natural shape and size before hanging on a clothesline—and Sunbeam advises against using clothespins. Please do not use your electric blanket again until it is totally and thoroughly dry to avoid damaging the wires.

For those healing from an injury or sickness, extra warmth is welcomed by using electric blankets, weighted blankets, and mattress pads. What happens if they get dirty? Most American-made heated bedspreads and blankets have been machine washable since the late 1990s. To successfully clean them, keep an eye on the washing cycles so that you can minimise the amount of water and heat they are exposed to.

Do You Have to Wash Your Electric Blanket Often?

If you have a machine-washable electric blanket, you should clean it every few weeks or every month during the winter. Dry the blanket gently, alternating between air and machine drying as an extra precaution to maintain the blanket’s internal connections in good condition.

The blanket should be prepared first. Remove as much loose debris as possible by shaking out the blanket. Remove all cables and controls from the electric blanket before placing them in the washing machine.

 Put the blanket in the washer.

Load the blanket into high-efficiency washers a little loosely. Spread the blanket evenly across the drum of a normal washer with a central agitator. To balance the weight, you may want to include a few lint-free towels or sheets.

Pick a Detergent and Water Temperature

With your regular detergent, wash the blanket in cool to warm water. Don’t use fabric softener or chlorine bleach since these could damage the blanket’s internal components.

Select a Washing Machine Cycle

Use an easy or short cycle setting. When choosing the final spin speed, lower it to the lowest possible setting, so the blanket’s inner wiring does not experience excessive stress. How to wash an electric blanket?

Switch to the Rinse Cycle as soon as you’ve washed

The rinse cycle can be skipped after two to three minutes of agitation in the machine. Remove the blanket as soon as the rinse cycle is complete.

Gently Dry

Use a Your dryer’s cool or air-only setting. Only dry the blanket for about 20 minutes in the dryer, then remove it and allow it to air-dry on a clothesline or drying rack while still moist. The blanket may shrink, and the insulation on the wires may be damaged if the temperature is too high. How to wash an electric blanket?

The blanket should be able to tumble freely in your dryer, so check that it is big enough. You can use a laundromat dryer set on cool or air-dry only if your dryer isn’t big enough.


Electric blankets should not be ironed since the heat from the iron can harm the insulation on the wires. If the blanket is wrinkled, hang it from a shower rod and hand-smooth the wrinkles out using the weight of gravity.

Heating pads and electric blankets can be packed away during the summer months. Make a note of the items on this list, and ensure your blanket is ready for the first cold snap.

Make sure there aren’t any loose wires, rips, or scorching.

Ensure there are no exposed wires, burnt areas, rips, or tears when you remove the controls from the blanket and wall. Determine if the blanket needs to be replaced or repaired.

Keep a Dry; Clean Blanket Stored Away

Before putting the blanket away, wash and dry it well. Before storage, make sure it is thoroughly dry. The controls and wires should be checked for any cracks or dark spots. The blanket should be replaced if these are found.

Do not fold but roll.

Roll the blanket or pad gently once cleaned and dried entirely. The inner wires can be damaged if you make folds too firm or too sharp. Maintain a dry, insect and rodent-free environment while storing. How to wash an electric blanket?

Put away the Controls and Cables

Disconnect the blanket or pad’s controls and cords before storing them. Make sure you don’t crimp or pinch the cords by coiling them loosely. To avoid dust accumulation, place the cords and bedding in a soft fabric bag or a plastic container.


Please ensure the blanket’s connections are secure before unplugging it and re-inserting it. Replacements should be made for any parts that are damaged or discoloured. Using a matching thread and a needle, you may fix small tears or rips in clothing by hand. When a rip is discovered, the blanket should not be used again if any wires or other electrical components are exposed. How to wash an electric blanket?

Electric Blanket Stains: How to Remove Them?

Stains should be dealt with immediately, following the specific rules for the type of stain. However, removing stains from an electric blanket is a cinch. To begin, turn off the blanket. Using a butter knife, an old credit card, or even your fingernail, scrape away any liquids or food from the fabric. To loosen and lift the stain, use a small amount of mild laundry detergent. Using a clean, damp cloth, wipe away the detergent until the load is clean. Before usage, allow the product to air-dry completely. How to wash an electric blanket?

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