Decoding Important SEO Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Site.

Important SEO Strategies: SEO is a vital marketing tool nowadays, and if you are not investing your time and efforts in SEO strategies, you might need to think again. Let us clarify this to you with the help of these facts –

Approximately 95% of the online searches start with a search engine like Google or Bing.

70-80% of users steer clear of paid search advertising and go for the organic search results.

Nearly 70% of the customers who did a local search finally went to the store that was within 5 miles of them.

Thus, this explains the importance of reflecting your business on the first page of Google. So, let’s decode important SEO strategies to drive traffic to your site.

Important SEO Strategies- Keyword strategy –

The supreme method that the audience uses to find your services or products is the use of keywords. Customers find it easy to make a buying decision if you form a strong keyword strategy. You can use several types of keywords like short tail keywords and long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords describe your business directly. For example – let’s take a web design and development agency in Kelowna. People would type “SEO agency Kelowna,” and that would be a short-tail keyword. Short tail keywords work wonders if you are writing a website copy or title tags.

Sentences, questions, or phrases come under long-tail keywords. Capturing the attention of the audience with the help of long-tail keywords is an excellent way to convert them into a customer—the perfect place to use long-tail keywords is your business blog.

Optimization –

Next comes the optimization of your website, which includes six key areas, namely title tags, header tags, page copy, URL structure, images, and meta descriptions. Moreover, check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. If not, optimize it for the mobiles as well. The loading speed of the page also plays a crucial role. People are more likely to press the back button if your site takes time to load. So, speed up the loading speed of your site’s pages.

Worthy content –

SEO and content go hand in hand. You can’t make one work without another. The reason is – Google gives a lot of weightage to fresh content. Some of the content friendly strategies that win at SEO are –

  • Maintaining a professional blog using keywords.
  • Build out landing pages to describe your services.
  • Make your clients and customers write reviews for your services. It is a natural way to feature keywords on your website. It also gives customers information about why they should start using your services or products.

To sum it up

 The above-mentioned strategies are the key to growing your business leaps and bounds. You can set a benchmark before following the above strategies and then check after every 3-6 months the growth in your site’s traffic with the help of SEO. Not to mention that doing Important SEO Strategies seems like a herculean task, but with little effort, it will indeed pay off big returns to you. Important SEO Strategies, Important SEO Strategies, Important SEO Strategies.

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