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Jay bauman net worth: Jay ‘Susan’ Bauman was born on September 13, 1980, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, under the zodiac sign of Virgo. RedLetterMedia, a film and video production company he co-founded with Mike Stoklasa, is a 41-year-old filmmaker, writer and actor. The YouTube film review show “Half in the Bag” features his work as well. Here is jay Bauman net worth, and other things will discuss.

American film/video production:

Jay Bauman is a native New Yorker who works as a writer, actor, and editor and his other roles. RedLetterMedia, an American film/video production firm founded by Jay Bauman and Mike Stoklasa, is one of the company’s co-owners. Before meeting Stoklasa in 2001 at a filmmaker’s forum, Bauman worked as an independent filmmaker. ¬†While working on films like Gorilla Interrupted, Feeding Frenzy and Space Cop under the RedLetterMedia umbrella, they collaborated.


In his early years, Jay Bauman was raised by his parents in Milwaukee; however, there is no information regarding their names or occupations. It is also unknown whether he has siblings or whether he is an only child. He is an American citizen and a White Caucasian in ethnicity. Jay has not disclosed any information about his educational background.

Starting of career:

In 2001, Jay Bauman met Mike Stoklasa at a filmmakers’ forum, and the two struck up a friendship that has lasted ever since. The two became fast friends and began collaborating on several different cinematic projects as well. The short sci-fi comedy “Gorilla Interrupted,” on which he served as producer, was his first effort in 2003. “Clowns And Suicide,” which Jay directed and scripted, was released the same year.

Ascend to Notoriety:

Jay Bauman and Stoklasa co-founded RedLetterMedia in 2004, a film and video production firm in 2004. Before working with Mike on The United States of Noooo!!! He made “Indulgence” (2004), which he wrote, directed and produced (2005). Two years after it was established, short film projects began to be posted on RedLetterMedia’s official YouTube channel.

Short films:

Since 2007, Jay Bauman has directed and written two short films, “The Recovered” in 2008 and “Das Foot” in 2008. “The Grabowski’s” ran from 2007 to 2008. Among his other projects by the decade’s end were “Pork Pork in Space” (2009), “The Western Ore Musical” (2009), and “Feeding Frenzy” (2010).

Success in the Future:

In 2011, Jay Bauman directed the short action-comedy “The Great Space Jam,” following which he and Mike began working on their YouTube show, “Half in the Bag,” They watch and critique various film titles. Positive reviews were given to the first episode that aired on March 12, 2011. After that, he produced the 2012 short comedy “Titanic Review” and worked as both director and producer for the 2013 short documentary “How Not to Make a Movie.”

RedLetterMedia members reviewed everything from B-movies to instructional videos for his “Best of the Worst” YouTube series (2013-2016), selected the Daily Herald’s most entertaining show. Rich and Jay Talk about the Boys” and “Red Letter Media behind the Scenes: Space Cop” were both produced by him three years later (2020). A short documentary called “Punkrock Packrat” is in the works.

Their first short film, “Space Cop”, was launched in 2016, and they began working on their new YouTube series “review” later that year. As a result, Jay has worked as an editor on the series, where he has had the opportunity to work with the likes of Jack Packard, Josh Davis, and Rich Evans on numerous occasions. These projects were helpful in the incensement of jay Bauman net worth.

Pre-Recorded Material:

In addition, Jack Packard and Rich Evans’ ‘Previously Recorded’ or ‘Pre-Rec’ YouTube video game review channel included Jay Bauman. Their streams included playing video games such as “The Binding of Isaac” and others on multiple occasions. From 2014 through 2018, the channel was actively broadcasting content.


He has short light brown hair and hazel eyes, and he plays the guitar and sings in his band. According to the CDC, he is 1.78 meters (5.7 feet) tall, with biceps that measure 3.5 inches (75 mm) in diameter.

Personal life:

When discussing his private life, Jay Bauman keeps a tight lid on the details and keeps them hidden from prying eyes. Rumours that he is gay have been prompted because he has never been spotted with a girlfriend. It’s not uncommon for people to speculate that he is romantically tied to his longtime buddy Mike Stoklasa. In contrast, others feel that he is single and focusing on his professional career. Pee-Big wee’s Adventure and Ed Wood (1985) are three all-time favourite movies (1994).

Having a presence on the internet:

However, based on their online presence, it appears that they are just good friends who share a love for film. He’s a huge lover of both comedy and horror films, and he enjoys both genres. In his films, he is known for making wacky gags or abruptly changing the subject matter.

The jay Bauman net worth:

As a well-known YouTuber, jay Bauman net worth is quite substantial. According to Wikipedia, Reuters, and Business Insider, Jay Bauman’s wealth is $2 million.

On YouTube:

Like many YouTube stars and filmmakers, he’s active on social media sites like Twitter, where he has more than 80,000 followers. He uses the site to share his thoughts on movies from the past and present and solicit feedback from his fans. Films that aren’t widely watched by the general public are often the subject of his commentary. He’s given his thoughts on “Stranger Things”-style exhibits and “It”-style films. Additionally, he does a lot of horror-related commentaries because he enjoys seeing such films.


Aside from the films that they evaluate, Bauman and Stoklasa also produce several YouTube shows, including their primary movie review series Half in the Bag (2011) and Best of the Worst (2013), where they discuss movies that are widely regarded as terrible or unprofessional. Rich Evans, Jack Packard, and Josh Davis frequently accompany them. Many of Bauman’s videos are filled with absurdist jokes and surprising subject switches. Jay bauman net worth, Jay bauman net worth.

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