How do I change the power cord on my TV?

Lg tv power cord: Replacing the power cord on a modern LG flat-panel TV is as simple as purchasing a new one. Modern LG flat-panel TVs have detachable power cords. Before spending money on a new cord, try troubleshooting the problem to ensure the cord is bad. New cords start at only $8 as of the time of publication. Your LG tv power cord may be faulty if it fails to turn on.

When there is no electricity:

The power cable in your LG TV may be faulty if it won’t turn on at all. A dog chewed through the cord, or it’s tightened behind the TV? These are obvious signs of damage. Also, unplug the cable from the wall and the TV, and then replay it. If your TV still doesn’t turn on after replacing the cord, the cord may be damaged.

Problems with the sound:

If your TV’s audio stutters or buzzes, it’s your power cord is to blame. A problem with your power cord or with your electrical system could be the cause of this.

Problems with the Pictures:

The image on your screen degrades if your power cord breaks. Colors may be incorrect (green and red instead of normal flesh tones), or the image may have waves or lines. If the power from the faulty cord fluctuates, it may come and go.


Unplug the bad cord from the wall before connecting it to your TV. Visit an electronics retailer or order a replacement cable from an electronics supplier online. Make a comparison between the new and old cables to ensure that the connections are identical. Connect the new cable to your TV, then to a wall outlet in your home or workplace.

Cord for 50-inch LCD UHD:

To ensure maximum performance and quality, this 50-Inch LCD UHD Commercial Display Television Power Cord Replacement Part has been designed to fit various LG brand models. Unless the owner’s manual includes instructions for a 50-Inch LCD UHD Commercial Display Television Power Cord, a technician should install this component.

How do I change the power cord on my TV?

Your television won’t work if you don’t have a power cord. So, if your power cord is damaged or lost, you’ll want to replace it as soon as possible. From contacting the product’s manufacturer to looking for a replacement cord on your own, your options are nearly limitless. This guide will show you how to change out a TV’s power cable.

Contact the company:

Contact the company that makes the television you have. Customer service information can find in the product’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. In most cases, you can buy a new power cord for your television from the manufacturer for the cost of the old cord plus shipping. If a warranty still covers your television, the television manufacturer may replace the cord-free of charge.

Replacement power cords:

Replacement power cords are frequently kept on hand by retailers like Radio Shack and Best Buy. If you don’t know the brand and model of your television, or you’ve lost your broken TV cord, you’ll need to provide that information to the store staff so they can locate a replacement.

Look it up on the internet.

All Electronics, a retailer of electronic parts and supplies, will have a wide selection of replacement power cords on hand. Generic power cords are usually less expensive than the original equipment manufacturer’s replacement cords. You’ll save money by ordering online and waiting a few extra days for it to arrive rather than visiting your local electronics store.

Visit an electronics repair shop:

Visit an electronics repair shop with your television. Look for “Television Repair” in the phone book. Take your television to a qualified television repairer if it does not have a detachable repair cord. To avoid electrocuting yourself, you should never open your TV to replace a damaged power cord.

Advice & Caution:

Never open a television without training in TV repair because of the high risk of death from electric shock.

How to connect your VIZIO TV to the power source?

Step 1: To connect your TV to the wall, look for a recessed area on the back of the device.

Step 2: The location is usually marked with a sticker.

Step 3: Look at the top of the recession once you’ve located the recessed area.

Step 4: The power cable will plug into a port on the device.

Step 5: After that, all you have to do is plug in the power cord to complete the process.

Step 6: When the TV’s power cord is plugged in for the first time, most VIZIO TVs will turn on automatically.

How to Buy an LG Tv Power Cord: Everything You Need to Know

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