How to determine and fix LG v10 battery issues?

Lg v10 battery issues: Even though the LG V10 is a fantastic new smartphone, there appears to be a problem with the battery draining too quickly. In certain cases, these problems stem from the apps that are being utilized or Android platform faults. There are numerous ways to solve quick LG v10 battery issues, as explained below.

How to determine and fix LG v10 battery issues?

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Wifi is disabled:

If you leave the wifi on all day, the LG V10’s battery dies. While most people don’t require automatic wifi connections, switching wifi off when you aren’t using it is a good idea. Wifi should turn off when either a 3G/4G/LTE or a 3G/4G connection is being used for the Internet.

LTE, GPS and Bluetooth are all disabled:

LG V10’s battery drains when using the Internet for location tracking, LTE Internet, and Bluetooth. To test how much longer the battery life of your LG V10 lasts, consider disabling these services when you don’t need them. Battery life as LG v10 battery issues is sacrificed in the process. Put the phone into battery saving mode if you don’t want to disable GPS.

Use the LG V10’s Power-Saving Mode:

A fading LG V10 battery can fixe with the use of the “Power saving mode” feature. Background data might be restricted. Another way to limit performance is to disable GPS and the illuminated buttons, lower the screen’s frame rate, and regulate the CPU of the phone. This mode can activate manually, or the phone can do it for you.

LG V10: How to Reboot or Reset?

Resetting the LG V10 to factory settings is sometimes the best solution when the battery on the LG V10 is rapidly draining. It’s also a good idea to factory reset the V10 if you want a clean slate.

Tethering should be limited:

Your LG V10 should use less frequently for tethering. Yes, the LG V10’s tethering capability is useful for connecting other devices to the Internet, but it quickly drains its battery. Turning off the tethering option on the LG V10 is the best approach to remedy a rapidly draining battery.

Battery life is a major issue:

The battery life of the LG V10 has been criticized by many of its owners. Battery life may not be as long as you’d expect with this phone’s high-resolution 5.7-inch screen and secondary display. Even if you don’t have access to a power outlet, you can still get the most out of the V10’s battery life by charging it quickly.


Because the battery is replaceable, you have the option of purchasing an extra. The battery and charger for the LG V10 are available on Amazon for $60. Set the brightness of your screen to auto-brightness or lower it as far as you comfortably can to save battery life.

1: In Settings > Location, you may also want to alter the mode to battery conservation.

2: In certain cases, turning off VoLTE in Settings > Call increased battery life even more.

3: Please check out the Verizon support page for more information on extending the battery life of your smartphone.

4: You might want to try turning off any apps that aren’t being used. It’s vital to investigate individual programs before disabling carrier bloatware, which might drain your battery.

5: To view all of your installed apps, navigate to Settings > General > Apps and select the All option.

6: Uninstall or disable unwanted programs by tapping on them.

If the blame for exceptional battery consumption:

Apps may be to blame for exceptional battery consumption, especially if your LG V10 is overheated, so keep this in mind.

1: You can check your battery usage by going to Settings > Device > Battery.

2: Safe mode is another way to see if this concept works.

3: Once you’ve held down the Power button, tap and hold Power off, and tap Restart in Safe mode > OK.

4: To determine whether third-party apps are causing your battery problems, first try restarting in safe mode.

5: If the problem persists, go through your apps and uninstall each one by one.

Wiping the cache partition:

Wiping the cache partition might be a good idea before performing a factory reset.

1: To erase the cached data, go to Settings > Storage > Cached data and press Yes.

2:  few users claim that performing a factory reset significantly increased the lifespan of their battery.

3: Back up your vital data first, go to Settings > General > Backup & reset and select Reset phone to factory settings to erase all user data.

Numerous reports of wifi network issues:

There have been numerous reports of wifi network issues with the LG V10. The phone may refuse to connect; the connection will be delayed or disappear completely. Wifi hotspots can also automatically switch off, even if they’ve been set not to. It’s an LG v10 battery issue, a typical problem with smartphones.

Fixes that could make:

Make sure you turn off your Lg v10 battery issues as well as your router. It is frequently effective, but it is rarely a long-term solution.

Step 1: In Settings > wifi, long-press the router you’re having difficulties with, then hit Forget network and start over.

Step 2: Battery saver may be interfering with your wifi, so check Settings > General > Battery.

Step 3: Make sure that nothing in Settings > General > Smart Settings interferes with your wifi.

Step 4: You can test if moving from 5GHz to 2.4GHz (or vice versa) makes a difference in your connection speed.

Step 5: Make sure your channels aren’t overcrowded by using a free tool like wifi Analyzer. Try a different channel if you find yourself on a crowded one.

Step 6: Verify that your router’s MAC filter is disabled or that you have added your LG V10’s MAC address to the list. Wifi> More > Advanced is where you should find it.

Step 7: Ensure that always keep wifi on while sleeping is selected. It may find under the Advanced wifi Settings under the wifi menu.

Step 8: Keep your router’s firmware up-to-date at all times.

Step 9: Updates may be available from your internet service provider or device manufacturer.

Lg v10 battery issues,

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