What Is a Makita Angle Grinder?

Makita grinder: A Makita-grinder is the finest choice for smoothing & grinding for rough cutting. A Makita grinder is a need for every sander. A Makita grinder is essential for cleaning metal components. Therefore it’s not surprising that individuals keep one in their homes. To avoid wasting time and money, make sure you choose the best Makita grinder on the market. The Makita grinders come with 18V Lithium-ion batteries that make typical cordless grinders look like equipment from a bygone era. Following are different models of Makita grinder.


The 9564CV-outperformed the competition in every metric. This machine’s 5-speed settings and 13-A current draw enable it to deliver outstanding torque over the whole speed range. To achieve the desired balance between torque and speed, one can use the variable-speed settings. In this way, the machine can be used in numerous ways. For example, if you want to weld over an uneven surface, you can use a high-torque, low-speed viewpoint.





  • Control numbers for variable rates of change
  • The A.C. or D.C. switch can be used as an alternative power source.
  • Using a dust-proof bearing prevents the gears from being damaged by foreign objects like dust and debris.


  • In addition, the speed can be altered.
  • High-Power


  • In most cases, it begins and ends on its own

Makita XAG09Z:

This grinder with an Integrated Brake provides cordless grinding capability without a cord. It allows a Makita tool with a brushless motor to get more power and speed. Makita’s unique Dynamic Speed Change Technology dynamically adjusts peak output to ensure optimal performance even in the most demanding situations. To make things easier, the XAG09Z has an electromagnetic brake that can also be activated in less than two seconds to bring the wheel to a complete halt.


8.39 By 13.31 by 5.43 inches in length, width, and height.

There is no battery in the Style Bare Tool.

The item weighs 5.7 lbs.


·         A more excellent B.L. Brushless motor is a benefit of this design.

·         Eliminating carbon brushes improves performance and extends life.


  • Well Built
  • Electric brake can halt a grinding or cutting wheel in under two seconds.


  • Removing the batteries can be a challenge.
  • Heavy-duty grinder from Makita

Makita XAG04Z:

More time is spent working with Makita 18V Rechargeable batteries, and less time is spent with charges. Makita’s Star Protection system controls were created to improve tool performance and battery life, setting the company apart from rival angle grinder competitors.


Brand Makita

Material Polymer

Only the Style Tool

The item has the following measurements: 8.4 x 13.3 x 5.5 in.


  • They’re the fastest in their class.
  • Electrically controlled to maximize battery energy use.
  • Able to adapt to those changes by efficiently utilizing energy.


  • Speed and torque are adjusted automatically.
  • Torque and R.P.M. requirements can be change


  • Quickly drained batteries
  • Not as strong as standard cordless grinders, although

Makita XDG02Z:

A bonus of the slide switch is that it may be locked in place for the user’s convenience, and it also contains vent slots that channel exhaust air away from them.


Material Aluminum

LxWxH 3.74 x 11.73 x 5.35 inches

Model XDG02Z


  • This grinder offers 26,000 revolutions per minute for speedier grinding work.
  • With the battery, the neck is 12-1/8′′ long, allowing for more significant movement.
  • The soft rubberized grip on the barrel’s handle makes it easier to grind in various positions.


  • Overload motor protection due to over-torque.
  • A slide switch can be locked on for continuous use.


  • Bulky and cumbersome
  • Controlling extremely high speeds might be a challenge.

Makita XAG17ZU:

The tool and dust extractor communicate wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth technology, which enables the system to start up automatically. Dust extractors powered by Amazon Web Services (A.W.S.) are activated and deactivated by a trigger on the AWS-equipped XAG17ZU. A.W.S. is a form of intelligent communication that reduces cord clutter and noise pollution.


Electric brake.

Stop the wheel in less than two seconds.

The motor is turned off when the wheel is brought to a complete halt.


  • Automatic-start Bluetooth technology is used by the Wireless System (A.W.S.)
  • It enables a tool and dust extractor wireless power on/off the connection.
  • When the wheel suddenly comes to a halt, active feedback-sensing technology (aft) shuts down the motor.


  • Maximum productivity.
  • The electric brake can stop the grinding or cutting wheel in less than two seconds.


  • Due to Bluetooth technology, it may be a little noisy.
  • Random vibrations can occur on the grinding wheel.


As you can see from our list, Makita is a top-tier brand when it comes to making high-quality and innovative cordless grinders. The cutting-edge technology in these strong motors and batteries, as well as their efficiency and excellent energy capacity, means that you won’t have to worry about the restrictions of an electrical cord when grinding and to cut with this brand.


What Is a Makita Angle Grinder?

The Makita angle grinder is a lithium-ion battery-powered cordless angle grinder. The brushless motor is easier to maintain as opposed to a brushed motor.

How Much Knowledge Do You Have?

Makita’s cordless grinders are ideal for polishing, cutting, and sanding. It is important to remember that these are powerful and potentially harmful tools.

Does the Makita Grinder meet your needs?

There are two sides to the coin regarding the Makita angle grinder’s worth. Because it’s one of the few cordless grinders that can handle a 5-inch disc, the instrument itself is a little more expensive than some other cordless grinders.

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