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Malia and Jake engineer had previously been involved in a highly publicized relationship with Tom Checketts, which was shown on the show in its entirety. Nevertheless, she has yet to offer photographs of herself with her present spouse. According to the individual, born and raised in Florida, the separation occurred in September 2020. At the time, White posted a confirmation of the partition on Instagram with the caption, “Yes, Tom and I have gone our ways.”

She said she was trying to conceal some details about the situation “just out of respect for him and myself.” “The specifics of all of it are something I am attempting to keep a little hidden,” she stated. However, I can categorically state that I do not have a partner. In an interview with Us Weekly in July, she described her relationship with Checketts, claiming that he had cheated. Let’s discuss more Malia and Jake engineer.

Addressed the allegations:

She also addressed the allegations that he had cheated on her with another woman. “We were working on many boats. It took place during the pandemic that had not long before ended. As a direct consequence, it was absolutely impossible for us to meet up with one another. It took place around the same time the show was being published, and it is evident that a great deal is happening in our lives.

She said, “And yeah, he found someone else on his boats, and I didn’t know for a few months.” She then explained that “a pal” alerted her that he was cheating on her, at which time “all hell broke loose.” In spite of the fact that Checkouts never responded to the allegations of adultery, a celebrity from Bravo revealed to us that he had “great remorse” for his acts and apologized to them. He is making an effort to make apologies. It surprises me that he wants to get back together with me, but there is no chance of that happening.

Has she discovered that one person who completes her?

Below Deck Mediterranean’s Malia White provided what seemed to be proof of her link with Jake Baker in the episode that aired on Sunday, August 29. On Sunday, Baker, who competed in season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean, uploaded a photo on Instagram of a couple passionately kissing next to a pool. The only text she included with the image was a single black love emoji.

It was uploaded on social media by Old precisely one month earlier, on their 31st birthday. During July, he shared a photo of the two of them along with the caption “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Moon Boot Queen herself,” to which he appended the initials “ILY.” The history of the couple’s relationship is familiar, though.

In May, the bosun and the engineer went on a double date with their former captain, Captain Sandy, and their former captain’s fiancĂ©e, Leah Rae. Also accompanying them on the outing was their prior engineer, Captain Sandy.

Rae on Instagram:

Rae just published a photo of the four of them together on Instagram. The next thing White said was, “You live, and through that, you learn.” When I think back on it, there is a high likelihood that I would not have loved it if he had been a guest on the show. Working on the software with him was something other than what I was chomping at the bit to do.

Things would have been more straightforward if we had kept those two items apart. It would have been fantastic for our friendship if we had done it.

Below is Deck’s Starring Roster:

The cast members of Below Deck started having conversations about their reactions to the picture and their thoughts and feelings. These conversations focused on how the cast members felt about the photograph. The snapshot showed the pair leaning in for a passionate kiss while hugging one another.

The answer provided by Courtney Veale included not only the phrase “You guys just ruined the internet” but also the phrases “You people just wounded the internet” and “You guys just damaged the internet.” She also included a couple of fire emojis in her response to Malia and Jake engineer.


Is he from the country of New Zealand?

The engineer was born in the New Zealand town of Whakatane, which is a relatively tiny settlement.

Is He Really Into Fitness All That Much?

Baker has participated in many half-ironman triathlons, constantly seeking new ways to push his body to its limits.

Does he have a Soft Spot for Pets?

His Instagram account has pictures of various animals, including pigs, dogs, cats, and fish.

Does he Enjoy Going on Vacation?

Simply browsing through the reality star’s Instagram feed reveals that he has a passion for seeing new places all over the globe as Malia and Jake engineer.