Marble Computer Desk with Drawers Miniature.

A marble desk’s sleek, modern style may unify the entire area and add a certain “wow” effect. It’s wonderful to design your own home office because you get to choose everything, from the furniture to the accessories. Marble is currently a popular choice for home office desks, and this is not surprising.

Desk with a reversible L shape:

With its ability to fit in both left and right corners, this marble desk is ideal for someone who enjoys regularly redecorating their space. Aside from the open-concept shelves, the desk is constructed of solid wood and has a steel frame.

Novogratz white marble desk:

This tiny marble desk provides an elegant mid-century modern look, which has just enough surface area and storage to accommodate all of your essentials. It’s built of engineered wood and metal and takes just a few minutes to put together. The entire surface and legs can be cleaned with a simple wipe, making the cleanup of spills and crumbs a breeze.

The black Novogratz Athena desk:

This desk is so great; we’ve already recommended it to two people. This black marble desk is a home run if your style is more gloomy and dismal. The faux-marble finish is understated, but the hairpin legs command attention right away. Consider matching nesting tables and planters to complete the theme if you’re up for a major room renovation.

Desk with a Gold Flamingo Cascada Pattern:

The desk’s pure white Italian Carrara marble top and solid wood base have earned it excellent praise. To give it a more contemporary look, it has tapering legs and a simple two-drawer design. It’s available in white, walnut, or oak. This marble and gold desk is perfect for a modern home office because it looks and functions. The product has received positive feedback from customers who say it’s simple to assemble and feels substantial for its small size.


In addition to its unusual inlaid iron legs, which lend a great industrial touch to the overall aesthetic, this desk’s seamless design puts it in the lead for us. In addition to being spacious, this desk has a front-facing push-to-open drawer for convenient storage and is small enough to fit in any size room. Despite the lack of drawers, the desktop measures 40 inches in length and can easily accommodate a laptop, books, and a large mug of coffee.

SoHo writing marble desk in rectangular shape:

Marble-topped desk features sleek clear-glass side panels for an ultra-modern look. The top drawer, which slides in and out on metal rollers, keeps all of your supplies within easy reach. There are only two steps between delivery and first use before assembly is required. With its sleek black-marble design and slim frame, this marble desk is designed to save you room in your office.


A large drawer on the right with a pull-out shelf provides lots of storage space, while a medium-sized surface area accommodates only the bare necessities. This matte marble desk has an industrial-chic style with iron legs and fittings, a matte marble surface, and an unusual oval shape. The rounded edges add a delicate touch to the entire design, making it suitable for use in any room in the house.

Gold Office Desk with Marble:

This sleek and stylish desk, made of strong satin gold metal and white particle board, lends a touch of old-world elegance to any area. Perfect for a modern living room or home office, this exquisite item makes a statement. The large surface area of the 47.2″ desk provides ample workspace for home office tasks. The 2-tier open shelf is height-adjustable and removable, making it ideal for storing items of various sizes, such as a computer tower, books, and so on.


You can conveniently organize your working supplies with the additional storage bag and iron hook that comes with the kit. Durability and stability are ensured by the use of 0.98″ heavy-duty powder-coated steel for the frame. E1 particle board, used for the desktop, has a corrosion resistance of 0.59 inches, is anti-scratch, and is easy to clean. An easy-to-follow installation instruction makes setting up a computer desk a breeze.

White Marble Pattern Desk:

Additional fixed steel brackets and a triangular junction with adjustable leg pads provide more stability and accommodate uneven flooring and support a large number of heavyweights. You can use it as a computer desk, a learning desk, a gaming desk.


We offer 47″ computer desks in a variety of styles, including natural walnut and marbled. They are constructed of high-quality particleboard that is waterproof and anti-scratch. The accessories and tools are neatly organized and packed so they can be swiftly put together. Complete the installation in 10 minutes or less by following the simple instructions in the installation manual.

Marble Computer Desk with Drawers Miniature:

Give your workstation a mid-century modern look by adding storage units.

The faux white/black marble finish pairs with the gold hairpin legs for an easy-to-clean, modern style made of MDF laminated particleboard with powder-coated metal legs. It arrives ready to use, with plenty of room for your laptop and other office materials. You may store notebooks and paper in the two open cubbies without cluttering your desk.


A power strip can be tucked away in the back of the desk in a long open cubby. The wire grommet will help you maintain your cords neat by preventing them from becoming tangled. The desk only needs a few simple tools to put it together. The desktop has a weight capacity of up to 220 pounds. Legs are white/black with gold marble stickers.

White marble tops the Crystal City Kinsley Desk:

The Kinsley marble top desk will give your home office a stylish makeover. This desk has a kidney-shaped white marble top that will wow everyone as well as being functional. The Kinsley’s canted legs wonderfully complement the mid-century modern style, giving it an air of modernity.


  • A desk with a kidney-shaped white marble veneer top and ebony iron canted leg
  • The thickness of the desktop is 18 millimeters.
  • The legs of the desk are 31 inches tall.

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