Internships at what companies?

Marketing internships in public relations, sales marketing, and advertising are available through Global Experiences for students and young professionals. The one-on-one placement approach connects interns with companies worldwide, eager to give them real-world experience. In addition to preparing press releases and conducting market research, international marketing interns may also be responsible for dealing with current and potential clients and SEO and advertising. In all of our program locations, you can pursue a career as a marketing specialist.

Salary for marketing internships:

In New York, NY, marketing interns can expect to make an average of $33,000 a year. An internship in marketing typically pays $15.87 per hour on average. The national average income for a marketing internship is $31,897. The following table lists the highest-paying companies and industries for marketing internships in New York City. A salary history chart showing how the average wage for marketing internships in New York has changed over time is also available.

How to Get a marketing internship in the United States?

If you’re an international student hoping to do an internship in the United States, make sure you’re prepared and realistic about your goals. Marketing professionals are responsible for all of the subtle elements of your favorite advertising and designs. The following are a few things to bear in mind as you prepare to go on a life-changing internship abroad:

Interviewing for an internship:

Make sure to dress to impress and prepare for your first interview, whether online or in person. Check your resume and cover letter to ensure you have samples of your work experience from clubs or schoolwork to include. Mock interviews can be arranged through the career services office at your college or university.

Create a resume and cover letter in American fashion:

Your résumé is a record of your educational and professional accomplishments. Instead of focusing on your professional objectives, it should emphasize how your skills meet the company’s demands. Like applying for a job or an internship in your own country, you’ll have to convince the hiring manager that you’re the best person for the position.

Don’t wait to act:

You have to go out and look for internships they won’t come to you! Consult internet databases of work and internship opportunities, but an essential thing you can do is inform everyone you know about your desire to complete an internship in the United States. Personal connections and simple networking can be a surprising source of internship opportunities.

Take a Look for Past Interns Stories:

Take a look at past interns’ stories and real-life experiences to understand better the types of marketing internships available throughout the world. You may not realize it, but the marketing teams behind some of your favorite products, campaigns, and catchphrases are constantly working on the next big thing. As a marketing student, you’ll have access to a wide choice of internships in consumer products, business, and other industries.

Refresh your knowledge of the English language:

There is a lot of competition for internships, so it’s crucial to be clear in your answers during the interview. A lack of fluency in English shouldn’t be a reason for your dismissal from the job.

Keep your expectations in check:

Do not expect to be given much responsibility if you have never worked before. Do not expect to work on the phone if your English skills are not up to the task. Put yourself on a path to success by setting attainable goals.

Preparation is key:

At least six months before you want to travel to the United States, you should begin searching for an internship. A U.S. internship also comes with many expenses: visa sponsorship, flights, lodging, food, and transportation are just a few examples of what you’ll spend while here. However, these expenses cannot be covered by unpaid internships. Start putting money aside now so that you’ll have it when you find an internship to cover these costs.

Think of it as a long-term investment in your future career:

Many students anticipate making a lot of money because an internship implies “work.” That is unlikely to occur in the vast majority of cases. An internship, a “real-world classroom” that complements your university education and provides hands-on training, is a good investment of time and money, much like your university degree.

Consider a range of business sizes:

It is common for interns to work for a well-known organization because they believe it will enhance their resumes. Small and medium-sized businesses frequently provide interns with more responsibility and opportunities to work on more complex tasks than large corporations.

Check out different parts of the country:

There are thousands more internships available outside of New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and many of them are paid. Be aware that the expense of living in smaller cities is significantly less compared to the larger ones. You may need to buy a car or a bike if public transportation isn’t as well developed. Make careful to check the weather forecast before heading out.

Develop a self-starting attitude and be willing to try new things.

To succeed in an internship, you need to have these qualities and see how it helps both you and your company. Consider whether or not you’re ready for an international internship before embarking on a new adventure abroad if you expect everything to be taken care of and don’t anticipate any difficulties.

Inform prospective employers about the J-1 visa’s existence:

Allows foreign nationals to work in the United States for 12 months. J-1 visa trainees can stay for up to 18 months with our sponsorship. Obtaining a J-1 Visa is made more accessible by the State Department’s list of recognized J-1 Visa sponsors. Investigate these organizations to learn more about the J-1 procedure and identify the one that can best meet your needs.


Through your marketing internships, you will be able to learn how to communicate effectively with your customers, conduct quantitative/qualitative research, and develop creative campaigns. Internships are a terrific way for marketing students to get a better sense of what the sector offers since there are so many options.


Internships at what companies?

WebFX, N3, Blue Millennial, LaunchSquad, Vector Marketing, or Division-D are all terrific options for marketing majors seeking internships.

An internship in marketing can teach you a lot.

While working as a marketing internship, you’ll gain valuable generic skills such as effective communication, personal accountability, time management, and collaboration with a diverse team.

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