Mcx rattler-SIG MCX in a compact platform.

Mcx rattler: Picatinny rail tail interface allows you to attach an optional tiny buttstock or foldable PCB to a version designed for self-defense. The 5.5645mm NATO and.300 AAC Blackout calibers are also available. There are now SIG MCX Rattler pistols in 5.56 and 300 Blackout calibers. A 5.5 inch PDW threaded barrel and removable toolless M-Lok Handguard are standard features on SIG’s Rattler handguns. Fast deployment and close-quarters work are accessible by their smaller size and reduced weight. With its new, ultra-compact design, SIG’s Rattler platform is ideal for use in backpacks, trucks, and a wide range of other confined situations.


Rattler Pistol, 300 Blackout and Folding Brace from Sig Sauer. Sig Sauer’s MCX Rattler pistol is designed to be both concealable and functional, delivering.300 Blackout performance in a tiny, adaptable package. With a free-floating M-LOK handguard mounted above a 5.5-inch stainless steel barrel, this firearm’s pistol brace folds to one side to reduce overall length. With an ambidextrous selector switch, charging handle, and mag release, any shooter, may use this handgun. On top of that, the MCX Rattler comes with a 30-round PMAG and numerous sling attachment points.


300-caliber bullets

8’0″ (203 mm) in height

Size: 23 in [584 mm] overall length

2.8 In [71 mm] Overall Width

0.5:1 Twist Ratio

The 5.1 lb. weight (2.7 kg)

A Barrel for an AR-15 of the Mag Type Inches of length: 5.5 (140 mm)

Getting to Know the Material:

The SIG Rattler is a short-stroke, piston-driven semiauto that utilizes the well-known STANAG-pattern box magazines for feeding. A two-position gas regulator for use with a suppressor, a full-length M1919 top rail, and a free-floating handguard are all included in the design of this submachine gun. As part of the Rattler’s development, the Rattler’s MCX platform underwent several upgrades last year that allowed it to attain the 20,000-round service life milestone.

The SIG MCX Rattler test:

The GI-style bang switch on our test gun is one of the worst we’ve seen in recent years; it’s gritty, notchy, and breaks at roughly nine pounds. It’s a massive disappointment for a rifle that’s supposed to cost over $3,000. Anti-wear elements like replaceable, hardened steel cam track reinforcement and feed ramps are still present in the Rattler, as are the steel pins where the charging handle latches are attached to the upper receiver.

The choice for Fast-moving operators:

The MCX Rattler, with its PDW upper and 5.5″ barrel and free-floating M-LOK handguards, is an excellent choice for fast-moving operators. Thin, agile, and accurate deployment all in one package. The SIG MCX Rattler is the watch you’re looking at. The MCX platform has never been more compact or accessible, thanks to the inclusion of a 5.5″ PDW barrel. The MCX Rattler PCB has a folding pivoting shape for stability and easy concealment, so it’s always ready to go.

Additional Features:

From the ground up, this pistol was designed to be as inconspicuous as possible while maintaining all of the MCX’s powerful capabilities. PCB Rattler PCB features an upper with a 5.5″ cylinder and free-floating M-LOK handguards ideal for fast-moving operations.

Assault Rifle Handguard:

The pistol’s lightweight free-floating handguard is built of a robust metal with lightning cuts using the M-LOK accessory attachment system.


The MCX Rattler’s sharp SIG improved trigger is hard coat anodized for durability and polished for snappy pulling.

Controls for firing:

Mag release, safety switch, and charging handle are all ambidextrous, so it’s perfect for both right- and lefthanded shooters. The bolt release may be found on the left side of the gun.

Pistol Brace: Folding

This pistol brace is made of robust aluminum alloy with a black anodizing for improved concealment and transportation. Easy to wear on the operator’s forearm, this pistol brace provides more accurate and controlled shots.


The receiver of the MCX Rattler has a rail length of about 11.5 inches.

Attachments for Slings:

The Rattler has QD sling points on both the front and back of the receiver, on both the right and left.

Magazine with 30 rounds:

The MCX Rattler has a polymer body and comes with a 30 round PMAG.300 Blackout caliber included.

SIG MCX in a compact platform:

Folding stock, 5.5-inch barrel, and PDW upper make up the SIG MCX in a compact platform. The ability to deploy thinly, quickly, and precisely. The MCX Rattler is here. The MCX platform has never been more compact or accessible thanks to the inclusion of a 5.5′′ PDW barrel. The MCX Rattler has a small, foldable stock that makes it easy to pack away when not in use.

SIG’s engineering prowess:

At the moment, the primary concern was whether or not we would have to make any tradeoffs to use this tiny size. SIG’s engineering prowess had transferred over to the 9mm MPX, which uses a short-stroke piston system because the 9mm MPX worked so well. An entirely new rifle has been built from the ground up to be as discreet as possible while capable.

SIG Sauer Rattler an appropriate firearm:

The owner of a given pistol can shoot it as a novice with no problem and will never outgrow it. Even if it doesn’t have a can, a good 22 is still a good 22. On the other hand, others are promoted by idiots with no business advising being ideal for new gun owners. Condescension toward female CCW candidates can be shown in the recommendation of the J-frame Smith to a rookie female CCW candidate.

Rattler Capability:

When evaluating a gun’s reliability in this caliber, one of the variables we consider is whether or not it will fire unassisted and with subsonic ammo. There is not enough gas volume and pressure to cycle the operation without backpressure from a can, but this seems to operate just fine. Occasionally, the bolt might fail to lock back on an empty magazine, but no feed or ejection problems were found.


When it comes to specialized firearms, the SIG Rattler is one of the latter types. It was made specifically to meet the needs of a particular subset of men who practice shooting bad guys in the face from a close distance. Although the narrow barrel reduced velocity, subsonic rounds were sufficiently stabilized.

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