Meet the Dubious With little more than a basic kitchen knife.

Meet the dubiens: It is a simple, delightful combination of tasks to do with your children as well as “fun food” to cook for them. It is to put together an entertaining lunch while slipping in some vegetables. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, should be fed to them. Many children avoid eating healthful, nutritious foods. As a proud parent of young children, Meet the Dubious is, without a doubt, my favourite crafts blog so far this year.

Meet the Dubious With little more than a basic kitchen knife:

Jill, a single mother who enjoys entertaining her children at dinner and craft tables, runs Meet the dubiens. With little more than a basic kitchen knife, you may make a quick and delicious meal for your kids. They were a hit with my kids, and I’m sure they will be with yours! One mother’s quest to make lovely lunchboxes for her children.

Examples of what you can make using everyday ingredients:

  1. First and foremost, you’ll be given amazing ideas and examples of what you can make using everyday ingredients like bread, beets, apples, and jam.
  2. Second, you’ll get a step-by-step explanation of how to do it, and third, you’ll be reminded of how much fun you can have with your kids without turning on the TV.
  3. Quality time spent at home with simply you, your children, and a brilliant notion can and should start with fun.

Animal naming Meet the dubiens:

Meet the dubiens, unlike other crafting blogs, does not require you to buy any odd culinary ingredients or specific pieces of equipment for the sole purpose of creating unique crafts and delights. Jill adds that having the supplies she uses to prepare beautiful dishes for her children isn’t required, but it is pleasant to have. Followings are animal naming Meet the dubiens examples.

1. Frog in a Sandwich:

Follow these instructions to make it:

  • Place the sandwich on a ready-to-serve tray.
  • To serve as feet, cut two little slices of cucumber from your mini cucumber.

2. Sandwiched between two cats:

  • Place the sandwich on a ready-to-serve tray.
  • On top of the sandwich, a piece of marble cheese should place.

3. Kiwi Caterpillar:

This caterpillar is not only delicious but also attractive. It is, without a doubt, the most attractive caterpillar on the planet. Not only will the kids enjoy looking at it and making up stories around it, but they will also develop a fondness for kiwis as a result of it.

4. Gojee:

The first on the list is without a doubt one of the most enticingly appealing food and recipe websites we’ve ever seen, complete with enormous “food porn”-glossy style photos of purportedly wonderful meals and cocktails. But Gojee’s brawn has more to it than meets the eye. After signing in, you may type what you have in your fridge or what you’re hungry for into a bar at the top (don’t worry, it’s free and non-intrusive).

5. Elephant Sandwich:

  1. Arrange the sandwich on a serving platter.
  2. To make the ears, fold two lettuce leaves in half and lay them on the sandwich’s opposite side.

6. Frozen Banana Penguins:

From Reading Confetti comes this one. The complete tutorial may find here. Freeze bananas that have been cut into long shapes and dipped in molten chocolate! Decorate it, and you’ve got yourself a banana penguin.

7. Apple Owl:

The complete tutorial may find here. From now on, I will never serve an apple in a plain chunk. This green apple owl is fashioned almost entirely of green apples. It will be entertaining for children to eat the wings one by one.

8. Little Girl With Balloons:

Jill of Meet the Dubiens created this lovely culinary art. Grapes, a beautifully chopped bell pepper, some green leaves, and a small spherical piece of apple are combined in this food art. It is where you may find the source. Who wouldn’t be enthralled by this culinary masterpiece? I’m concerned that children will not enjoy snatching a balloon from it!

9. Shiksa in the Kitchen, Homestyle:

With Shiksa in the Kitchen — Tori Avey, a Jewish convert, has turned her enthusiasm for the history of food and flavour worldwide into an appealing culinary blog centred on the owner’s cheery attitude. It’s all about “culinary anthropology” in the Shiksa’s world, which you may learn about through an endless array of home-style cooking recipes accompanied by origin stories. To read more about Tori Avey, our resident food historian and amateur celebrity chef, go here.

10. Chocomize: A Chocolate Lover’s Dream:

Chocomize – you can design your ideal chocolate bar and deliver it to you or a loved one. So, sue us for defying the law for the sake of a chocolate lover’s dream! Everything about your bar is up to you, from the type of chocolate to up to five toppings from a wide range of fruits, nuts, sweets, spices, and even bacon.


The Dubious – Get to Know Them This isn’t a recipe site in the traditional sense. This site by bright mama Jill Dubin should be on your list of recipe favorites if you have small children and are looking for new and creative methods to keep them healthy while amusing them. Meet the dubious broccoli salad, meet the dubious blog.

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